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first things first.
What the heck comments If comets weren't bad enough already?
I'm sure you've seen it.
My audience decided.
Hey, let's make them worse.
Everything is Quote, quote, quote Felix Felix Felix said This pretty pie said this.
It's all quotes Petey Pi, 2019.
It started yet started when I was in Japan.
I don't know if it's from my videos, but if I had to guess, it must have been from the Africa Creeper comment.
I said it once.
Okay, I take it back.
I changed my mind.
I've seen this disease spreading to other channels.
Jack said the same thing is happening to him.
It's all quotes now.
Sean said this pillock said this 2019.
If you gonna spam something annoying on other channels, can you at least do it so that people come back and watch my channels?
Like all those other cancer?
YouTubers I come out of nowhere because they're annoying dumb ass fana audience Spam, sir.
Yes, I'm talking about leafy owned, owned.
Now the second problem that I have, it's this in me.
Why won't it go away?
Smoothies be like Okay, fine.
Now on what's funny, but you're not gonna get me twice.
This is la y.
By the way, you roll the interest.
Leave your entries in the red Rose.
I made a water she boss fight as requested by thousands of you gamers and peers himself.
Mac, Mac in Stein has done it, and I can't wait to play it.
Finally, some fresh content from my crab Siri's.
I needed Satan.
The guy running state on account on Twitter.
Thank you, Satan.
Very cool.
Now wait.
I haven't gone to this episode yet.
I don't know where this photo is from.
We're on, like season six or something.
English during interviews.
Felix English in his channel.
It this evolving just backwards.
Full HD.
So you can enjoy better.
Well, how do you do that?
That's magnificent.
That is HD.
I didn't know it was possible to love a photo.
Even more incredible.
This is like Felix in his own channel.
Felix on other people's content, get it?
Because my qualities so bad.
Remember that mean?
Not anymore, gamers, Chris.
Pristine quality.
You can see the smudges of my mirror thing next may.
Did it work?
If you're a gamer girl and wants free up boat, then this clearly works.
How many up boats?
60,000 free up votes by the merch It works.
Not if you're a guy, though.
Come on.
Don't be ridiculous.
No one wants to see a guy for one night.
All cry hiss Legal sprints through area 51 3 years ago.
The gamer as well.
What true gamer.
Wow, you're about three years too early.
Is that Gwyneth Paltrow?
I've always wondered who is staying Earth must be like There's this Congratulations for uploading this.
Not damn it.
Now we just need to see how he looks like from this position in this position.
And we finally can put an end to this mean, whoever this guy is, I think it's from giant bum.
Please let it be over.
I beg you the most illegal thing I own.
No, You should've posted out on the items.
That's perfect.
A lot of things you can do with that, Ron to that powerful.
That's a freak joke.
I make it a freak joke.
First guy to by a nickel must got Dev it.
Oh, God, We did this mean last year.
Why is it back a little bit sad.
So confused, Confused Swedish noises pl pl I just got engaged men that sick epic.
Keep making bad jokes popular.
That's way better.
Att Me.
I look kinda cute.
They did it.
They did to me.
That's beautiful.
10 out of 10.
Next time I'm in a suit, I'm gonna I'll make it better.
First guy to eat the carrot.
Must have been like this is like a Bugs Bunny reference.
Oh, he sees better because of carrots.
Well, I see in the dark.
Now I can see the Sio two emissions.
The her mom said it.
I think she can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye.
She sees how it flows out of chimneys and changes the atmosphere in a landfill that is so cool.
Thanks, mom.
Lucky my parents have nothing to be proud of, so there's no way they can embarrass me like that.
PT Pie Before Minecraft vs PG pie.
It's like I finished the Siri's that ever was like I preferred with a Siri's before.
Like what?
Have I got it?
To who?
My mom, my lunchbox.
Six year old.
Me Hamm shaped like a teddy bear well.
Luckily, I didn't have parents that prepared meal for me, so I can't relate to this mean rich boy school included.
Lunch meal included in school.
We even had a menu.
But no one liked the school lunch anyway, so we would just go and buy pizza for lunch.
Marcia finally figures out all of Felix Frick fantasies.
Felix, there is another.
It's funny because it's so fricking accurate.
Here it is again.
I know someone probably made this, but I tried my best.
Uh, sorry.
Whoever did this, uh, the one I saw before was better.
Here, I'll fix it for you.
You don't feel bad?
Mega done.
You have to match the same color grading you dumb, stinky brainer.
Nothing gets through this armor one day.
Mind Christ will have his life's update.
Mike, come on!
It's in the hands of Microsoft.
You think those bastards they're gonna let that game die?
No, I don't think so.
How about this one?
They pity pie.
It's gonna do its last, bro fist away.
I'd already did get wrecked.
Why am I so men today?
Oh, my God.
I'm so savage, girl.
Oh, I love nature.
I love nature to nature.
God loves nature.
Nature, some nothing to me.
I think all this, uh, What does nature done to me, huh?
What am I, a bunch of trees?
Three in the way.
It's annoying.
I said it.
I know.
Everyone's too afraid to say it.
Nature kind of annoying.
I believe in global warming and all that stuff.
I just don't like the environment.
It's got outer jump.
Why on God's Earth would you want that?
A man of quality.
I think a man of common sense would rather be the case.
Just like anyone else wouldn't like trees if they had common sense.
When fans see Felix in public Whoa!
Where is this front?
I understand now.
And their men, like, take a bath.
And that's normal.
Not way they don't.
Oh, I got it.
They don't like water.
If they go in the water, they'll get crazy.
I knew that from the start.
Next made WiFi drops down.
One bar YouTube.
Video quality?
Pretty accurate.
Oh, God.
Here we go again.
Pubes When he sees this pick for a 1,000,000 times.
So you know, huh?
So you know how much this pains me.
Well, I'm glad.
I'm glad you deliberately want to torture me.
You're so evil.
No wonder I mean to you.
Me sees there is another mean Read it two scrolls later.
There is another I saw one that was really funny.
Ascent to Jack potato one.
Well, maybe it comes up later, Frank and ultimate to freak.
But it's less offensive, but often still satisfying using casual conversation rather than genuine anger.
It is less versatile than the real F word and is not used to refer what that's on freakin believable.
I never seen such B s in my life.
Whoever wrote this?
You'll be sorry because I'm gonna freak.
You, uh, are hot.
That is really got Tonto fraud.
Come on, Danny.
Sword made some Jake poll.
Your white 10 year olds got iPhones.
Now you'd be out of a job if they did it.
Bra, that is absolute savagely English.
Please take this sword.
Police, except never understand where they make toys.
That makes sound for Children.
I thought the point is to make Children less noisy and less annoying here.
Here's a machine to make you more annoying.
Here, take this all right.
I'm 30 years old, and I I keep saying I'm 30.
I'm not 30 yet.
Just preparing myself mentally.
First guy to bring dream G fuel.
Most probably been like levitation night Mission.
False advertisement.
But yes, it does do that.
The new Peter Pie flavor comes out Wednesday.
All right, you can sign up so you get notified to make sure that you get your G feel on that day.
All right?
Do you want to see in the dark?
Do you want to grow a large Penis by the G Feel those two might not coin side, but who knows?
You don't know if you don't try it being bond pity pie saying he would freak water for being thick might say, being 55 Minecraft my own borders be like No, that's not funny.
Sorry Times Time to go, dog go.
But my family didn't come back yet and I don't think they win.
I'm so cold.
Oh, let's wait the five more minutes.
Just kill the dog.
It's a joke.
Me Kim standing ovation after watching Joker, my mom, who's been pushing my wheelchair for the last 20 years.
Finally, a movie for gamers I can finally go to a movie with a bunch of virgins and insults, and I can bring my wife.
It's the ultimate power move.
I could be like, Hey, guys, it's possible I got game or girlfriend.
Yes, I'm a gamer.
No, I'm not a virgin.
I can say it loud and clear in front of an audience if you ever feel useless.
Remember that peep?
I used a microphone to hold another.
Michael, stop bullying.
I am not used.
All right, all right.
Cool about this.
Are you happy now, huh?
This is what happens when gamers get mad.
We hurt people.
I'm gonna go ahead and say it.
Video games cause violence, all right?
And I feel very violent right now, so don't mess with me.
Queue up.
Why am I sweating so much?
Stop guy.
Who said the joke?
Yeah, it's big brain time.
Guy said the joke, but better Mark.
I appreciate you, but the big brain time makes no sense.
It puts it in a wrong contacts.
You say big brain after you've done something that's big brain saying his big brain time imply it's that it hasn't occurred yet.
When you say it's big, bring times.
It's like I'm gonna do something really dumb.
But if you say it, then it's not.
My brain is not big enough to explain this.
Okay, P Minecraft.
Here it's Episode 1 to 30 s 0 31 or 34.
Let's frickin rice up and go be on gamers.
Yeah, I play skyrim.
Yeah, I own a Nintendo switch.
There was something on my floor.
I just picked it up because it was dirty.
On six seats, seven levels dies, doesn't lose levels.
I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.
Keep it that way.
I saw a bunch of Commons being Hey, Pete, you should enter this.
Commit do that.
And then they say that was chuck down the G fuel a little too quickly.
I'm sorry, gamers.
Oh, that's a really hot girl right there.
Damn, That's some sexy gamer girl.
Right there.
Check out the merch.
I just washed my hair.
Do you ever hate when you wash your hair and it looks way too tidy and then that's better.
Felix, I hate false advertising.
Felix talking about Chief.
Oh, so I said it.
I didn't even remember I said that Gays in night vision levitation, Big peopie, big brain, small brain as well, if you want.
When Gloria Borger is, there's nothing bad about beauty.
Oh, really?
That's pretty good.
That's pretty clever.
I like that.
That's a good joke when your mom gets you ready for the first day of school.
This is so sweet.
Those hats were freaking lit.
I spoke about this today.
I had one.
And I pray to God every day that I find that again.
Because that actually gave you levitation.
You spend much, but you fly fly.
They don't sell them anymore.
Why, that should be merged.
Yeah, right.
I get when you don't have any ideas for your Minecraft single player episodes.
So you go to Japan to avoid making them big brain while I came back and, uh, things happen.
Town rejects solar farm amends Worries it would suck up all the from the sun e I mean, if they could do that that Jesus Christ started be an officer Stop swearing.
Fun fact, Even if you're not in a warm countries, solar panels still work because it's the UV life, not the heat.
The more, you know, gamer girls listening to Billy Alex boys listening to Jews.
World gamers watching Joker nine year olds watching Felix Minecraft series.
It is a true tragedy, that's all that, Zach.
When will you understand that there are only two genders?
Farmers, workers?
This joke is transphobic and sexist and communist sticks.
So I'm moving on me buying Coke and Mentos at the store.
Something's wrong.
Buying toilet paper and eggs at store.
Ever doing that.
You you have to buy eggs and, like, we should probably buy something else to buy a foreign magazine.
Yeah, that's like suspicious.
Good job Billy's.
I would love this place that for magazine with cover down thinking, thinking that they wouldn't turn it over.
Yeah, they'll just beat the code that's on the back.
Fi drops down by one bar You through quality.
God damn it.
Now I can't even wear my beret anymore.
What am I gonna do when I wash my hair and it looks way too proper?
Don't like a It's too long.
Is what I don't have time to go hair dresser, and then they're gonna go.
Hey, So what do you do for a living.
I make videos over go over my burner About about.
It's tough.
I know it's tough being made If I find animal.
The video ends in pure, pious channel.
It's the other way around.
Refuted by sees an animal, the animal ends that is so attention.
I cannot believe this angry Swedish noises threatens to hurt you with violence on Lee as self defense.
But I will murder you.
This stuff is will be the last thing you see before you die.
Just a reclaimed me cooking X two.
Coolest out of an ad.
The ex being part of the ad.
I feel like I'm missing out on a very important piece of culture by not washing the Joker film yet, and it's pissing me up.
I think that's why I'm so on edge today.
I think that's why I'm so snappy.
I haven't seen the film yet.
It doesn't really doesn't feel get the next rocket is going to be powered deep pool.
Well, then it sure will levitate like no nothing else before.
My God, every time I take sip of G field like legs, I think I'm being being bought world and clearly very violent.
me, Gilles, babies on me with my arms sort everyone Party's good May Nice.
I enjoyed that one.
They made me laugh.
I don't know why I had to reiterate.
Reiterate that after laughing, but yes, thank you, bro's so much for 100 subscribers.
Blank space 12.
Our livestream 100 million subscribers.
See, this is another form of this mean where it's like, Oh, you close your eyes for a second and then a lot of time passes.
It just It's the name that keeps on going.
There's just too many ways to use the face.
These pictures of Shaggy from Scooby Doo movie makes me so No cell.
The hair is like on point.
It's pretty crazy.
Felix, if the Villagers are breaking, this is such an old image.
Are this like, long cat level of Ah, what about Long cat?
Or what about shielding callous.
So I have this stick.
It's sticking out.
I am actually dumb ish here.
This pubes.
Come here, Jack.
Jack, I don't wanna You'll just set me on a trap.
Piers, there is potato.
Let's give me and make me laugh.
It made me go, huh?
A B C D E f g h i j k l m.
Is that working Swedish All Basie of the year for you.
Call L M N O P A.
Yeah, I guess.
I don't know why.
I thought it would be different.
Big Ray joker.
Social media posts are being monitored by the FBI.
That's frog is symbol.
Oh, God, He's making symbols.
Hey, Symbolized egg.
Oh, God.
He showed someone else's name on this video.
Oh, that's you, Dummy Dams Felix in Episode one Felix episode studying this is brilliant, rising mindlessly through Reddit, which I like this who looks at studying and says This is brilliant.
I died in one minute and 15 seconds.
What was that?
Punk amateurs Ingemar rest in peace.
Ingmar, We're all thinking about you.
Our thoughts and prayers.
Headphones with wires have saved tons of phone screens from smashing onto the ground.
That's true, actually.
And so have my foot for kicking it right before it hits the ground.
So a plaster feet.
Oh, God.
In 100 days, Windows seven will have its last update forcing us to switch to Windows 10.
Don't care.
I can't believe Juergen by this is actually on point because of the last upset.
Oh, God.
No homo not delivered.
Oh, God.
Pity fi roleplaying be like, why would counsel of what does she do this?
I can't believe Council of water shape.
Oh, God.
Noticed a bit about you two.
Do you like?
Yeah, I don't know why.
It's equality so good on the life.
I don't understand the idea.
Bear it.
ISS Thank you.
I needed a haircut.
The subject is so popular now, Like I don't have time to even review the top stuff.
The entire wrong classroom, the entire class.
Yeah, I think I've seen this.
All right, gamers.
Thanks for watching another episode.
Sorry, Things got a little hit dead, but I think we're cool now, right?
We're cool.
Happy too much like you.
And keep watching the video for an important announcement.
Everyone clicks out of the video at the end.
I see the dropout rate and just stay because, Marty, you gotta represent Ah, You made you wait, huh?
You haven't tried to per simulated city after 50 million afterwards.
My, I can't do it.
My down Just now it's still relevant.
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林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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