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We just did a podcast with Sierra Green and she is a scarab actor at Universal, and she plays a monster and told us all the inside t about what it's like to be in that it was crazy and I love it.
I'll give you a hint.
It's spooky.
It's spooky, not spooky because you hate that word.
Hey, what's up, you guys?
Welcome back to another conspiracy theory.
Video 2017 has been the year of some of the craziest conspiracy theories of all time.
But today we're gonna be focusing more on the creepy ones.
And we're gonna start with theory that the iPhone might be examining your news now.
Recently, the iPhone X came out.
And of course, there was so many theories about most of which involved the very scary face it projects and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots on your face to create a very, very, very precise map.
No, no, I do not like that.
But what I'm about to talk about is even regarding the iPhone X.
This is something that's probably happening with whatever generation iPhone you have.
So recently.
This tweet went viral attention.
All girls, all girls go to your photos and type in breezy here.
Why are apple saving these?
And made it a folder and then a bunch of shocked faces.
So then people took out their phones, went to their photo albums and searched bra, and it was true.
A category called breezier popped up on everyone's phones.
And then people started screen shouting their bra's here albums and posting them online.
I mean, this girl posted hers and there were tons of pictures of her having sex and changing.
And then this girl posted hers, and there are once again pictures of her changing and being in a bra.
So this wasn't even a theory.
This is really your iPhone is saving every picture you have that shows her bra.
So of course, people started freaking out because they're like, Why is this an option?
Why is the iPhone saving my brought pictures?
Well, that Apple came out and said, Hey, no, no, no.
It's not just bra.
It's a bunch of words.
IOS is designed to take advantage of the powerful processor built into every iPhone and iPad.
So when you search your photos, for instance, all the face recognition and seen an object detection are done completely on your device.
So basically, what that means is you can search a lot of different words and your iPhone will categorize all the photos.
So then I went to my phone and I decided to try it out.
I don't have any brought pictures, so I just started with the letter A and then Boom, all these categories popped up.
Ah, pero Los Angeles animal apparatus What August April ale houses and on and on.
So here's where it gets weird.
So I started doing every letter of the alphabet because I was just curious what was gonna pop up.
I can't believe I'm gonna show you this.
I'm gonna blur it.
I put in the letter P and the only category was pig.
And then when I clicked on the pig album, it was my news.
I literally saw my naked body and said, Pig, Oh, my God, I just started.
Maybe apples, Right?
Listen, all I'm saying is this whole thing is creepy.
The fact that your phone can go through all of your pictures and detect every single item inside of it and also for the pig thing.
All right, Now, this next theories in the same vein as the last one, but almost creepier.
And that is a theory that Facebook is listening to you.
So everybody knows that when you go on Facebook, there's gonna be a bunch of ads, and the ads are usually related to things you search on Google or by on Amazon.
But then sometimes an ad will pop up that you've never searched for.
But you just kind of talked about.
So because this was happening so often, people, this one couple decided to do an experiment.
They decided that they were going t o leave their Facebook open on their phone and talk out loud about buying cat.
So we're gonna do a test here and all day we're gonna talk about cat food.
We don't have any cats.
We never searched for cats, especially cat food.
Let's find out.
So then they just started randomly talking about cat food all day around their cat food because I could use some cat food.
Well, the cat is almost out of food, so we might need some cat's food we should buy and then guess what happened two days later And there you have it.
Cat food.
So I guess Facebook does listen, by the way, this came in two days later, I think How How does that happen?
Why does that happen?
How they hacked to your microphone, how they hacked everything.
Now, of course, after this one viral and everybody started freaking out about it.
Somebody Facebook said this.
I run ads product at Facebook.
We don't and have never used your microphone for ads.
Just not true.
I don't know.
Listen, I don't believe him, but who knows?
Maybe he's now.
Either way, I'm definitely going to do an experiment on future video and see if it works.
Okay, now, this next theory we're gonna talk about involves one of the craziest things I've ever seen on TV.
That's right, Wendy Williams passing out, Theo way.
Do what?
Every year.
So it was a lot of fun.
Let's get started.
Our first caressed.
No, literally one of the scariest things I've ever seen.
I couldn't believe that people were like making jokes and laughing about it right away.
When I saw it, I was terrified.
First of all, let's talk about how it looked.
First, she gets this look on her face that she's terrified.
It was almost like something inside of her head.
It snapped.
Then she goes to touch the side of her head right before she crashes to the ground.
Now Wendy and her people are claiming that she was just dehydrated.
Apparently, I was dehydrated, according to the paramedics, and, um, instead of drinking regular water, I had electrolyte drinks.
And then, you know, I went to my own doctors and I'm fine.
And then what people are saying, then why were you touching your head like it hurt?
She said she was trying to hold up her crown.
So so for people watching when they saw me put my head in my hand up.
It's good.
I'm trying to make sure my crown is there.
Now, of course, a lot of people online are saying, Wow, this is like a metaphor.
Wendy Williams, fainting while dressed as the Statue of Liberty, is the perfect metaphor for 2017.
And of course, a lot of people are saying, Oh, it was an aluminum, anything or she was a clone.
And then she got turned off before the most part, a lot of people are saying that it seemed like one of the main reasons people think it looks fake is because her eyes never closed or rule back into her head, which is what happens when you pass out.
And if you look at it side by side with somebody who's actually passing out from dehydration, it's different.
One of them has their eyes roll back in their heads.
So why would it have been think?
Why would they have planned this?
This is where it gets every single time a big event happens.
They say that the Kardashians Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn when really crazy shooting just happened.
Now this YouTuber goes on to mention all the other crazy things that have happened in pop culture that seemed to distract us from things that were happening in the world.
I mean, we've talked about it before.
People genuinely think that Britney Spears was hired by the George Bush administration to do crazy things to distract us from what was going on in the White House.
So basically, any time George Bush and his people would fuck up produce something wrong, Britney Spears would go crazy, shave her head and then everybody would be focusing on that rather than what was actually going on world.
And then after she shaved her head and started wearing a week, she would start publicly saying things about George Bush like this.
Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes.
And we should just support that, you know, and be faithful.
And what happens?
Do you trust this president?
Clearly, it wouldn't be crazy to think that they're working.
Well, then, that YouTuber goes on to remind us what happened at the same time as Wendy's passing out.
Wendy Williams passed out on her show the day the Manhattan shooting.
The terrorist attack.
Yeah, when he passed out literally at the same time, there was a very awful terrorist attack in New York.
It just kind of makes sense.
And Wendy Williams all of a sudden just fainted on this specific day when something happened.
So most people that would be watching TV and stuff pay attention to the news.
No, they're gonna go watch and see what the captain.
What did she look like when she fainted?
Now listen, I know this is intense, but she's not wrong.
I mean, that entire day the number one trending topic and Twitter moment with not the shooting in New York it was Wendy Williams.
And why did she pass out on live TV?
Seriously, every single Twitter moment was about Wendy Williams.
I mean, people stop talking about that New York terrorist attack in, like, two seconds, which is crazy.
But don't worry.
We got 24 7 news coverage of Wendy Williams.
Why she passed out.
So was that a distraction?
Was that planned?
I don't personally think so, but, I mean, it definitely looks sketchy.
Okay, let's lighten it up for a second and talk about something stupid.
We even talked about Poppy in a while.
But I have been getting so many people requesting me to bring this up a clip surface of Poppy back in 2015 on the Disney show, Jesse, when she did not look like I know we're right.
Like to see her.
Not like, but just like a normal girl in the background with a normal girl haircut.
Normal girl face weird me out.
Well, even weirder.
Supposedly Poppy is friends with Debbie Ryan, who was the star.
There's even a video of them, like hanging out while Poppy is making a video.
So then it makes you think Debby Ryan doesn't Disney Channel evil Illuminati, Poppy, alumina and evil.
What if Disney Channel is behind it?
Or would have Poppy got her inspiration from the Disney Channel and saw what was going on with Jesse behind the scenes and was like, I'm gonna write the music this Either way, it is just weird to see Poppy not being poppy.
Okay, so this next thing we're gonna talk about is, unfortunately, something we've been talking about so much lately, and that is more child molesters being exposed.
So as you know, Kevin Spacey has been outed as a child.
So many actors have come out lately saying that he touched them inappropriately when they were underage.
And it wasn't even just young guys.
It was any guy.
Well, Kevin Spacey's own brother came out and said this.
His fans love the sinister characters he plays, but he's not acting.
That's really him.
In reality, he was a monster.
His own brother, who probably knows him better than anybody, literally just said he's a monster.
Now, this is something Hollywood is known about for ever, and Seth Macfarlane has even joked about it on Family Guy years ago.
10 bucks, five bucks, eight bucks and I'll do it Fine.
How I just gave from Kevin Spacey's basement Help Me but I told you a few months back in a conspiracy video that there are so many child molesters in Hollywood that protected and Kevin Spacey was one of them.
I knew like I had heard the stories, but I was too afraid to say anything because it wasn't like, directly connected to me like it didn't happen to me.
But I knew he was one of the guys that was out there, possibly molesting people, and then it got exposed.
And that is just okay.
Now let's end this video with something fun and light hearted, because this is just too much.
So while ago, we talked about movie posters that look identical to each other, but I have learned recently that it is not just movie posters.
I got an email from a fan named Macy, and she said, Hey, Shane, have you ever looked into the fact that there's a bunch of album covers that looked the same and oh my God, I'm just gonna take you to review these, and you're literally not gonna believe it.
First we have Zane and little weight.
Literally the same album covers.
Maybe it's intentional.
I think it might be intentional, but either way, that's crazy.
Then we have Beyonce and Ellie Golding hair blowing in the wind fur coat on Lee, covering your breasts but showing your belly button.
Same cover.
Then you have Bjork and bring the spears.
Same pose.
Same look into the camera, and then this one literally didn't even try to look different.
You have no doubt.
And Demi Lovato, literally the same cover the same, fought the same colors they just threw down in there and even weirder, the No Doubt and harem rebel.
They just changed it from Red to Orange and the list goes on.
Kristina Daniel Era looks just like Madonna's Britney Spears looks just like Mariah Carey's Earth, Wind and Fire looks just like Iron made.
And then there's the's three albums that book identical, and they're very strange.
Yeah, all of these albums, somebody holding a face in front of their own face that, of course, we have Michael Jackson and Madonna.
But the one that weird about the most that's like the closest is yeah, same pose, hand over the head, similar text on the sides of the body, the wind blowing the hair literally the same hover.
I mean, I don't know where the intentional where the accidents did.
Some artists just say, Look, I really like that one.
Take it.
I don't know.
But either way there's a ton of them and there's even more that I showed you today.
But one of them that might be intentional is Taylor Swift's new album, Reputation.
People Are Saying It's a pop is to look similar to Kanye West Album Life.
Yeah, look at them side by side.
The way the text is overlapping, the way it feels like newspaper columns is intentional.
His tables were trying to get underneath.
Can use skin Personally, I think, Yes.
But either way, I guess we'll never know.
Okay, now, this last theory we're gonna talk about is kind of a continuation of something.
We've been talking about a lot, and that is unique.
As we've talked about before.
Kennicott Jenkins was a girl that was found in the freezer dead off the hotel, but things weren't adding up.
It did not seem like she just walked in there alone.
It seemed like a possible murder, but they closed the case, and now we just don't have answers.
But then I started thinking about something, and I remembered a story that happened a while back.
That's very similar to this.
Let's talk about ELISA now.
As you might remember, ELISA Lam was the girl that was stumbling around a hotel and went into an elevator and started pressing all the buttons.
Now there was footage of her walking in and looking out of the elevator.
It seemed like somebody was telling her what to do or guiding her.
That sounds familiar.
Danica Jenkins stumbling around a hotel room.
Security cameras were capturing it.
She looks like she's being guided.
Well, of course, Kimiko was found dead in the freezer, and Lisa was found dead floating in the water tower on the roof of the hotel.
But when both autopsies were done, not much was found.
And those answers Mike won't be coming for a while yet.
We spoke with the L A coroner's office today, who told us the cause of death remains inconclusive, and finding out how ELISA Lam died will require more tests.
So both girls died in hotels under mysterious circumstances, and the cases were both closed.
Then I started looking into it, and I found that ELISA had a tumbler page and there were some disturbing stuff and one of the post before she died, she said.
I have arrived in La La land, and there was a monstrosity of a building next to the place I'm staying.
Then she said, I'm going out tonight.
I really hope no creeper comes near me.
Then, in one of her block post, she was complaining about a creepy guy being in her hotel.
Now when her body was found in that water tower, she was naked.
She didn't have her phone, and there was even evidence of anal bleeding.
Also, there was no way she could have gotten to that water tower alone, like literally.
But they said the case was inconclusive and they closed it and nobody else was involved with her.
So there's a theory that she did have a creepy stalker, and it was somebody that was watching her every move on her tumbler page and when she was saying she was afraid of a creeper and that she felt unsafe, those might have been true.
Well, then you're probably thinking, Why was she touching all the buttons in the elevator?
Well, it's often said that young travelers are told to throw off their attacker.
So if your elevators hitting multiple floors, the attacker might know which one.
I don't know.
I think both cases are so similar.
I mean, clearly Kananga had some assault happened to her, and clearly she was thrown into that freezer.
And clearly ELISA had something very similar and was put in that water tower.
But why was it just murders that the hotels were covering up because they didn't want people to be like, Oh my God, this hotel is not safe.
We can't stay here or with hotels on.
The goal was to preserve the bodies.
I guess I'll just keep looking into it, but it looks like the case is closed.
Well, there you guys go.
Hopefully you enjoyed all of those creepy conspiracy theories today, and if you like these conspiracy videos into one more, please give me a thumbs up.
So I know also, if you want to shove all your friends and the rest of the world how much you love conspiracies and how you're crazy.
Just like me.
Well, then head on over my Amazon store and get my pop socket.
It'll show everybody that Yes, you're crazy.
All right, you guys, I'm gonna go make sure to subscribe it at the notification bell right down below, because I make new videos every single date.
And if you want to see all my other conspiracy videos, I've done a lot.
I'll put a link to a playlist right down below.
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