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Hey, what's up, guys?
But, um, it's just re and welcome back to U W T F five.
As you can see, I'm wearing the beanie today, so we all know what that that's right.
Also, yes, I did just make that jingle specifically for this job.
I might have too much time on my looks like the people were about to talk about because he got a question.
The mental sanity of anyone whose hobby is to create realistic wax figures of people.
We saw this exact thing in House of Wax, and that guy turned out to be a serial killer, although he did in Pale Paris Hilton in the Face with the speeder.
So he wasn't all that bad that today's video We count down the top five worst celebrity wax figures.
And honestly, while it was very difficult to just pick five because there are so many terrible last figures out there will only be talking about the ones that are truly the things of nightmares today.
So I hope you're ready.
Number one.
Jennifer Garner, American actress known for her roles in movies like 13 Going on 30 electro from the 2005 Amazing rendition of Daredevil that everyone seemed to love ever asking me very privacy.
Invading questions on Capitol One commercials.
What's in your wallet?
That's all.
It was mainly known for her work in the 2001 show Alias, which launched her career and allowed her to be popular enough to get her very own wax figure.
Let's take a look, shall we?
Oh, wow, that is really bad.
I mean, I will say that it doesn't look like her, but more looks like Jennifer Garner.
If she was transitioning into a man.
There I go by Josh Mond Gardner.
Now, what the hell kind of a name is Joshua?
What's in your wallet?
Big point.
I still understand why they made her head so small.
Think that's the main issue.
She literally almost looks like a Guba from the Super Mario Brothers, which is a fantastic movie, by the way, you like to maybe Derek double you're gonna love that.
Can't tell if this is supposed to be Jennifer Garner or a transsexual man.
Cosplaying Kim Possible you might be thinking about baby was just, you know, that the angle of the photo made it look that way as anyone with the phone does absolutely turn on the front facing camera angles do actually met.
So maybe that's it, you know?
No, I know who made this or what it was for, but I can tell you it's not good, and it should be melted down immediately.
Please don't kill me.
Don't want Johnson and I get out of your document.
Number two.
Justin Bieber, the Canadian born American pop I'll, who's famous for a variety of things, including saying the word baby 55 times in a single song dating a ton of hot models and actresses, or having pictures of his peeing all over the Internet.
And what's hilarious about this one is that there's actually more than one terrible Justin Bieber wax figure in existence.
And what one of them is only awful in the fact that whoever made it somehow made him look do sheer that is, in real life, which I didn't know is humanly possible.
The other statue put up in the Museo Do Sarah and battered space truly takes the nightmare cape.
Oh God, what in the hell is that?
It looks like Justin Bieber if he was dying of a deadly skin eating disorder.
If you ever wanted to see what Justin Bieber with leprosy looks like rats, because there it is like this looks like a less attractive CPR dummy.
I would rather have sex with a CPR dummy that this thing, which I have many times, don't judge it was consensual.
What's also lawful is that the museum to Sarah actually usually makes really decent looking figures.
I mean, this one with Donald Trump really got his orange Cheeto colored skin down, so I don't know if they were just having an off day with this one.
But, my God, I know about you, but I'm really looking forward to the She's The Man sequel with mutated offspring of Tom Cruise and Flo from the Progressive Commercials for the Left Up for Adoption is trying to find them 17 years later.
Number three Jackie Chan suh Jen Jen, if you don't Know, is an amazing martial artist and actor and a ton of movies where he kicks the ever loving bejesus out of people with basically anything but in this wax figure made for his role as Shawn weighing in the movie Shanghai do not only does it not look like Jackie Chan, but at what point in any of his movies does his face do this?
Oh, my God.
It looks like he just reacted to two girls.
One cup for the first time.
I'm like, what an unfortunate posed to even create.
Like Whose idea was it to do this?
Hey, I was thinking we should do a wax figure of Jackie Chan.
I love it.
Maybe we do a pose where he's like he's staring intently and he's about to kick someone's ass.
I think maybe we should just have his mouth completely gaped open and you're being currently tourney open by an alien from the inside.
Like he seriously looks like he's in pain, actually know what it looks like?
It looks like he just had a bunch of Taco Bell and he's currently sitting on the toilet.
Uh, what's worse is, since the statue was made alongside Old Wilson statue from the roll together in Shanghai, do it makes it look even worse in comparison to his, which, if we're gonna be honest, doesn't even look that bad.
This one is extra painful because Jackie Chan traditionally loves wax figures being made of him, and his even showed up to several unveilings of his own wax figures at Madame Tussauds over the last decade.
Which makes you wonder, like what his reaction was when he saw this one.
He probably actually made this face as the reaction to his own West figure number four Michael Jackson often referred to as the King of Pop.
There wasn't a person alive during the eighties who didn't know Michael Jackson's name, or at least know all of the words of the song thriller Boop.
But it's close.
Thio, that music video scared the actual poop out of me when I was literally.
I proved my diaper several times with my mom, not a Jew.
And although he died in 2009 Fehmi a Mass was so great that he was finally immortalized in several different wax figures around the world.
While some figures were able to accurately portray his likeness, other figures either made him look like a Mexican merchant eagerly trying to sell you some corn or even worse, Whatever this is, you're gone.
What isn't wrong with this statue?
Holy Jesus!
That feeling what?
Anne is not okay.
I won't.
They're trying to get him.
Dance, move.
They really failed.
It looks like you just saw man flashes Penis in front of and he's trying to alert someone about like the hair doesn't look like hair.
Looks like something you pull out of your shower drink with a turbo snake.
You guys have turbo snakes.
Those things, like I'm even sure this is supposed to be Michael Jackson because it looks a lot closer to slash from guns and roses that it does to Michael Jackson.
There's just not enough genital branding.
We should be able to hear him going dealer, a hideous Michael Jackson statue or a pretty attractive Rosie O'Donnell.
I'll let you decide which also, I wasn't able to figure out where this wax figure is or if it's even still around.
I'm going to assume that the person who made this got the hint and threw it into a raging fire where along finally Number five Miley Cyrus Silver Role as head of 10 on the Disney Channel in late 2000 but no more for crazy antics in music and life in general.
Miley Cyrus has also been immortalized in wax more than once in her career.
So what incredibly flattering.
Well, may figure.
Did she receive?
I'm so glad you asked.
Oh my God, that's not even bad.
That's just terrifying.
Looks like whoever did it has forgot big way through.
They're making a statue of and started making a little like Rachel Ray.
Hey, it's not all that was.
At least I can use.
This is the main demon and insidious five for Blake.
Soulless stare.
Looks like she's thinking of 12,000 different ways to snap your spine and put an arrow in your testicles.
Do invite her, though, that they tried to capture the innocents violence, you know, not be sex crazed construction equipment Looking one.
Damn, I spoke too soon.
You guys remember this time when life was simple and MySpace was still around and he had seen what Miley Cyrus cervix looked like.
Those were the days.
So while there was a lot of really bad and scary looking back years today, the actual good wax figures far outweigh the terrible ones to the point where a celebrity is taking a picture next to one.
It just looks like there's two of them standing in the same shot.
These were just some of the worst of them.
Anyways, guys, that is it for this episode of five.
Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it.
If you didn't make sure to give this to you like and also subscribe to this channel will be doing these every single week.
So that side also make sure you leave, it calms down below.
Any suggestions you'd like to see for a future?
One of these videos and I'll check those out for you guys.
Go have a little Just something right there in your face.
Just wantto.
Okay, seriously, I do have a jail.
If you guys want to check that, you do not calm slept.
I'm posting a lot more.
Adventure belongs there that I think they're going fantastically, actually looking to save up for a drone right now to make the videos even better.
So there's any rich people out there who want to give me some money.
I mean, I'm not gay, but 1000 bucks is 1000 bucks, huh?
I don't know if he's joking or no.
Me neither.
That's the point.
My question of the day for you guys is what is the worst wax figure you saw today.
In your opinion, the answer all of them is not acceptable.
I don't know which one specifically is going to keep you up and give you nightmares, and you said all of them is not a suitable answer.
That's a guy's always See you next week for another W T F I.
Thanks for watching and fair with.
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7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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