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C a m p f i r e s o n g song You can't.
And if you think that we can sing it faster than you around But it will happen if you just seeing Boom, boom, boom!
Mom, Mom, Mom, classic grow.
It's a classic.
He's nothing Italy saying legally.
Oh, no more campfire calls for me.
Screw you, man.
Little dude.
Just suicide of Malcolm and Jamie, please.
Thank you, bro.
Uh, clearly.
Listen to a doodle Bob trap now about Bob.
All right?
Drop one action.
It's really good for its own words, right?
His own horse is really good for that.
What I got for his own warnings.
Instant action?
Yeah, like sometimes they get antsy dropping games.
All right.
I like what I want.
Yeah, if you want action, you just get better.
Laura Lou Gold.
Okay, Malik, I I didn't mean it.
Like getting our kids getting a beating.
I always like Maybe that's no bad.
I know you.
It means a lot.
You all right?
Uh, commingle quick.
A lot.
Take one of these.
Oh, I got you.
I just I get the coconuts.
You're right.
It kind of messed up.
Gonna mess that up my bed.
Okay, I just play a little of it again on stream deed.
Oh, but I started with you.
Start over.
Gonna reroll.
Uh, I'm kind of thinking about playing l a schools on streaming in elders.
Fun story, man.
I remember what tuning into Cyber Street when he had a couple 100 viewers.
Uh, yeah, yeah, that one of your four night career.
Yeah, Yeah, yeah, he was talking about this is like when I was averaging, like, a couple of hours.
And so, like, $56.
And before that was, like, 100 sound to come up.
Yeah, and sign for Started getting a little bit.
And he was talking about how you asking one thing how to grow streaming stuff.
And he was talking about older skulls.
And I was like a game with a really fun I love it.
The community wasn't very big, like you've got you.
Have you got some viewership from there and then took it over.
Brought it here.
And then here you are pretty much.
And I'll always be grateful for that little community.
the tight knit communities a really fun, you know, The thing is like, it's the way I tell them all the time is like having 500 years before is not as good as having private of yours on smaller game, like on a smaller game.
You have 500 years.
It actually is.
Just like from a business standpoint and from like, a community sample, It's actually like a much stronger community and model 100% are invested community, Right?
Kind of like, uh, I kinda like Ah, this is m m e.
I t think about it.
Of course.
On a bigger game, the ceiling is higher.
Which is the benefit of means Is toe work for and more to grow for sure.
Patching titles as well on launch days.
Man, that's Ah, a big, big, big one I caught up to you.
Look at that.
I caught up to you a day like that.
That was all me, baby seals rams get shit on.
Let's go give that mom off.
Oh, yeah.
Dude, I was like trying not to look at it when I was walking toward the O.
Get in.
I'm dead.
Um, dude.
One thing, Jordan.
When the next game comes out or you didn't think, You know about a game that's coming out.
I want you.
I want to be the first person to call.
I want to be first face.
I'm like an inch.
I think this is it.
It's like it's happening like this game.
I heard about it.
I saw the trailer, like, because I need to be there.
I do.
I've been dying.
I truly don't think people understand.
I I really dove into my first besides Halo, which I grinded my entire life.
But like I easily put in two years of in game game play and final dance 11 like of my life, Like two years of my life went into ammo like I am upset, but, uh, my junk rips right on the relic.
Auntie Em.
I see what was wrong here.
I okay.
£33 like I shield cracked Impeach Hope this guy is kind of like Did you make it?
They did.
I got him.
Uh, I also told you before somebody else gets more her than me.
Uh, joins up.
Bring Ben said a nice Okay, the medication.
Give that beautiful.
All right.
You know what, Julie?
Oh, my God.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Kelsey's space were like Telsim place.
Am I right?
It was 40 blue.
Oh, I need I need a pyramid.
That Thanks, hon.
Even East and handsome is this Got shopping somewhere?
Does anyone have many know for myself?
Play Green Bay, Packer south.
Okay, Okay.
No, after the later half stop, Poor guy.
Hey, guys.
Oh, my God.
What you want?
Like minis?
I got band just to it Seems like you have under control.
Yeah, I'm good, brother.
Well, the lions play the Packers.
Yes, they do.
Yes, they do.
Monday night football, Man, that cause a split in the household.
We're do.
We're usually really good, man.
I mean, it's in the end of the game.
Of course, it's all good in my life.
My life, my life of my wife.
Being a football fan has just been me trying to get her.
You will understand.
Like, what's a good call with, Like, what?
Good football.
And with that?
So that like when the lions do lose or if the lines loose, the Packers won.
By the way we've been Jeez, fish tumble.
Oh, it's like your instincts.
I got you to spot me.
They're here, man Belonging.
What I want I want that one.
Oh, uh, versus how Holding?
I don't know.
With lines like you lose or the Packers lose, like all I want her to know what a good call it like.
It's a good call.
It was there where I go, I'm literally just like, Look, you got to see how I just died.
Yeah, this is mine.
You would think that is not right.
Oh, God.
Like there was, like, some sort of passing over something that ruined the game I want them to know about.
Don't talk about these idiots that spring from gone.
Throw you out of your mind.
Download someone hit me with the rent.
I'm gonna Bush forgive him directly on me.
Not building back in practice.
The only angle building another building up into the fray.
Another chick builder there, Jordan, And get me Hold on way running away from me.
I feel like I'm on his shoulder about about us about to bleed out around for an inch.
Jones got me.
What's up, baby?
The team is here.
Your Majesty.
Just what?
You get resin and die right away.
Oh, my God.
Did above pulling 1/3.
Uh oh, man.
Well, here we are.
Um, here, Merrill, about AM on two.
Hagen thrown that matter anywhere.
Gonna manage signal.
Shut up, Alec.
I e I hate it.
Oh, my God.
I'm so bothered by it s so bothered by it.
Oh, very, very another one.
Another too.
Uh, knocked paddle here.
Well, then I got you out of your mind, man.
Dusty, uh, mine.
All that.
He was gonna come from north about every sniper.
All right, that's my trap.
Oh, What?
00 there's a campfire.
It is my child.
That's what you're getting Fire and sing on a campfire song.
I've had a little moment Expound ice eyes.
Nice, nice.
Thanks, Ty.
Just all the way set up, huh?
This the bill battle I'm giving you one of you guys.
Prayer lasted, I think had a sniper.
One toxic.
Look at me.
I'm cyber piquet.
DJ is, um it's Tarzan.
He's a clap.
Uh, Swagel Think one remembers, man.
Let's gather around the campfire.
Campfire song.
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4 Folder Collection
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