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Hey it's me, Destin.
If you have ever flown then you have observed
this condensation that builds up on the window,
where the, uh... the water transitions to ice.
But I'm gonna show you a trick to show you some really neat ways to photograph that.
So this is all you do: you take your lens and you pop it off...
Hard to do with just one hand.
Just pop your lens off, and rotate it, like this.
So you can make a quick macro lens that also acts as a microscope,
and you can see the transition between water bubbles and ice.
And you can take some really neat photos.
Like this.
That's it. It's quick and easy to do,
and you don't need any special equipment.
You can buy an adaptor, and I'll put that information in the "more info".
Here you go, you are now smarter every day.
Thank you Papa. - No problem.
[Captain speaking in French]
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DIY Macro Lens on the Cheap! - Smarter Every Day 3

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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