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all right.
Today's the day packing up and getting ready to go to the Stanley Hotel.
Now, obviously, I have my necessities, candy, root, beer and nose.
Oh, but I want to be more prepared for the actual ghosts.
So one do a little research and see what we actually need.
All right.
Ready to go?
Go scenting.
No, come on.
It'll be fun.
Talk to the dead.
I am excited.
This hotel looks beautifully historic.
It looks scariest.
Fuck are you talking about?
Where's your sister?
Morgan May.
Okay, so I want to be really professional about this, so I'm just gonna Google ghost hunting equipment.
Ooh, I found a place near you.
Paranormal trackers of Colorado.
A little scared isn't a bad thing.
That sentence makes it.
Visit the room to 17 page and watch the Stanley Hotel Ghost catcher.
That's where we're going, right?
That's the room we're staying in.
Here's a short video of some very compelling paranormal evidence.
Me revered present way.
Oh, I saw it was the way.
What do you think?
That waas.
I think it's hurt.
Tell if I experienced that in real time for myself, and I'll believe, but with editing the music and all of this.
It's hard to believe that that was really You're not invited.
27 Oh, my God.
It really does Wait.
Is this the room?
Is this a five star photo?
No way.
That's gonna be you later.
I've seen that.
That's, like, written all over the place.
I don't know what it means in the hotel.
It's murder backwards.
Okay, so make a list of what we need.
Why don't we need a big, creepy digital recorder?
A motion detector?
We should get, like, one of those, like Christmas stuffed animals.
Target that.
Like when you walk by, goes Merry Christmas.
Oh, yeah.
What the hell?
We both like, slap her hand this thermal camera.
Okay, so basically that tells you, like, where the cold spots are lays with grid Christmas.
We could use one of those fucking lasers that beam at the house.
We have one.
I think I know where we can get all of these things.
We're gonna d i y ghost equipment?
There's nothing scarier than a good deal.
All right, get some ghost equipment.
Yeah, Actually, this is going to be my favorite part.
Mine because I loved you are wise.
What's our ghost hunting?
He loves team names.
Angie's Alliance on Angie Angie Nader's Like What?
Her fans.
Good morning Animator's again with Day 43 Daily Blogger.
Now, if there's nothing scared Oh, my God!
That big white clump is May I?
What's first on our list?
Tape recorder.
Digital voice recorder.
This is a perfect Christmas.
Wait, we're getting this!
Oh, my God!
I'm agin it Ghost walking through that got even design love that this has become a brand deal.
I don't know how tools work.
Help waken to recreate that scene from a movie?
One for me, One for you You're screwed.
Why would you need a headlamp Just to see the ghost?
Of course you D'oh!
Okay, so we're back home getting things ready, and I want to show you something.
Take me to the darkest place in your house.
What do you mean?
I guess you could look at the pantry.
Come on in.
Wait, wait, wait.
All right, So you're looking at the screen?
Yeah, it's just black, right?
Oh, my God!
Shut up!
It's a night vision camera.
Oh, my God, that is everything.
Ghost sport.
You never know.
That bright star voice recorder he's gonna help us.
Find goes Hey, you might entertain the ghosts, right?
They're gonna come just because he's there.
The heat sensor.
Okay, so this two texts, when there's cold spots on the colder it gets that means was it goes.
Shall we try it on your haunted bathroom?
So what's the temperature right here?
Temperature right here is 72.5.
And that's pretty much accurate.
All the way around the room and, uh, going into the haunted bathroom like seven things different is immediately seven degrees cooler thing.
All right, all right.
Ready to go already?
All right.
You took a walmart break, got some snacks, went to the bathroom, and we're almost at the Stanley Hotel, By the way, I did some research today.
Want self?
He's haunted spots in the hotel.
Supposedly over the years, every single room in the hotel has experienced something strange from closed being mysteriously impact.
Two items moving on their own lights turning themselves on and off.
The fourth floor is often filled with Beth Drew laughter of Children giggling and running down the halls.
She also took on your conspiracy theory.
Really good concert home.
Another ghost that likes to wander the hole is Lucy.
Lucy was that you were willing to come out.
Let us know that you're around when ghost hunters come.
She likes to play with them, and she communicates by using flashlights room to 17.
Wilson is apparently old fashioned.
She doesn't like it when unmarried guests shack up together.
So some couples have reported filling a cold force.
Come between them.
Uh, not only are we not married?
We are two guys.
So if Miss Wilson's old fashion is not gonna go okay, were only one mile away.
Oh, my God.
There's a McDonald's.
Oh, thank God.
Historic Stanley Hotel only.
Oh, my God.
That's honestly looks beautiful.
Waiting your whole life.
Are you ready?
Have you ever been there?
She has always wanted to go there.
She's beg this hovering over time and time again.
Oh, I'm so ready.
Oh, my God.
It really does look creepy when you get closer to it.
Oh, my God.
That's a country.
Oh, my God.
That looks like demonize.
That looks like your dresser.
We just ran into somebody.
You mean Caryn?
OK, So you're staying here, right?
And you said you had an experience.
So, um, I was on the ghost tour last night and I was in the McGregor room, okay?
And right here, a lady actually caught a photo.
Oh, whoa.
And she said another one of the ghost.
His name is Eddie.
He messed with electronics a lot, and he had a good time.
God, is this a circuit set?
When he took it, he didn't notice anything.
But overnight he started feeling sick.
The next morning, he looked at the photo again.
And sure enough, there was the silhouette.
Now, that's spooky.
Okay, we're checking in to 17.
Doesn't have an extra bed in it.
But they said that they could give us another haunted room that we could have some distinct.
Give us a list for 18.
Ghost cowboy watches you in your sleep, leans over.
You like sleeping.
Okay, let's take it.
Hey, do you want to haunted rooms?
Um, no one will be good.
The fourth floor is the most haunted one, right?
Have you ever seen anything on the fourth floor.
Heard anything?
I personally haven't.
But I have friends who got pictures here.
This'll isn't a large building shot.
Wears it.
That's not Is that Riel?
Do you see the woman in the middle?
Is that real?
So one of my Colleen's one person people, I live with my picture in the lodge at the table service.
All right, guys will come back to the staircase later.
But for now, let's take this elevator and hope that blood doesn't come out of it.
It's really elegant with dead people.
My God, This is the whole way where the kid was on the bike.
Did you really?
That means ghost activity is happening.
Is that it?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What is that little room next to it?
Oh, my God.
How do we both have them?
That's right.
Oh, my God.
To our last night on earth.
What is that?
Oh, that's so it was like, Yeah.
Little Children's last battery of laser set up.
All right.
See you guys at three.
Oh, my God.
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4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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