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Hey, guys, how's it go in?
I haven't uploaded in the past nine days.
Speculation was getting face.
So what happened?
But Ah, Avon's I'm a dad now.
On the fifth of January, My amazing wife, Gemma.
She gave birth to our beautiful little boy.
So, yeah, I've had my hands pretty full.
We stayed in hospital for, I think, four days.
I came home three days ago, two days ago.
It's all a blur.
I'm not quite sure what's going on.
I don't even know what day it is.
But I'm extremely happy that our beautiful little boy is here.
And I just wanted to make this video.
Is that you guys know that I'm not sure what's gonna happen with videos or streams or anything anytime soon.
Obviously, we are settling him into our house, the world in general, on just hanging out with them.
To be honest, I'm not gonna get these.
Ah, these moments back.
So we're focusing on him on him only at the moment.
So for those of you have been asking for months and months and months, his his name is Asher A S H e r.
I did post on the YouTube creator community thing.
I'm not even sure what it's called, but is a picture there this bitch from my Twitter and this picture on Instagram if you want to go and check that out But we will not be sharing his face.
So please respect that that we greatly appreciate.
Did I'm moving on from now?
I've already taken a good chunk of time off by plans.
Take a little bit, Maur.
Ah, the thing I probably get back to you first is probably streaming over on twitch just because it's the easiest thing to do.
I just ah, hit go life and I go live and just hang out for a bid.
So that's probably the thing.
I'll come back to you first.
I'm not sure when I don't know where.
I don't know how.
I don't know what we're going to be playing or anything, so I'm just stay tuned for that foot is probably the best place to get your information for that videos.
I do have some videos like the final Minecraft hardcore episode is half done.
I've done all the recording for it, but Asher decided to come when I was doing the editing so I've also you park that for a bit, so that will come out soon.
Hopefully when I get some time to settle back into my videos.
But for now we're going to spend some real quality family time together.
Videos and streams and staff will resume when I feel comfortable coming back.
I just thought I'd let you know what's happened.
We're extremely happy.
I'm extremely happy.
He's Ah, he's already amazing.
I call might see what the future brings.
That's pretty much it for me.
I just wanted to let you know what went down because I know a lot of you guessed already and we posted on social media and stuff.
But I'm going to slowly get back into making content as soon as I feel comfortable.
As soon as I'm ready to just hang out, be patient.
Some old stuff.
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I'm a Dad now!

31 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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