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Oh, this isn't just a engine room.
This is a cathedral.
These engines, maybe gigantic, but what's really, really isn't there also, eight.
Still in this so slow moving you could actually work out.
Make that a 25 PM something like that.
Here's the incredible thing about this.
I don't blow your mind.
Losing like this gigantic, gargantuan engine is a two stroke so nearest relation.
In my mind, it's the engineer, my first motorcycle and your garden streamer, although it's a bit bigger.
Obviously, look, he's a piston.
I stripped on my motorbike for comparison, so this is a spare pissed off.
Then you lose all of this stuff off the topless for carrying it on their eight of these.
Doing that inside that gigantic engine, turning the crank shaft and then in the engine do its work on.
When you work on this engine, you don't just get your hands dirty.
It's more of a body experience.
There is a man in the gray case splashing about sub.
It's absolutely doing my yoga.
Now it's my turn to feel like we're going to check on the Pistons by climbing inside the air in up to you.
If I want to do this in my car.
I need to shrink myself 20 times.
I'm climbing inside an engine.
Well, it's cramped, but considering we're in an engine, it's surprisingly roomy.
So this is the best in coming.
This is our three based on rings.
You see, player is home.
This is it we're looking at is just a small part on the engines.
I'm used to him were crawling around it.
I honestly feel like a been shrunk.
It's like stepping out of a science fiction movie that I just took my breath away.
I never thought I'd walk around in an engine.
And the next time I look at an engine in a car or motorbike, I'm not actually gonna think big.
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Richard Climbs Into One Of The World's Biggest Engines | Richard Hammond's Big

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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