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these films could look very different.
Welcome to watch Mojo.
And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 alternate cuts of movies that may exist for this list.
We're looking at the rumored alternative versions of films that are currently unreleased but supposedly exists somewhere.
My gosh, Old time certainly are starting a line.
Not a bit there on the old times.
With times gone, they're told their dad.
There are times when you die.
Number 10 Star Wars Episode nine The Rise of Skywalker, The Star Wars sequel trilogy has proven quite divisive.
Wait, no, although which film is the most argued over is still a matter of debate itself.
There's no denying that the finale, the Rise of Skywalker has the most people talking at the moment.
Part of that is due to a supposed three, our cut of the film that contains material excised from the final product by the studio.
I'm not fighting what Wait seven.
What we love.
Some of these removed scenes reportedly included subplots for supporting characters and more detailed explanations of things that appeared ambiguous, like Han Solo's appearance to Kylo Ren and the appearance of Jet I force ghosts in the final battle.
That's what Snow wants you to believe.
But it's not true whether this cut, nicknamed the J.
J Cut for director J.
Abrams, will ever surface.
Only time will tell.
Number nine Superman returns one of the oddest superhero films out there.
Superman Returns acts as a pseudo sequel to the old Richard Donner Superman movies.
But with Bryan Singer at the helm, you wrote that the world doesn't need to save you.
But every day I hear people crying for.
But like Donner before him, singers vision for the Man of Steel wasn't entirely translated to screen theory.
Jinnah ll Cut featured several subplots, such as Clark Kent, struggling with whether he wanted to be Superman anymore and also one that would have delved Maurin toe Lex Luthor's plans and motivations.
You can print money, manufacture diamonds and people are a dime a dozen, but they'll always need land.
It's the one thing they're not making any more.
In addition, an extended opening that showed Superman's return to Krypton was shot and nearly finished.
Although it may not exist, fans have long clamored for an extended or director's cut of the movie number eight.
Accidental Love, Originally Begun, is an adaptation of the novel Sammy's Hill.
Director David O.
Russell ran into numerous production difficulties on this movie.
That's your crazy brain turning on itself, Alice.
You can't fix a crazy brain with crazy thinking that's broken talking, broken, numerous production delays, financial difficulties, actors quitting and Maur.
How did production to the point where Russell eventually disowned the project after being asked to return for reshoots while several producers had their pay cut?
Ricky Sha expects me to lead.
You see the other little walls.
They hurt the engine.
Who's leading me?
I cry for you, I cry for you.
The assembled version, released in theaters, was widely derided as an unfunny romantic comedy.
But we have to wonder if a cut assembled by Russell when it was known under the name Nailed might have been better and Mawr in line with its source material.
Well, I came here to find my core, and I'm only 2/3 of the way there.
I have no idea what that means, but can that happen, like in the next half?
Number seven Alien three Director David Fincher's filmography is loaded with hits, but his debut feature film is not one that gets mentioned very often when his work is discussed.
Like many films on our list, Alien three was subjected to a lot of studio interference, which prevented Fincher's vision from being realized on screen.
This is rumor control, head of the Fact.
Although an extended assembly cut of the movie has been released showing some deleted footage, Fincher was not involved in said Assembly.
Get down to the beach, maybe others.
No, given the Fincher was brought in to direct last minute.
It's possible that his idea of what alien three should look like wouldn't be any better than what we already have.
But it would be nice to know for sure, especially considering that he basically disowned the movie in a 2009 article with The Guardian.
Number six American History X.
The conflicts between producers and directors that we've spoken of thus far are positively tame compared to the one between director Tony Kaye and New Line Cinema.
There was a moment, but I used to blame everything and everyone for all the pain and suffering and vile things that happened to me, although okay, delivered multiple cuts of the movie to the production company.
They were not satisfied.
The arguments between the two allegedly groups so acrimonious that Kate took out newspaper advertisements to communicate with the company.
Eventually, the cut of the film that was released in theaters was assembled by New Line with film editor Jerry Greenberg and lead actor Edward Norton.
Although this version has been well received in the original footage is rumored to have been destroyed, We have to wonder if some part of Kay's vision survived somewhere you think I haven't thought about that?
They're gonna come for me.
They're gonna come for me.
There's nothing I can do.
Number five.
That man Forever Joel Schumacher is famous or infamous for bringing a campy or tone to the Batman films he directed in the 19 nineties, Theo.
But his first film, about the Dark Knight was originally intended to be a little darker and less over the top, slightly less thes theatrical cut of Batman forever left around 40 minutes of material on the cutting room floor.
Among the excise scenes included more focus on the film's female characters, as well as an involved subplot about that man dealing with his guilt over his parent's deaths.
That certainly sounds like it would have given several characters more interesting arcs.
I'm flattered.
Not every girl makes a superhero's night table.
Although demand isn't exactly high, a director's cut is something Die hard fans would like to see Number four Dune.
Based on the epic sci fi novel of the same name, Dune already has a complex mythology in place.
But adding surrealist director David Lynch into the mix is a recipe for confusion, particularly when the studio didn't give him say on the final cut.
The beginning is a very delicate time.
Know then that it is the year 10,000 won 91.
The known universe is ruled by the patter Shaw Emperor Shah Adam before already divisive among fans of the source material.
The heavily cut down theatrical cut was rendered nearly incomprehensible to critics and audiences, since it was shortened by almost an hour from Lynch's first version, Hand of God be with us all, Duncan.
Although Lynch has since distanced himself from the movie, many are interested to know of his three hour director's cut would flow any better than the one that bombed in theaters.
Number three, the Magnificent Ambersons.
Orson Welles is today regarded as one of the best directors of all time, but his reputation was not enough.
During his own time to save this film from studio interference, the only public conveyance was ST Lady could whistle to it from an upstairs window.
Wait after test audiences responded.
Negatively towards Welles is more bleak.
Version of the Magnificent Ambersons.
RKO Pictures cut out over 40 minutes of footage while Wells was out of the country shooting another movie.
I think men's minds are going to be changed in subtle ways because of automobiles.
Maybe the judges, right.
Although the theatrical cut is still highly regarded, film buffs still yearn to see Wells version for themselves.
And while the footage is thought to be forever lost, rumors persist that it survives somewhere.
Try and understand.
It's not doing either of us any good going on.
I doing this way.
Number two Fantastic four.
Plenty of people have criticized director Josh Frank's Fantastic Four, but few people are angry about the final product is tranq himself.
I'm no good to you.
To anyone.
This is all my fault that we can agree on.
The director has been vocally critical of the theatrical cut of the superhero film, with actor Tony Cable concurring that trance version was superior.
If the original script is anything to go by, it likely would have featured actual character development and more faithfulness to the source material.
We should use these powers to do something.
They're not powers.
They're aggressively abnormal physical conditions in a fixed pattern at all.
What if they can't low bars?
Yes, but fantastic four fans are still eager to see if tranqs cut could clubber the existing version, as he claims.
Hey, what do you think you think you're talking like you talk to me like that before we continue?
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Number one Justice League.
Yeah, you all saw this one coming.
Still, for those taken by surprise and not in the know, director Zack Snyder was forced to step away from Justice League after a personal tragedy.
You're an inspiration Diana, don't just save people, make them see their better Selves in order to reportedly keep their bonuses for we mean keep the movie on track.
Warner Brothers brought on Joss Sweden during postproduction.
Just like about.
Weeden ended up writing and directing some new scenes for reshoots, and his involvement resulted in some tonal dissidents in the final film, with scenes, characters and even color palettes cut from the new version, fans have been basically demanding the Snyder cut since Sweden took over.
And rumors have been circulating ever since, with Snyder and cast members lending credence to them.
What are your super powers again?
I'm rich whether it will ever be released, though, and if it exists at all, we'll have to wait and see.
Do you agree with our picks?
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Top 10 Alternate Versions of Movies That May Exist

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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