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BIG BIRD: Did I get any good mail, Gordon?
GORDON: Well, let's see.
Well-- oh, here's a coupon.
It says free carpet cleaning.
BIG BIRD: Oh, that sounds good.
Too bad I don't have any carpets.
GORDON: Oh, hi.
BIG BIRD: Oh, hello.
GORDON: Welcome to Sesame Street.
BIG BIRD: Gordon's just helping me read my mail.
Anything else, Gordon?
GORDON: Well, let's see.
Looks like an invitation.
An invitation to what?
GORDON: Well, let's read it.
It says you're invited to join the Good Birds Club.
BIG BIRD: The Good Birds Club?
That sounds like a great club!
When is it?
When can I join?
GORDON: Well, let's keep reading.
It says meet us today by Hooper's store.
BIG BIRD: Today?
Oh, boy.
You're gonna have to excuse me, Gordon, because
I've gotta get ready.
I'm going to join the Good Birds Club.
GORDON: OK, Big Bird.
Have fun!
BIG BIRD: I will, Gordon.
Oh, boy.
It's days like this that make me happy to be a bid.
I'm a bird, and I'm big.
Yes, I'm one tall fellow.
I've covered in feathers that are fluffy, that are yellow.
I'm Big Bird, yes, my initials are B.B. I'm glad to
be the way I am.
So glad to be the way I am.
I'm glad to be the way I am.
I'm happy to be me.
I love to move to the music, love to tap out a beat.
With my really long legs, and my big orange feet.
I'll do a happy dance so the whole world can see, I'm glad
to be the way I am.
So glad to be the way I am.
I'm glad to be the way I am.
I'm happy to be me.
Take a look at my face, got a really long beak, a great big
smile and helps me to speak.
And so I'll say it loud, and I'll say it proudly, I'm glad
to be the way I am.
I'm glad to be the way I am.
So glad to be the way I am.
So happy to be me.
All right!
Great job.
Nice singing, Big Bird.
BIG BIRD: Well thank you, Chris.
I always sing when I'm excited.
ABBY: Ooh.
What are you excited about?
ELMO: Yeah?
BIG BIRD: Well, I've been invited to join
the Good Birds Club.
And they said to meet them right here at Hooper's.
That must be those birds, over there.
BIG BIRD: Oh, boy.
Thanks, Chris.
Now it's time to go join the Good Birds Club.
CHRIS: Hey hey!
All right, Big Bird!
ELMO: See ya, Big Bird!
CHRIS: Have fun!
BIRD: So I says to him, get outta here, or I'll
bop you in the beak.
BIG BIRD: You know, you shouldn't bop
anyone in the beak.
That's not what a good bird would do.
BIRD: Oh really?
And what would you know about being a good bird?
BIG BIRD: Well, I was invited to be a member of the Good
Birds Club.
BIRD: Ooh, boy, our new member.
BIRD: Ooh, welcome to the club, good bird.
BIRD: Quiet, you squabs!
BIRD: Joining the Good Birds Club is not that simple.
BIG BIRD: It's not?
In fact, you do not look like much of a good bird to me.
BIG BIRD: Oh, I'm a very good bird.
I clean my room.
I eat my vegetables.
And I even help Gordon and Susan set the table.
BIRD: Oh, that's nice.
BIRD: Oh, he sounds like a good bird.
BIRD: Yeah.
BIRD: Oh yeah?
Well look at those feet.
BIG BIRD: Oh, yeah, my feet.
They're great, aren't they?
BIRD: Great?
Those feet are ridiculous!
BIG BIRD: They are?
BIRD: I mean, they're huge.
Aren't they, good birds?
BIRD: Oh, well, they're bigger than mine feet.
BIRD: Oh, mine too.
They're a lot bigger.
BIRD: Well, it's decided.
Good birds do not have huge feet like that.
But I really want to join the club.
BIRD: Sorry we can't include you in the Good Birds Club
with feet like that.
Right, Good Birds Club?
BIRD: Right.
That's too bad.
BIRD: Yeah.
So long, Big Foot.
BIG BIRD: That's Big Bird.
BIRD: Right.
Come on.
Come on, Good Birds Club.
We gotta tweet about this.
BIRDS: Tweet!
Tweet, tweet!
Can't be part of the club, can't join them to tweet,
because they don't like my really big feet.
If I could only change, make them tiny and wee, I'd be
happy with the way I am.
Happy to be me.
ELMO: What happened, Big Bird?
BIG BIRD: I can't join the Good Birds Club.
BIG BIRD: They said my feet are too big.
ELMO: Well, Elmo doesn't think Big Bird's feet are too big.
Elmo thinks they're just right.
BIG BIRD: Well, that's what I thought.
But I guess I was wrong.
Hey, if there was only some way I could
make my feet smaller.
ABBY: You wouldn't want to do that, Big Bird.
BIG BIRD: Oh yes I would.
Hey, wait a minute.
You're a fairy, Abby.
Can you make my feet magically smaller?
I guess I could, but I wouldn't want to.
BIG BIRD: Well, please do it.
Because I really want to be part of the Good Birds Club.
ABBY: Oh, but I love your feet just the way they are.
ELMO: Yeah.
BIG BIRD: Well, they need to be smaller.
Like all the other birds',
ABBY: Oh, I don't know.
BIG BIRD: Well, please?
Pretty please, with sugar on it?
But I think it's a mistake.
BIG BIRD: You're a real pal, Abby.
ABBY: All right.
Long-time listener, first-time caller caller, magically make
Big Bird's feet smaller.
ELMO: It worked!
Big Bird's feet are smaller!
They're wonderful!
These little feet are a little hard to balance on.
ABBY: Well, maybe I should make them big again?
BIG BIRD: No, no, no.
They're perfect.
They're just exactly what I need to get into the Good
Birds Club.
Thanks, Abby!
ABBY: You're welcome--
I guess.
ELMO: Good luck, Big Bird.
BIRD: I said, free, not clean.
Oh, check it out.
It's Big Foot.
BIG BIRD: No, that's Big Bird.
And look!
My feet are smaller.
So now I'm like you, and I can be a member of
the Good Birds Club.
BIRD: Stuff it, you turkeys.
No one gets into the Good Birds Club unless I say so.
BIG BIRD: Well, do you say so?
Why not?
My feet are smaller.
BIRD: Yeah, but look at the rest of you.
Look at your big eyes, and your large wings.
Your gigantic break.
You are way too big.
Isn't he, fellas?
BIRD: Uh, he is pretty big.
BIRD: Yeah, a lot bigger than us.
BIRD: Yep.
It's decided.
You are way too big, so you can't be included in the Good
Birds Club.
Right, birds?
BIRD: Right.
BIG BIRD: Oh, gee.
That's too bad.
BIRD: Yeah.
So long, Big Goofball.
BIG BIRD: That's Big Bird.
BIRD: Yeah, right.
They won't let me in the club, they say my beak's too long.
My wings are too gigantic, and my size is all wrong.
If I could become shorter, maybe that would be the key?
I'd be happy with the way I am, happy to be me.
ELMO: So is Big Bird in the Good Birds Club now?
They said I'm too big.
ABBY: Too big?
But you're just the right size.
BIG BIRD: Well, that's what I thought.
I guess I was wrong.
But, Abby?
BIG BIRD: Can you make me smaller?
ABBY: Smaller?
But you're Big Bird, not Small Bird.
BIG BIRD: Yeah, but Abby, I really want to be in the Good
Birds Club.
ABBY: Oh, Big Bird, no!
BIG BIRD: Please, Abby.
Please, Abby, please, Abby, Abby, Abby, Abby, Please!
Oh, I guess I could.
But I just wanna say I don't think it's a good idea.
BIG BIRD: Well, you're right, Abby.
It's not a good idea.
It's a great idea!
Now make me smaller.
He doesn't want to be big, he doesn't want to be taller.
Please make my friend Big Bird smaller!
Did it work?
ELMO: Big Bird is definitely smaller.
BIG BIRD: Great.
Thanks, Abby!
Now I can be in the Good Birds Club.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
ABBY: I don't think this club has very good
birds in it at all.
ELMO: Elmo neither.
BIRD: Hahaha!
Here comes Big Goofball.
BIG BIRD: That's Big Bird.
And look at me.
I'm smaller.
Now I can be in the Good Birds Club!
BIRDS: Hooray!
BIRD: All right, all right, all right.
Calm down!
No one is getting into the Good Birds Club!
BIG BIRD: Hey, why not?
I'm not big anymore.
BIRD: Yeah, but you--
you're too yellow.
BIRD: Yeah.
Your feathers.
They're too yellow.
We can't include you in the club because good birds don't
have yellow feathers.
but I love my yellow feathers.
BIRD: Well, I guess you'll never be a good bird.
BIRD: So long, yellow bird.
Come on.
It's funny.
BIG BIRD: Still can't be in the club.
I'm one sad fellow.
Can't be a good bird 'cause my feathers are too yellow I'll
say it once, and I'll say it sadly.
I'm sad that I am the way I am, not happy to be me.
ELMO: Oh, no.
Don't tell Elmo Big Bird's still not in
the Good Birds Club?
They said my feathers are too yellow.
ABBY: That's ridiculous.
Your feathers are a beautiful color.
ELMO: Yeah.
BIG BIRD: Yeah, well that's what I thought.
But I guess I was wrong.
ABBY: You were not wrong.
your feathers are perfect!
BIG BIRD: I'm afraid not, Abby.
That's why I need you to change my color.
ABBY: What?
BIG BIRD: But I have to.
Otherwise the good birds won't let me in their club.
ELMO: But maybe Big Bird should forget about that club.
BIG BIRD: But I really want to be a good bird.
ABBY: You are a good bird.
ELMO: Yeah, Big Bird is the best.
ABBY: Yeah.
BIG BIRD: No I'm not.
Otherwise, I'd be in the Good Birds Club!
So just please change my color.
Will ya?
It's easy.
Just wave your wand.
See, all you do is just say one, two, turn me blue.
ABBY: Oh no!
I'm not yellow!
Now I'm going to be a good bird.
Here I come!
ABBY: Wait, Big Bird.
This isn't right!
ELMO: Yeah, Big Bird.
Come back!
BIG BIRD: Hey, look at me.
Now I can be in the Good Birds Club.
BIRD: He's blue!
ABBY: Oh no.
We were right, Elmo.
Oh, those birds aren't good birds at all.
Those birds are being mean to Big Bird, and they're hurting
his feelings!
ELMO: Look, Elmo and Abby have to do
something to help Big Bird.
ABBY: Yeah.
A grown-up.
We have to tell a grown-up.
ELMO: But--
Elmo doesn't want to be a tattle-tale.
ABBY: But it's not tattling.
It's helping.
Big Bird is in trouble, and we need to get a
grown-up to help him.
ELMO: You're right, Abby.
Let's go.
BIG BIRD: So, can I be in the Good Birds Club now?
BIG BIRD: Why not?
BIRD: Your voice is too funny.
BIG BIRD: Well then, I'll change it.
Abby, Abby?
Where are you?
ELMO: We're here, Big Bird, were here.
CHRIS: Big Bird?
Big Bird!
What happened?
BIG BIRD: Well, I wanted to be in the Good Birds Club, but
they said I wasn't good enough.
So Abby changed me, and then I need her to change me again.
CHRIS: But Big Bird, you shouldn't have to.
You have big, beautiful feet.
You have beautiful, big beak.
You have beautiful yellow feathers.
BIG BIRD: But the Good Birds Club think I'm not got enough.
BIRD: It's true.
He's not.
Right, right?
Am I right?
BIRD: Uh, I guess.
BIRD: Maybe.
CHRIS: Know what, buddy?
Who cares what they think?
They're just bullying you.
They're treating you as if you're not good enough.
The question is, what do you think?
BIG BIRD: Well, I kind of think I like the way I was.
ABBY: So do I.
ELMO: Yeah, Elmo too.
Elmo loves Big Bird just the way he was.
BIG BIRD: But what about the Good Birds Club?
CHRIS: Big Bird, you know what?
Forget their club.
We can start our own club.
BIG BIRD: We can?
CHRIS: Mm-hm.
BIRD: Are you kidding me?
You will never have a club as good as the Good Birds Club.
Right, birds?
Our club is awesome!
BIRD: I guess.
BIRD: Maybe.
CHRIS: Big Bird, our club is going to be even better.
It'll be a club that includes everybody, and you don't have
to change in order to join.
It's a club that'll accept you exactly as you are.
BIG BIRD: That sounds like a nice club.
ELMO: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Elmo wants to be a part of that club.
ABBY: Yeah, me too!
ELMO: Yeah.
CHRIS: Great.
All right, so what are we going to call our club?
BIG BIRD: Oh, I know, I know.
Let's call it I'm Happy To Be Me Club!
CHRIS: Hey, excellent!
Let's start our club.
ELMO: Yeah.
BIG BIRD: But wait, wait.
First I'd like to go back to being me again.
CHRIS: Absolutely.
Do your thing, girl.
ABBY: You got it.
CHRIS: All right.
ABBY: One wave, two waves, here comes a third.
Change our friend back to Big Bird!
ELMO: Yay!
CHRIS: Hey hey!
All right!
Hey, Big Bird, how do you feel?
BIG BIRD: Well, I'm happy to be me!
Don't want to change my nose, won't wear a wig.
I'm a bird that's proud of being big.
Take a look over here, and what do you see?
I'm glad to be the way I am.
So glad to be the way I am.
I'm glad to be the way I am, so happy to be me.
BIRD: Hey, they get to sing songs in their club.
BIRD: Yeah.
And no one gets yelled at, or made fun of.
Hey, you think we can join?
CHRIS: Sure.
BIG BIRD: Certainly.
Everyone is welcome to be in the Happy To Be Me Club.
BIRD: Haha, come on!
BIRD: Freeze, bird-brains.
If you take one more step, you are out of the
Good Birds Club forever.
BIG BIRD: You don't need that club to tell you
you're a good bird.
BIRD: He's right.
I'm a good bird just the way I am.
BIRD: Me too.
So long, Good Birds Club.
BIRD: Wait-- but you--
I don't need you.
I don't need any of you.
I'll have a great club, all on my own.
CHRIS: Man, I hope that pigeon learns how to be
a good friend someday.
ELMO: Now come on everybody, let's start the
Happy To Be Me Club!
ALL: Yeah!
CHRIS: My skin is brown.
ELMO: Elmo's fur is red.
BIG BIRD: My feathers are yellow.
ABBY: I'm pink from tow to head.
ALL: We'll sing it loud, sing it proudly.
CHRIS: I'm happy--
ELMO: Elmo's happy--
ABBY: I'm happy--
ALL: Happy to be me!
BIG BIRD: Happy to be me!
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Sesame Street: The Good Birds' Club

869 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on March 11, 2014
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