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five years ago, I had a witness full from 11 step from Stannis.
Mom was 17 when she enlisted for the war, which was actually before the call up time.
I imagine their parents around the shop, so I don't imagine they would have been that keen.
But they obviously let go whether you want to do something because she thought it was exciting or is she wanted to help the war effort all ballots, but clearly she was keen to get involved.
Almost all patients who have a hip fracture will receive an operation.
We know that the sooner you can do that operation, the better the outcome for the patient.
But the patient has to be physically able to get through.
The operation's looking at her now.
It is often the case with sort of elderly people who have injuries like this.
It may sit not seem like a big injury, but actually she's very fragile.
Two options for taking her for an operation to fix the leg.
There's either doing under a spinal that's gonna be very difficult, because this into a heart sounds quite have murmur there.
That means that the spinal just would you know it would likely kill her.
On the alternative would be to do a general anesthetic to put asleep, But you could do the operation, but it will then be getting her off the breathing machine, Which wouldn't happen.
There is the option of taking it to intensive care afterwards.
But, you know, we've got a positive outcome in the end of it.
And it's not a pleasant wait to pass away.
So are we basically saying that we just can't keep her comfortable or something?
Just let us get chest infections on the cheek.
Probably What will happen is it will be her breathing.
Yeah, so that will probably get a bit worse.
She'll be unable to maintain her oxygen level, and then you're her breathing will get worse.
And then you I'm still kind of possibly shortly after that.
I just want to be sure that you've been kept informed on that.
Actually knew that this is a little Yeah, well, we know in times here, it's not going to be very sudden.
It'll probably be a bit of a decline and probably over the next 24 hours.
Then a gradual decline After that.
Yeah, You know you.
You broke in your head.
You got several rib fractures as well.
The difficulty is it's gonna be very difficult to do that operation with your lungs being as injured as they are.
You okay?
So the feeling is at the moment that we're not going to be able to get that operation done on phase.
The problem is, sometimes IV lung injuries could get worse before they get better.
Maybe that sometimes when you're breathing is that difficult?
You can develop chest infections.
They could get a bit worse.
So what I'm saying is it maybe we're not going to get you better enough to leave hospital.
I'm really sorry to tell me you're quite unwell at the moment.
Well, no, I know you're feeling quite comfortable, and that's very good.
So I think your comfort is our main priority at the moment.
We'll do everything we can to make sure you're as comfortable as possible.
I'm saying that he said, I don't think so.
I think that's gonna be very difficult.
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Delivering Heart-Breaking News Not to Operate | 24 Hours in A&E

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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