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Ta, ladies, My name is except the guy on.
I am in a great mood today.
I woke up early.
I'm getting work done.
I'm feeling very productive.
So let's not just crash that mood right down and place.
And Scary Game, shall we?
I have tried to procure the best, scariest, most delectable horror games for this today's episode, by which I mean I went to Ciccio and just pick some three random scary games that I thought looked interesting to my eyeballs.
So welcome.
1st 1 is called TV night.
I don't have a TV night is midnight.
Mom and Dad are asleep.
Time to go watch TV.
Oh, I never did this as a kid.
People always say, I always woke up, but I went to watch scary movies and Mom and Dad went to bed.
I couldn't do that.
My house is tight and it was full of people.
So if I went and watched TV, everyone be like I fuck up, uh in Havana poster, a poster of my favorite band smash mouth.
All right, that's blasphemous on so many different levels.
My stereo, It's awesome!
Is that where you listen to all your smash mouth.
All right, What else we got?
We got a Jesus Christ.
Are you two feet tall?
All right.
I mean, when I was a kid, I was two feet tall as well.
I was.
I don't People would make fun of me for being short now, which I'm not and perfectly average site motherfuckers.
But I was younger.
I was tiny.
I was like a speck of sand in the middle of a beach.
I'm going this way.
Instead, I will wake up my parents.
I don't want to make up my parents.
I'm not going to go do that.
I'm going to do the opposite of that.
I'm gonna knock over a vase.
It's unbearably quiet.
I don't know if there actually is supposed to be audio.
They left the TV on.
No, they didn't.
That's the spooky scares.
Probably for some sort of ghost man.
Okay, so the TV is making noise.
Very, very faintly, I might add.
And I have looked at my headphones cranked.
I don't want to go out.
Why not?
There is no line.
All right.
This was much TV.
Don't get scared.
All channels show static.
I better check the back.
There's a VHS tape stuck to the back of the TV that's know where they go.
Hey, get a cartoon.
Is this what we got?
Find my tapes.
But it's just my mom trying to scare me.
Do you think your mom would be that elaborate?
Another tape in the carriage.
Okay, Bye.
Cartoon looked exactly like a cartoon that I remember from my childhood that I cannot find anywhere, well used, have a VHS tape at home of a bunch of different cartoons.
I don't know if they were Disney or bootleg or counterfeit or Irish Knock offs are what I'm pretty sure they were legit, but fucking one of them had a guy on a train and he was bouncing along the track.
He's trying toilet and everything, and I think he might be up in a cow.
I don't know what account for the life of me.
Fucking remember what that cartoon was, but I really need to find it would drive me insane.
But every now and then I see a character in that kind of looks like it.
I don't know why I'm so upset about this, but oh, I do not like that.
Oh, this fucking sucks.
This sucks.
Every dick that was in the bag.
Who's the carriage?
This is it.
Grab the flashlight.
Yes, you should.
Oh, thank God.
Uh, okay.
So far, so good.
Lee, What's on this tape?
Good job.
At least I think that's what it says.
But there are still more tapes to find stores room.
That's right.
That's this one, right?
That's my stereo for my room.
Oh, should we go to check it out?
That it's gonna wake up my parents?
They're gonna get in trouble?
You know what?
I don't even know what the fuck, man.
He whispered that ever so delicately in my ears.
Oh, God, no.
I don't like this at home alone.
Every went back to the Netherlands for Christmas for a few days here, family and I'm alone in the house.
Be bees here somewhere.
He's sleeping.
He doesn't care.
He's not scared of anything.
He's a fearsome lying.
I'm stuck in my house alone in broad daylight, afraid that someone's gonna jump through my window and kill me, which is a legit fear.
Someone comes up and says I know.
Don't be afraid.
Oh, easier said than done When you when you haven't shit your pants.
That's my room.
I want to go back there.
What the fuck is making that noise?
Um oh, did you see that?
There was a TV with legs.
That's scary.
Where do you go though?
Fuck no.
My smash mouth poster.
It's fucking sticks.
I have to be afraid of my TV.
TV was the place I went to get away from people and I was already afraid of people.
You have to be afraid of my TV as well.
Fuck this.
Almost there.
Almost that time.
I am very, very close.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
Get off me, stranger.
Oh, dickhead.
You don't hear a lot of dickhead anymore, do you?
Dickhead and shit?
Head went out the window, but I like them.
The good old fashioned insults.
I could see him, though.
He's like, it's not even plugged in.
What's going on?
The tape is there, but that those were his legs is knocking at the door week.
Which door?
Well, it's downstairs.
I want to get spooked as much as I possibly can.
Hello, Neighbors.
Are you here to save me?
I can't open it.
I can only look through the people.
Okay, that was That was silly that that one didn't scare me.
I'm fine with that one.
It just sounds like me would have yawning barbers.
It's your sweet baby boy, Shawn, for my mom and dad.
They're fucking dad!
Jesus fucking Christ!
Go, Scott, the table Fucking go!
Just eat the fucking take.
Don't watch it.
Just ate the tape.
Put it in your belly.
That way sucks, sucks.
What's the last tape?
And just get it over with.
But I like most about you.
Oh, is that nothing will stop me tonight.
Just kill me, damn it!
The news is right.
Video games and TV and movies cause violence mainly because my TV comes alive and kills me.
That was foot.
I like that simple inventive.
It was just a go collect all these types of things again, Like a sign around type of game.
But the fact that my TV was alive and grew legs and killed me, that was pretty unique.
I had never seen that before.
I like that a lot.
I also like the idea off the TV itself being the thing that you interact with to see where the tapes are.
Then the TV itself comes alive and eats you.
That's fucking cool.
However, no.
Every time I watch TV, I'm gonna have to be like arms coming out of that.
Uh, those legs.
It's just the cables coming out the bottom of my TV.
But I'm watching you.
Oh, we're right into this one.
It's awesome.
I feel like I'm in an old eighties horror movie.
This one's called one Got in the house, so it's like a point and click type of thing.
Let's upstairs.
Only turnaround for door.
Oh, no, I don't like this.
This is creepy.
Wait, wait.
Okay, So now I only just got here.
My God, this feels like I went to the bathroom, pulled out my pants, and before I even sat in the toilet, my ass was just, like, fucking sucked, Okay?
I turned around here, and that's what got me killed.
So let's go stairs.
Let's go down door.
I'm about to punch a child living room.
Everyone is missing.
I'm just gonna have to hope for the best on this one.
You know what?
I'm waiting for?
I don't even know how many more.
What is this shit bag?
Okay, let's go forward.
Dieting s so that a window.
Oh, okay.
That's the door that kills me, right?
God, this is so creepy looking.
But Pooky What?
I wait.
Just wait all day.
Evil is gone.
You survive.
Only the news.
Will you write plays?
The ghost gets got bored of me.
It was just like you.
You're no fucking fun, Okay?
Can you guys in the background just cam down?
You're fine.
Are you happy?
Is there something else I'm supposed to do?
Yeah, I don't know.
Guy's evil got me and I fucking tight again.
I know what I should be doing other than this could really just wait.
I quit weight and it's still killed me.
So me kicking Wait, olders.
Other times I actually survived on one.
That's it.
I'm calling that a win.
That is the quickest I have ever defeated.
The evil inside my house.
I'm a fucking genius.
Okay, So real quick.
That game was really short, and I actually did quite like it a lot.
I like that sort of style that black and white like house like it's really creepy looking and just looking upstairs.
Looking downstairs just gives me the heebie jeebies.
I don't like it.
It freaks me out and that's cool on.
The scare was good.
He got me the very first time.
What not?
But I did see after that under there itchy Oh Paige, this just say Please donate.
It helps me pay bills while my family fights the real world Horror told Cancer.
Plus, I will make longer, even scarier game.
So take this opportunity, take this platform and take this responsibility in this audience that we have here to push you guys towards this.
It's called one Got in the House.
There'll be Lincoln description for it.
Go help them out, spread some joy, spread some love because going through the fight against cancer is one of the scariest, hardest, most traumatic things that a family or person has to go through.
So spread some love.
This is the time of giving in December, and we're coming up towards Christmas, and that's a hard time for a lot of people, especially if they have to go through something like this.
So please go and just help them out and donate if you can, because no, no one should have to go through that.
And that's sad.
And they made a cool game.
And I feel like it would be remiss of me to play the game here on the channel or not, like, do something for them.
Last on our list for today is a game called error Number 54.
Now I like the look of this already because it's got these algo type of texts, which I'm very, very fund off on.
It also has glitches and errors and all that kind of stuff, which is, you know, I'm also very, very fun.
So let's give this a shot and they see what it's all about.
I'm rocking like 600 MPs of this game.
Okay, well, actually did scare me.
Hi, buddy.
Are we entering the mind of a psychopath?
Not really.
We're actually just a camera resting on top of his head.
So that's nice.
This game looks great.
I think that's why enter the reason why I picked it.
That item to inventory.
We have a flashlight open door, but all my doors Hello.
That is some really loud ass, right?
Actually, it was piss and rain here, like, 20 minutes ago.
I know.
It's totally fight.
The thinking tonight gone so loud.
Shut you off.
I don't like loud sounds all around me.
I know Ironic.
Especially in a scenario like this.
If I was in a scary scenario, I would be the quietest person on the planet.
But this is not real life.
This is video game, and everything's very loud.
Oh, rent for a P T situation.
Got it.
Is Petey Petey is the raid outside the window?
And it has the radio and everything.
It's all backwards.
Oh, okay.
I'm into it.
I see what you're putting down, and I might even pick it up.
I have these awesome, squeaky ass floorboards.
See, I don't like what the radio's loud because they can't hear other things that are going on that we're going to scare me.
It's fuck me, Okay?
I have a lantern Now.
He's one of one of those.
Christmas is right around the corner.
The latest news for today a dangerous virus has rapidly captured hundreds of thousands of devices around the world.
American telecommunications company Jane Freak has warned users about the active spreading of Melissa Suffer called number 54 execute order 66.
The virus has infected hundreds of thousands of computers, and this number is growing exponentially.
Information security experts claim the virus collects all possible information about the user and transmits it to the creator.
London and Washington accused Russia of spreading the virus.
Okay, I just want to continue.
I'm pressing.
Most wanted.
Nothing's happening.
Okay, here we go.
Use the broken landed on this.
Do I have feet sick?
Dude, Wicky feet!
That's my jam!
Got a bookmark?
Oh, God!
All right, well, my distrust for this game has never been higher, and it only grows with time.
All right.
A light broke that.
That's not so bad.
I can handle a life breaking, But if people start showing up suddenly in the middle of hallways, just like P t.
I know I don't have to pack the fuck out there.
Are you OK?
You need inhalers.
Okay, Howdy.
I got this.
Feels like played some old school indie horror games.
Man, Some keys.
Are they the keys to my heart?
How do I open my inventory?
Hi, uh, occupied.
Who did that?
Who goes there?
I'm not afraid.
I'm very afraid.
Oh, man, you're not over the radio, okay?
I'm starting to feel really easy now.
Now I'm legit.
Getting paranoid Your rum.
Bly's radio's gone.
Fucking stop that.
You're scarier than anything.
This game is throwing at me.
Jesus fucking Christ!
Way alarm going off.
Skip to shit on me as well.
In the city of Portland, residents reported the loss of a well known video blogger having on the channel more than 100,000 subscribers on the channel.
Blogger shared how to fix various system errors and get rid of viruses.
It is known that the blogger at the time of the kidnapping was at home and filmed another video tutorial on even managed to save the file called How to fix number 66 54 system.
Air search has already begun.
Oh, it's most to to get out of it, Not one.
Oh, shit.
Just go.
Just go.
Just go.
Oh, I hate it.
I hate it.
I hate it.
Just fucking go.
It's too loud again handling.
It's overload.
Oh, fuck.
Um uh What?
Don't do this to me.
It was a fake wall.
That's awesome.
The room's getting smaller bites.
That one just said why?
Why, indeed?
I would like to know as well.
Why am I here?
Why am I?
Who am I?
Oh, this is new.
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!
Oh, that one listens about.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This is even the same thing is Petey where the place goes red after a while.
I fuck that radio, man.
Too loud music these days.
That's what kids listen to.
She's his fucking Christ.
Okay, Why did the way that turn off your flashlight?
Maybe I got so scared.
You got this?
You got this?
You're a big boy.
You got big boy balls.
You pay your taxes.
You're a big lad.
Let's go.
Oh, God.
Look behind you.
I don't want to.
Oh, you got any more of those fake walls Every now and then He's just like, Oh, I'm finding it.
The deepest breath a man has ever taken.
Fucking heart attack, man.
You want to play?
What about heightened Seek?
You're hitting.
Actually, you're hidden.
Oh, God.
What the fuck are you?
Oh, God.
in In in in, in in in in in in in in in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in No, don't do this to me.
No, no One of these.
Not one of these Fuck!
That's good.
Hey, Thank you for clearing that.
Out of the way.
The latest news for today.
Epidemic of dangerous computer virus moves to a new level.
Yesterday, the virus named number 54 seized all electronic billboards in Tokyo on demonstrated the startling inscription You are next.
Sorry, I had a little burp in me.
Is that what was next?
To save the city from this inscription on?
Only one way.
Power off.
The damage caused by the most massive cyberattack is estimated tens of millions of dollars.
The city authorities are furious.
No, man.
I'd be pretty scared either.
Viars Fucking duty.
Why me?
Why did I decide to put myself into a perilous situation that I cannot get out of?
Can you go the same way again?
Has blocked right this way.
No, as fucking blocked.
That's blocked.
Earnings fucking block.
Might as well be Minecraft fucking block.
Block it not block it.
That's it.
Block it.
Block it, Block it, Block it, Block it!
Block it.
Sean McLaughlin.
More like Sean McBride locked in.
That is a good wash.
Gonna go back the way I came.
That's the solution.
I figure that this is not the way I came.
But now I'm just trying to say I figured it out.
Don't go back the way you came.
Excuse me.
Very rude.
Slamming my doors.
What is this?
A fucking uber?
The number 54 fires is the biggest threat to the global economy.
Over the past two days, hundreds of millions of people have complained about their banks for stolen money and completely zeroed out cash accounts.
The damage is estimated at more than $10 billion.
Strange as it may sound money.
Now do not advice.
Use the Internet at all because of number 54 fucking 54 man.
Ruining us all.
No shit.
The weird freaky do it isn't gonna show up again, is he?
Oh, leave this place.
Uh, it's not for lack of trying.
I really fucking want to leave this place.
But I can't Oh!
Oh, Jesus fucking Christ.
I brought my mike a lot There.
Okay, It's the same one again.
Try this for this for that.
Leave this place.
Get keys.
I want to face to that food.
Fuck, Fuck.
Sammy's coming again.
Close the fucking door.
Close the door.
I don't care.
I don't care.
Hiding here.
Your fight.
More fucking keys.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Okay, fellas fucking called up my back.
That fight.
I'm not fine.
Oh, shit.
Well, then, for after all of my efforts to go through all of that, let's take the Soviets.
Rain coming out of the light light, left window.
Listen to that radio.
Still got the virus.
That's what I get for looking up feet on the Internet.
I always get a virus.
So let that be a lesson to you.
Be careful what you're doing on the Internet.
Be careful what you're giving attention to.
Be careful where you're looking because you never know what's out there.
You never know what's gonna come for you in the deepest, darkest depths of your mind.
But those are some really cool games.
I like them a lot.
I always like doing these types of videos because it shows off different types of horror games and what people are doing and just what's on HBO in general, which is just a really cool website for a lot of cool games.
I leave links and descriptions all of these, that you often play them for yourselves but its own backside.
But I on you're looking at pictures of Justin Bieber's feet, and the Internet would get me one day.
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Having A Heart Attack | 3 Scary Games

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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