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  • I told you this.

  • That's the way This is the new laser shot.

  • That's you.

  • You may have noticed.

  • I attach this quiver for quick arrow access.

  • I can attach my hero, acquire my target.

  • Do work, I would imagine this is probably the first time anyone shot an apple off of a pan.

  • His head?

  • That's right up our alley.

  • Yes.

  • Bag, huh?

  • I told you you were good.

  • This right here is the homemade bone marrow.

  • Just right here is called Self Shot and Catch.

  • That's you.

  • It was exhilarating.

  • You seem tired.

  • Do you think this right here is the panda ambush?

  • Guerrilla warfare style?

  • Wait, I like to call this getting up close and personal.

  • I just beautiful.

  • We would like to dedicate this shot by Isaac Newton and all of his family members that are still around today.

  • Congrats on a great season of life, Isaac.

  • Oh, come on, heads up and up.

  • Here comes shot high on purpose.

  • Hey, I did what you asked about you, but seriously, don't move.

  • That'll jack it up.

  • You moved and the apple fell hand is a freaking joke.

  • Oh, congrats on a great life, Isaac.

  • My signature sure the clothes.

  • Oh, about that.

  • We'd like to dedicate this shot by Isaac Newton.

  • Thanks for being such a great human.

  • You're a very good use of life.

  • Yes, I told you you were good.

  • All right.

  • How is successful Way kind of like to go, Big dude.

  • Perfect.

  • Wait.

I told you this.

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