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it's only fitting that a house dedicated to creating online content would go viral.
Hey, guys, it's Phoebe with Watch Mojo.
Today we'll be taking a look at what, exactly is the Hype House based in Los Angeles, The hype houses designed to bring creators together primarily from TIC Tac to create online viral content?
Let's take a deeper look intended as a space for tick talkers to meet and do their thing.
The hype house is all about those coveted collaborations, making it easier than ever for Tic Tac's most famous faces to team up for a brief dance session or Dilip Singh toe a trending song in certain ways.
The hype houses following in the footsteps of Our Second Life or Jake Pauls Team 10.
Just with the focus understandably being on tic Tac style content over other social media platforms, the 10 is family.
We are family.
It's a group of people who live together and call it a squad if you want to, and what we do is we make videos.
We live together, we collaborate together, and that's the beauty of it.
Tic Tac would be nothing without its creators, so that raises the question of who exactly is part of the hype house?
While there are millions of active tech talk users, only a select few form part of this collective, with the total being around 19.
Every great idea must originate somewhere, and in the case of tech talks L.
Residents the ones who should be thanked our Thomas Petru, a 21 year old youtuber associated with Team 10 and the 17 year old Chase Hudson, otherwise known as Low Huddy, a tic tac star with an ever expanding fan bees.
When did you guys get the hype house?
Together, when you had the high post together as eyebrows, activity was at the at the shoot.
Technically, this started when we first shot Brian, but before that we were already starting to do this, and we already started filming in here.
And using the TIC Tac bathroom became a thing before the high power.
While Hudson and Petru were crucial to getting this ball rolling, they're just the tip of the iceberg.
Some of Tic Tac's most prominent contributors are part of the high Post, including the legs of the D'Amelio sisters Giovanni Greg Connor Gates and Addison Ray creators with millions upon millions of followers on the short video Social Media Platform.
Chase's Best, Charlie's Bestie Dancing Twins.
One Dancing Twins to Virgin.
Best friends Natalie, Stuntman Shorty, Charlie, says Bryant, Help shoot the squad and I'm a fake.
However, as the name suggests, the hype house is not just about the stars who are already dominating the scene.
No, this collective is meant to support the aspiring creator seeking to establish a fan base who is all in the high power.
Everything will follow on our social media's.
They're all listed in the High Palace.
We collaborate with lots of people, like people come in and out because they live in the area that even people that we don't follow.
What you guys will see.
People like Anthony, Jade and Bryce.
They're always over, but they're not actually like a part of our team.
Creators lie quiet.
Egg Xavier hoodie, Hurley, Calvin Gold be in.
Patrick Husten may not yet have quite the same.
Following is the hype House's biggest names, but that's nothing a few collapse can't fix.
Nick Austin, Daisy Keach, Ryland Storms, Alex Warren, Coover, Annan, Jack, Right, James, right, and the Lopez Brothers round up the rest of the hype House collective Now.
In all fairness, just because someone's part of this team doesn't mean they live at the house full time.
Otherwise, Tic TAC would need to serve a height.
Block lives here.
Everyone does their own thing, and a lot of people have their own homes, other places.
Or there's people in Kobani, the living our own place completely.
But then she comes over from constant films, content with us, and then people like me live here full time.
So who exactly calls the hype House home at the moment Alex Warren, Daisy Keach, Coover, Annan and, of course, Thomas Petrie living the residents full time while the remaining creators air constantly dropping in and out with many of the young creators returning home to school.
I don't like live here because I wouldn't do my homework if I was here.
While all the members have dedicated fans, the hype House's most popular name is undoubtedly Charlie D'Amelio.
Hi, guys, Charlie and I just want to say a huge thank you for 11 million.
That's absolutely insane.
Thank you guys so much.
I'm so thankful for each and every one of you and they love you.
In the space of less than a year, the 15 year old viral sensation has accumulated more than 20 million followers on TIC Tac by uploading short clips that typically feature her dancing or lip sinking two songs trending on the platform.
Jamelia was nothing short of an overnight sensation, with all the Creator's dance videos spreading like wildfire and inspiring many to do the same, even earning her a spot next to Jennifer Lopez in a tic tac promo for the Super Bowl halftime show.
Unsurprisingly, the majority of the hype houses creators are primarily known on Tic Tac, although if you have followings on other platforms, Daisy Keech has a strong presence on Instagram and YouTube as a fitness model, but some of her videos obtaining well over one million views.
What is up?
Welcome back to my chain opening Here I Am Daisy and today we're just having a regular day in the hype house.
Let's see how this goes.
I really don't know what is going down today.
It's something new every single time I wake up so well, along with a tic tac fan base in the eight digits Addison raise Instagram Profile has over 3.5 million followers.
Chase Hudson's rise to teenage heartthrob status might be mostly associated with TIC Tac.
But little hottie is also a huge on Instagram, and the same can be said about Avanti, Greg and other members of the High Post collective, much like Tic Tac itself.
Most of the hype houses, social media personalities, air still developing when it comes to content, style and presence.
Also like tic tac.
At the moment, the sky really does seem to be the limit.
Okay, Boomer as a dual primarily responsible for the hype house, Hudson and Petru share most of the responsibilities when it comes to managing and financing the project.
Towards the end of 2019 the two influencers came up with the idea of installing this Tic Tac collective and within weeks found the ideal pad to rent in Los Angeles.
A lot of you also asked, Do we own this house?
No, we rent this house, there's an owner.
We will one day own house for this, but we just really wanted to.
We wanted to do it already and dive into it, so we just went through this place as the one living full time at the hype house.
Petru handles most of the day to day duties be its scheduling or the use of the famous Tic Tac bathroom or ironing out any inevitable disagreements.
Troy, what do you think you're going?
You can't leave your part of the high powered stuff?
What exactly is the point of the hype house?
The goal is to help young influencers expand their reach by forming a network of collaborators who work together in a controlled environment dedicated to producing consistent content.
As such, the hype house is not a place to throw massive parties and creators air under a strict mandate to maintain their workflow in order to remain part of the collective.
We have a house of 20 people that post 3 to 4 times a day.
We're talking about over 150 videos every single day from just our team, so it's like you're never gonna get bored on the APP.
While similar to something like Team 10 The high passes positioned less is a business that teaches butting influencers how to obtain a 1,000,000 viewers quickly, and Maura's a group of young colleagues who have come together to help each other grow.
Petrone Hudson might have started this project, but the hype house has no designated leader and the creator's own their respective content.
Despite not living at the house as the one with the most followers and cloud, Charlie D'Amelio has been the hype Houses star since its inception often featured prominently on tick talks for you Paige Emilio's clips were seen daily by millions of people, spurring others to produce response videos and leading many to credit her for the group's initial success way.
Hype House is the biggest name in the game.
It's not the only TIC Tac house out there.
This'll sway House serves a similar purpose.
While quite a few other houses have been created or are in the works that hope to provide a productive and more diverse place for creators to work their magic, The hype house got off to an impressive start, with its page quickly accumulating millions of followers on tech talk.
However, the project has attracted its fair share of criticism.
Social media houses do not exactly have the greatest track record, and the hype house has yet to prove whether it conduct such a trend and the main reason that I'm so skeptical about the hype houses because they're showing early signs of crashing and burning, like the other social media groups that came before it, because they're focusing more on how famous the members are versus creating original content with those members while the houses videos are doing well.
That's a natural result of bringing together popular creators with preexisting fanbases.
The mere idea of seeing Charlie DeLeo and Chase Hudson in the same video is already enough to attract viewers, regardless of the quality of the video's content.
A B C D E f g eight i Hi J K.
Just kidding.
L m n o laugh my nose on.
While that's a good start, the real challenge is maintaining that momentum once the early hype dies down.
Before we continue, be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about her latest videos.
You have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them.
If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications.
While Tic Tac is no longer solely for 15 2nd lip sinking and dancing clips.
Content in that vein is still the most dominant on the platform and by extension, the hype house.
Along with lacking much in the way of diversity and its members, the high passes content has been rather one note and too reliant on collaborations at the expense of experimentation or creativity.
We got white boy in middle part, white boy with Beanie White boy with middle part white boy with glasses, white boy with middle part white boy and sweater and then white girl who dances white girl who dances white girl who dances white girl who dances Unless I forget everyone's favorite white girl who dances.
The collective seems genuine in its ambitions, but the content is not quite there yet to justify the hype.
Add to the fact that many of the hype houses creators are not even 18 yet.
And it's not too difficult to understand why Tic Tac's most popular group has attracted some opposition.
Well, don't realize.
A lot of times we're all really young, we're gonna make mistakes, and the problem is, is that our life is film.
Raise your hand.
If you're a teenager cell where we put our life on the Internet, cause that's what everyone to see, like one little mistake and then everyone attacks you for that.
Only time will tell if the hype can withstand the hostility.
I guess we'll have to wait and see if the hype house can challenge the reputation of other social media houses.
Wait, what is this like?
Game of Thrones?
What do you guys think?
Let us know in the comments or tweet me at Phoebe underscored W m and check out this video.
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What is TikTok Hype House?

33 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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