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I know, I know it's been a while.
How's the guy?
Welcome to another live stream or video, depending on when you're watching this, that we play some Minecraft because my craft 1 14 came out not that long ago on goal of playing in Minecraft 1 14 And there's a lot of stuff in vanilla that's completely changed, one of them being illegible.
So today I want to try and do.
I don't know if I'm gonna be able to achieve it, But what I want to try and do is go ahead, Andi doing village arrayed, which then gives you bad omen, then visit a village and then save the village.
That's where the hero stuff comes in, you know?
You know what I'm saying?
I thought so.
You're you're looking forward to this whether you're watching the stream we watching afterwards, even like that Great.
Subscribe to our brand new Let's get into the game, shall we?
We go.
So I'm gonna create brand New World, create new worlds.
Then we're gonna cool it.
Uh ah, the hero.
Let's put it on.
I didn't want to put it on.
We're gonna survival to start off with and then we're going to go on to cheats are gonna be on just in case something tragic happens, but we're not gonna use them.
Bonus chest is gonna be on a CZ.
Well, the seed is gonna be done.
Tm the hero just in case you guys want to play along as well create new world.
Let's see what's going to happen.
What are we going to create over here?
Of course.
Of course.
We are on a flip in Ireland.
Are you kidding me?
Right now on islands?
That's where you put us on my goodness Right.
What do we get in the bonus chest, I believe were supposed to torch is why is it floating?
I don't really Oh, actually, hold up.
This is some good stuff.
Some really good stuff.
Okay, One acts a pick Axe foods.
Um, that's no bad.
I'm gonna take this as well.
Actually, let's take this.
I haven't played Minecraft survival like the normal mode for so long, so I didn't even know how to use, like, the new crafting menu.
The book?
I don't know.
I don't know how to use this.
I don't know what's going on, but a pirate.
I can craft the Oh, that's how it works.
Hey, that's pretty cool.
I'm gonna take this tree's life real quick, and then we're gonna build a boat because my plan in my head is to just go ahead and try and find a shipwreck, because that's where I'm going to get the goods from.
That's where I'm going out all my goods from I ain't got time toe for islands and stuff.
We're just gonna go straight in for the for the shipwreck.
So let's try that.
I know I need to find an illegible outpost.
I'm pretty sure.
And then I also need to find and then we just need to find a village, right?
Is that all I need to do?
I'm not too sure lets us go because otherwise we're gonna run out of time and I just need to find a ship wreck.
What is this?
Let's go down.
Let's see.
What's that?
I should have crafted a sword.
Should it?
After the craft.
The disorder.
What's down here?
All I want is a chest with a chest Over here.
Now I'm gonna die.
I'm gonna die.
Ah, no, You don't die straight away.
Please don't die straight away.
Go up!
Go up.
Go up.
No dolphins saved me.
Say, save me.
I'm dying already.
There we go.
Nothing down there.
Mission going.
Get some stuff from the village.
I just need to find a village outpost happened here.
What is this?
I wasn't even looking.
There's a lot of help over here.
I'm going to.
The village was shipwrecked right there.
We've literally got the greatest meat.
We can't eat this.
Ah, that's not even a village.
There's definitely something down there, though.
Oh, man.
Okay, right.
Is that a ship wreck?
I can hear things that looks like a shipwreck to me, but it looks glitch too.
Let's see what's up here.
Okay, we got cows.
I'm just going to start this all out normally.
And I I thought I'd be out to do a little bit of ah, ci and, you know, with the old shipwrecks, I can't wait a second.
We did it.
Luck of the sea.
That that's all we got.
Okay, so the are things here.
Okay, Let's Ah, let's put down our crafting table real quick.
Let me just grab some basic materials.
Obviously, I'm gonna die if I don't want to grab some Kabul.
You know, the dealio, gravel, the Coble.
We can I don't really wanna I guess I'm gonna have to go upto iron at some point.
I also don't know what the new stuff does in terms off.
I was going to say there's like, a stone cutter, right?
And then there's like a cartographer is other weird stuff is Well, I don't know if I like this.
This graph the ball nonsense.
This Grab a stick.
Grab one of these.
I remember what I'm doing.
Described one of these two.
What else did I need?
I wanted to grab a I've got a sword.
I think you know, I just need some keeping this.
Sorry about it.
Hello, World.
What just happened?
Why is my world completely froze?
The weirdest thing that ever happened to me on my crap in a single player.
I'm no even I haven't even got this like I don't even know this hook up to anything.
I kind of feel bad genes, but I need the food's ok.
I guess I'm gonna have to go into that cave real quick.
So let's go and do that.
Just cause I'm gonna need some cold need some iron, and then we'll all G's, For goodness sake, go away right now.
Right now, I might just let you blow up.
Oh, that's fine.
It's absolutely fine.
Okay, let's grab some of this stuff.
Is there another one?
So I still know how to beat these things.
Snot bubble with Okay, I almost Oh, Miss Sheldon, let's grab this.
I think we're gonna need I'm gonna own you have time to grab.
If we don't find any shipwrecks, I'm only gonna have time to grab iron on dhe.
That's pretty much it.
I might be able to get a diamond sword, but hopefully, um, hope there'll be enough or an armory guesses.
Well, that's more like it up here.
Oh, quick.
Any coal?
There's really no cold in here.
That's sad.
That's real sad to me to make sure that you got some cold, get some food.
Otherwise, we are gonna be in big trouble.
What are all these things?
I don't remember these things being added, but these were little buildings I guess Since when was this here?
Does this have anything in it?
Let's have a look.
I can hear something.
But my question What is?
I just need access to a CZ many chests is possible.
That's all I need.
So what I want.
So I'm going for chest school or Oh, where she found one.
Oh, there's cold in here.
Oh, that's fantastic.
Curse of vanishing.
So we gotta cuss fishing road.
Well, he's got again.
I got some wheat, which is handy cold.
That's really good where we need to go.
I just want to try and find more ship wrecks because they're gonna have the best stuff in.
And they're gonna be the things that allow us to do this a lot quicker.
Then we can go and find a village because we thought we found one, but we didn't are not getting to night time, Really?
And I haven't even found, I mean found well yet.
Well, this is gonna be doing Oh, why?
I was, uh I'm allergic to Minecraft shipwreck.
I could see one.
I could see one could see one.
Okay, first shipwreck, you can actually diamonds in these bad boys.
I don't know why I had to get this terrible seed.
By the way, there's nothing here.
Yes, here we go.
I'm not used to all this new stuff.
Like even how you swim.
Let's grab him.
Grab him here.
Oh, my goodness.
Let's put away this.
Grab this.
Put away this.
Grab this.
Grab this.
Get out!
Get out!
I'm drowning!
No, no, no!
Oh, wow!
Okay, Almost drowned.
We did.
We plugged that.
Oh, my God.
His 19 iron.
I told you a shipwreck was amazing.
Absolutely amazing.
I'm gonna die here alone and scared.
Let me get my health back up.
No one to get out.
Get out!
Um, why do you drown so quickly?
Oh, my goodness.
I don't want to leave that.
There must be something else down there.
Surely let's go down.
I completely forgot the you can sprint.
Oh, no.
What is the book?
Books Buried treasure.
Let's go.
Let's go.
We got buried treasure.
Okay, we can go find that.
I don't think there's anything else in here.
All these stories perfects No, I think that's it.
Let's go.
Buried Cirez.
A guy's already Okay.
We do Well um we are in the top left, so we need to go, like, wait this way.
I think we're making a bigger Yeah.
Here we go.
In the many treasure, it better not be in the water.
Actually, potentially could people.
Let's go find it.
Here we go.
Straight this way.
I just needed to be daytime, and then we good we could actually make iron tools.
Now that we found that I have no idea what's in the buried treasure either.
So this is gonna be good.
We were near bury treasure along.
We had no idea The shipwrecks are so good.
I love that they've added stuff so it can make your start to Minecraft.
It's a little bit quicker.
I'm a little bit worried.
There's gonna be monsters around.
Yeah, there's a creeper right there.
Always so close to it too.
Direct market.
Ah, hold on a second.
I'm gonna finesse all There's a baby zombie.
Of course there is a body.
Yeah, you're struggling.
You think I forgot?
They sink.
I'm gonna finesse this right.
Let's put the craft in table Where unjust craft here always coming for me.
He's coming for me all this stuff coming for me?
Go, Go!
Ghanaian sword buster.
I'm gonna bust you Right Open on is an end demand as well.
Okay, I could die.
Hit what?
I do.
I've got an iron sword and I can't block with it anymore.
Um oh, no, I got no food either.
Kinda eat this.
Someone said I could eat this.
This needs get my health back up, Mom.
All the way to the top, please.
All the way to the top.
That zombie is terrifying, but let's go for it.
This is good.
Coming scalable for there's two of them.
Okay, let's not go for this is a bad idea.
Very treasure is close, though.
Do not look at the end of man and the man is just chillin.
It's almost daytime yet.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, okay.
This is not real bad.
Get out, Get out!
I Well, I just need to find sheep.
I don't want to lose.
Oh, my goodness.
I'm gonna die.
First time that I look all these things spawning.
What difficulty am I on normal?
Okay, that's fine.
That's why it's a little bit harder.
I just need somewhere to sleep.
But I haven't got any sheep of these fish.
Wanna attack new to?
Okay, It's almost daytime.
I need to find some sheep.
What's need to make a quick getaway if things go bad?
I'm out here eating raw beef.
Raw beef shape, Front of sheep.
Come here.
I could make sure is right.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come here.
Come here, my pretties.
I don't want to be I just wanted to steal your stuff.
Thank you.
Scared of the most couples do things we don't need that with speed running this bad boy.
Let's go.
Okay, I'm going to sleep, and then we get all madness.
You know I can't deal with you.
I just can't deal with scalable.
There we go.
I'm gonna sleep on this island over here because I think they can't get me over here.
Disaster averted.
Uh, have any planks?
Will bed boom, sleep?
Yeah, let's go.
Look, all these achievements we get in a cz Well, look at that.
Give me this.
Give me this back.
We go get our buried treasure.
Now I'm excited.
I'm ready.
What could we get rid of and get rid of bettors?
I'm not gonna need those rotten flash there.
Any of those of those.
The kelp is I don't know what's going on with this kelp.
We eat it literally can eat it.
No, I picked up all that stuff.
The buried treasure is here.
I'm pretty sure it's over here.
So do we just dig and find it?
Is that how this works?
Like, dig here, dig down.
I was told not to do this, digging down his treacherous Let's just build a shovel to cross the shovel way.
What, do you do it for us?
My boat.
Oh, my goodness.
What's happening?
Okay, this is weird.
Things go away, we just go.
We've got a little bystander little, uh, little friends going on.
You know what?
I'm gonna put you guys out your misery and actually built a furnace.
Why is my mind crossed during this?
Let's just cook some shops and then this Make a make a shovel.
I'm just gonna make a stone one for now.
It's gravel.
Okay, I'm an idiot.
Never mind.
Never mind.
This is live.
I can't even cut the out Fantastic for the buried treasure.
Should be down here right somewhere.
No, no, no.
What's going on?
I saved it for they duplicating.
What is what is happening?
You guys okay?
Ah, there's another one as well.
Don't come over here.
Don't do it.
Don't get in the boat.
Don't get in the boat.
Don't get in the boat.
OK, fine.
You're Noah's.
My card.
Afford to be looking after these turtles as well.
Where is the buried treasure?
Is it like, far down?
Because it could be like you'll be around here somewhere.
Why is this so difficult?
Does that have to be in the sand so I can take all of the sand?
Is that right?
Where is it?
Yeah, that's better.
Have some good stuff in it.
My little adventure of air.
Sure, it's all.
There it is.
I found it.
Okay, this better be good.
Oh, my goodness.
We just hit the jackpot.
Friends, we just hit the jackpot.
Let's go.
Okay, That was worth It was definitely worth it.
Fine, Fine.
And get out of here, Nemo.
We don't need you anymore.
Get out of here.
Give me these.
Everyone's boys.
16 emeralds, 14 gold.
All dude, parts of the sea.
A singular diamond.
We got some cooked salmon friends.
I can't I don't have enough space at all.
How good is that, though?
That's sick to a 22 iron.
Now, diamonds get rid of the gravel.
I wanna eat this salmon By what, Like no space for it.
I've got this cook card as well, and we've got the sea, The heart of the sea.
What are we gonna need this?
Someone has made a way of noise.
Let's eat.
Let's eat off, fish because we need to eat.
Oh, my goodness.
Why are all these tell was coming here?
That was such a good find.
You see this Norm?
Norm, Let's go.
So now we can actually craft some stuff.
I left a pretty big mess here, but that's fine.
I'm gonna make sure my food is cooked.
Let's make some armor and stuff.
Let's make I don't know what to make.
Um is crafting things that you're pretty cool.
We could search too.
Oh, dude, that's actually nice.
Goes Croft that growth that Croft that just the boots that we need afterwards.
So put that on.
Put it on.
Put that on.
Well, enough for boots.
We need two more.
Okay, that's that's pretty good.
That's good, girl.
You're 21 iron auras.
Well, we're smashing it.
Absolutely smashing.
I needed to use you.
Your dolphins go.
So we're gonna go over to here and then try and find a village.
Hopefully, this isn't just a tiny island.
Ideally, we could find Ah, shipwreck.
Get ourselves out of a diamond for that diamond.
Swords away.
Is he showing me somewhere is gone.
This bio it's crazy and it's right next to it.
Awesome size doesn't temple, but finding a ll the generations right now.
Temples used located near villages Are you think?
Now be handy.
How do we do these things again?
Down the side, Right.
I did not like that noise.
I didn't know.
Appreciate that noise.
Okay, let's go.
Here is down the side.
I remember these things.
Please don't die If I die.
The whole thing is up.
The whole thing is over.
Where some of these trapped chest or they all normal?
They look fine.
Let's make some torches.
I think they're fine.
I have a little.
This is one of the first things I didn't mind.
They look different, right?
Okay, We're safe.
I think we're safe.
Grab this.
Give that.
Sweet diamonds.
Give me that diamond, baby.
Come on.
That's gold.
We don't want gold.
Gold sucks emeralds.
Okay, I could do with that.
Oh, I've got a golden apple, though.
That could actually be handy.
Let's get rid of the nuggets.
Grab the apple, man.
We got duped.
Absolutely duped.
That could have been amazing since there's no ice Village, eh?
Come on now.
There's no ice, Villages, we have to go around the edge of this.
You see?
We find one.
Wait, wait!
What is that on the horizon?
That's a village.
Let's go, guys.
Let's go.
High five.
You ready?
123 Pull!
It needs to be on the checklist.
Now is a bow.
Maybe a bow could be pretty hard, Honey.
Um, what else could be needs?
We've got the golden apples.
Weaken chunk, some hits.
Oh, you beautiful, beautiful Based.
What's good?
He found one too long.
Way too long, and we found a move by right next to it.
Nobody's got so cute.
What's good, buddy?
I'm gonna ransack all your chests.
Give me.
Oh, the wid No!
Tried it out and try to kill me.
He's trying to kill me.
Dude, that was so odd.
I can't get used to this.
Look at them doing Rose.
So weird, man.
These barrels, right?
Nothing in there on your own.
Your water in those?
I can sleep here too.
Amazing bread.
I will.
You ink that?
Well, I need to use your cry.
I'm gonna sleep right here.
Actually closed the door and have a beautiful night sleep.
Let's go.
I am potato epic Village Royal.
That's what just happened.
That's what just happened.
It's only epic, though.
If we can find on a chicken diet, it's only even more eyes a golden here too.
But it's only do things that die in.
That's a loom.
Okay, fine.
Terra cotta.
Find Isabel here too.
We steal that.
I'm going to do it.
I did it.
I'm taking this as a victory thing.
I don't even think I should take it.
But I'm gonna I don't need a fishing rod.
I'm taking it.
There's cats here too.
We could trade if we need Thio.
I was saying a sentence, but for God was going to say OK, A body.
Oh, I needed diamonds.
Anyway, I don't want you promised a diamond I could borrow No.
Oh, I love that noise.
Hey, sir, How's it going?
You trade with me?
Dude just finessed me.
Make a well, the bread.
He's no gonna trade with me.
This guy's really mean it literally shook his head in my face.
Come on, give me diamonds.
Give me a diamond.
Give me a diamond.
Diamonds Breads intact.
I Is that what you value here?
Of all of that cop was killed a chicken, didn't it?
I saw that, and I am pleased about it.
I'm pretty.
I'm pretty shocked at your behavior.
Okay, so now we'd find an illegible outpost, which I might have to do the find command Fox.
If it was this hard to find a village, it's gonna be even harder to find A, um look at what?
Trade me.
When they traded me, they won't trade.
Oh, no.
They won't trade if they break the bell.
I'm sorry.
How do I make up to them?
How do I make up to them.
Can I say sorry?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I ever wants to give you I didn't.
It'll be okay.
I didn't mean to sweat.
Oh, rend it.
I've ruined my chances.
Okay, We need to find an illegible outpost, so I'm gonna quickly no, down these coordinates.
We can come back here.
So now we're gonna use the locate command, because otherwise gonna take forever to find one of these.
That's close.
That's really close to 1000 blocks this way.
We're gonna find this, and we're probably gonna die.
Put the belt open the bell back is Will he trust me then?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to steal.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Let's see what happens if I put the bell back.
That's a good idea.
At least we know where that pillage outposts close.
Then what I'm gonna do?
Look, watch me.
I'm gonna put it back.
The way out, Out, out.
When you go here, put it back.
Listen, it's back.
Can you trade with me now?
Boys goes friends.
Okay, guys, you know what you're doing.
You know, you're saying that's a shepherd.
I need someone that's gonna give me like a diamond.
Hey, that's pretty good.
Arrows is good.
I'm gonna I'm gonna need you.
I'll come back later.
These guys are playing with a cat.
That's cute.
Look how cute that is.
They're playing with the cat.
That's awesome.
Uh, math?
No, no, thank you.
I could be helpful, actually.
What do you shepherd again?
But again, I need Is there anyone like a blacksmith?
That would be handy.
Or any of them asleep?
At least.
We've got a night.
Angolans help us.
My friends, friends, someone close this door.
It doesn't lie.
There's a blacksmith here, which is a little bit annoying, so I kind of need some stuff.
He's going to minor 2944 Which we kind of already right.
We've had this way.
And this way only Let's do it.
We see the head of 1000 blocks this way and then we should go to find it.
Well, hits of love.
I should not definitely not get in there.
Let's go.
Maybe an empty map would've been handy.
But you know what this is?
Go Just need to go straight and then we'll find the outpost.
Here we go.
I don't know if this is a good idea, I only have one diamond, so I can't make a diamond s sword.
Why can try this?
02864 We need to get to wait.
Where am I?
To 864 year this way.
Definitely this way.
I don't know how hard these are.
So the point of this whole expedition was to get the bad omen trait.
I think it's like an achievement, but it also gives you liken aura.
And then when you go to a village, a raid starts on DDE.
We didn't sleep there, actually, So we are gonna keep our stuff.
The hell we got Here we go make a ship.
Make a shield.
I completely forgot about that.
I will make a shield.
I'm about to make one that shouldn't have to remind me so they have a badge.
Okay, let's do this.
This is gonna be great.
I'm gonna get some.
I should probably get a All this village looks small.
Somebody just won't trade because they're on him.
Oaks They're unemployed.
Sze are enough.
Keep trading.
Yeah, I don't have enough.
I don't have enough or have enough hemorrhoids for that Yeah, I already have to look this up, huh?
I have to make a shield.
I think I'm just missing something simple.
My, uh Ah.
Show me the recipe.
Why isn't it?
I don't know.
Bring the bow in.
The raid starts.
Oh, yeah.
Golden Apple as well.
Yeah, you're right.
Don't worry.
I got this kind of guys table.
Ah, that's the wrong way around.
Really lost.
Whoa, buddy.
Oh, I don't wanna die.
All there's loads of them.
Well, how do I get rid of these?
Oh, no.
Okay, I might die here.
I might die.
I'm going back.
I'm going back.
Is there a Spooner I need to know?
Yeah, I know.
I put him back.
Put him back to the village.
Was I thinking all dude?
Oh, no knows Boerner.
Oh, my goodness.
Can I just run then?
Why's that?
So many of them.
I didn't know.
Expect this run.
I'm just gonna run.
I want to do it out.
They got crafting table going all, dude.
Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna die here.
I'm definitely die here on I.
That's so fast as well you cover to get away from them.
Run rabbit run.
I have to have my golden after all.
Now, many of these things there are there.
Hey, look, guys, there's one of me.
My shield's gonna run out soon as well.
A rare don't eat my golden apple.
But I might have to Yeah, I just for a night.
It I just wanna write it.
No, no, no.
There's too many of them.
They are shooting each other.
Those So this is good.
This is good card at my shield.
I'm kind of.
But even attempting this once my shield breaks.
I'm not doing this.
Oh, man.
Why did I do this?
Why did I do this?
Keep running until I get my health back.
I don't want to use my golden apple.
I feel like the raid is gonna be ridiculous.
Now they're gone.
Okay, let me just heal up real quick.
Oh, my goodness.
No, no, no!
Don't come back.
Don't come back.
Don't come back.
Big Help me, pig.
Help me.
Oh, geez.
Oh, geez.
What's the best thing to do in this?
That is a spooner.
They sporting the dog.
Oh, okay.
This one.
Okay, we got some of them down.
Some of you guys saying that is a sport and some of them you're saying you're not.
So is there a sport or they dropped really good things.
Yeah, it's gonna break my shield.
So making a backup, making a backup just in case.
Hey, we got I won the scenes.
It's also a local.
The errors in Rio.
All guys are the members.
I don't even know its shadow Ivory Z on YouTube.
Tanase Wolfie, Game is Crystal Adams random.
So grateful Liverpool Dude Official Fortnight game A puppet boy, Mark Steve Wolf, Danny Ninja and jail.
Thank you, guys for becoming sponsors.
Appreciate it.
Glad you're during the stream.
So everyone's saying it's born as and some of the sand they're not.
I don't know who to believe.
You guys taking me for a ride over here because they just seem to keep bone coming or are these old ones?
Well, I'm not full healthier.
Okay, This is bad.
I didn't mean to go that close.
You mean to go that close?
Let's try this.
Come on, buddies.
Okay, there goes my field.
Yeah, I got another one.
Okay, well, these shows are strong.
I could use them is like a I can use them is like a um, yes, Yes, you punks.
I'm gonna try and go in the back way.
I think I'm not sure if that's gonna work, though.
I don't grab their attention just yet.
They also spawn in big groups.
Oh, no.
They sometimes camping.
No, in the building.
I don't know how I'm gonna do this, then because I need bad omen.
I think I need to kill this banner guy, and then they all disappear.
But I'm not 100% sure I was.
When I got to full health.
My armor is going strong.
If I had the diamond armor, though.
That was so good.
Oh, my God.
That was amazing.
Absolutely right.
I don't get this guy.
I think this gives me bad omen.
Voluntary exile.
Wait, I've got it.
I got it.
I think I have it.
That's on the top, right, isn't it?
Is that it?
I got a crossbow, too.
Okay, I want to go back and sleep.
I can't.
Can I arm stupid?
It's going to start right away.
I'm going to see it.
And I was gonna do it.
Movie that works.
That works.
Okay, cool.
So we go into here Voluntary exile killer Ray.
Captain may be considered.
Yes, we got it.
Okay, that's good.
But also kind of bad, because I haven't got enough arrows for this.
Let's see what happens.
Apparently coming waves.
I've saved my golden apple for this.
So let's see what happens.
I am back.
It's happening.
It's happening, guys.
Where's the bell?
To ring the bell to warn these punks of what is going to happen to them.
I don't know where the bell is.
I've lost the bell.
What is the raid come from?
Hello, guys.
They come in for us.
Is the belt is about this?
Ring it.
You're in trouble.
You're in big trouble.
I can see the rate of the top, Brian.
No one.
What do you do?
Aware of the Ranger?
I don't see anyone.
Everyone's got inside that.
They are.
There they are.
There they are.
I see them and they come.
Oh, jeez.
At least they're gonna go for the villages, though, Right?
Things got hard, isn't it?
123 And your dead.
Let's go.
Let's go Kill the bad guy.
He's got, you know, out all, dude.
Yeah, he's got He's gonna ax.
He's got an axe.
But I need my I need to wait, though.
I need to wait until the cheese.
Where did he go?
There's only a couple more.
You said that dining waves, right?
This guy's gone ax, though, which is pretty intense.
Uh huh.
Got you.
Cut you down.
Really good.
You hit each other a long time.
All Whoa.
Okay, I'm gonna have to eat this.
You have to eat.
It's gonna die.
I need to run this fast.
I can.
We're so close if I don't have to eat this.
I don't want to.
He's off to me.
No, don't do it, buddy.
Don't you dare.
Don't you that you're coming after me by yourself?
Oh, that's a bad idea.
Bad idea.
A real bad idea.
You got me in the eye.
Drop the banner.
I can't take this.
Um, scared of Sands.
Hey, what's good now, buddy?
I got your batter.
That's what I'm talking about.
Let's go.
Case of that rages ends.
Did I just mess up?
Raiders remaining two.
There's only two left feet There's another one always getting a Villager.
Come in.
I'm saving you.
My God, She wrote Yes.
The white emerald too.
Let's go with doing it.
This is going to get harder there, Right?
Oh, this is gonna get away.
Man, I probably started from, like, scratch.
Here we go.
I don't want that.
That big boss guy to come in, though.
How many waves are there any water?
A new water on our Yeah, I hit him.
Okay, here they are.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, no!
Okay, I need to take I need to take a chill.
I need to chill.
And he's a chill down girl.
Let me chill.
Surely my golden apple now, because that guy looks absolutely phenomenal.
I'm gonna do it.
Gohan Apple!
Let's go, buddy.
That's got me And you.
I mean, you're one to your dad's.
You're dead.
There's a witch.
Is this guy gonna absolutely destroy me?
By the way, is he that goods?
But he's getting hurt by something, or he's getting hurt by the cactus.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Well, Whoa!
I wish I got some of those which I got some of those arrows earlier.
Dude, I'm worried.
No, don't touch me.
Oh, my goodness.
I don't have to run its faults like N Okay, go ahead.
I got that guy is just the ravage a guy.
I think he's gonna have a lot and I mean a lot of health.
The problem is, I called out running.
I can't run him sweet.
I just need the health back and then I'll deal with you, Betsy.
Then I'll deal with you.
I've got another something going on here, but I'm not quite sure what it is.
Also doesn't help that the game keeps like freaking out.
I should have got myself a reigning used a weapon, But I didn't come pick up this hour.
Absolutely not.
Go away, Bunnies.
It doesn't concern you.
I'm trying to get my health back.
I think they're distracted.
Slightly three.
I think I can use the CAC ties.
You know, I think I can use the CAC Ties against Thing is gonna take a while, but I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna be the hero.
Can I get them to shoot the room guy?
Maybe if I could trap him and cactus I That'd be amazing.
That's even do it.
Come here, buddy.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, No.
One guy thought on here Hair and run.
Hit and run.
That's what we do it over here Because that guy is so enormous.
I think I'm gonna die because of him.
Okay, It's stock isn't not good.
It's not that good.
I just need to get rid of the bow guy.
Then we should be fine.
Time me from from the side.
I'm so glad I pillaged all this bread.
I tried to get rid of that guy.
He's be alone.
Alone was Don't hit me again.
Don't hit me again.
There's another go over there and there's a witch Would be super careful of those.
The raids are the half done.
I think I'm gonna run out of bread before I made with you.
But I also don't want to raid toe end prematurely.
Go on, then.
Yes, We'll use drop.
He just dropped something I think I can use.
Whoa, Dude, this guy is a piece.
I just got a call.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I don't know how many people were left.
That can't be that many.
The combi I'm so under prepared for this a diamond sort of disorder is only half done.
I think that I think this pig dude is really powerful.
Yes, yes.
To raid is remaining.
I hope there isn't another wave, but there's only two
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i tried to save a Minecraft Village... and FAILED!

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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