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but movie stars also please fans on I heard you tell a story about Rob Reiner, and I think we're going to Disneyland or Disney World Disneyland.
This was, This was this was so surreal.
But neither one of us could breathe it.
Long ago, Rob Reiner and we took our kids to Disneyland, the whole family, the kids were little.
And as we're coming back, we're stuck in traffic on the 405 and we're going very slowly.
But I'm driving and Rob is in the shotgun seat and there's one of the buses that takes people to and from the airport.
And because they will get stuck in traffic a lot.
They show movies on screens in, in this, in the bus, and so we're stuck.
We're going back and forth that we look on this bus that's right next to the other lane and said, um, Sleepless in Seattle is playing in that bus.
Rob and I were both in Sleepless in Seattle, and we're looking at this thing and there's a guy's kind of looking at it like this, and we say, Oh my God, they're almost up to our scene where we have a talk at a coffee shop, but I said, Oh my God, but there's our senior scene is on.
So I tooted the horn and the guy who was like, Look at this.
He just I've always wondered, what did that guy tell the wife would he got?
Flight flight was nothing but this bus dropped Miss an all new episode of The Graham Norton Show, Fridays at 11 on Catch Up Now.
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Sleepless In LA Traffic WithTom Hanks & Rob Reiner | The Graham Norton Show | Fri 11p | BBC America

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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