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  • [Music]

  • Hey it's me, Destin.

  • If you have ever flown then you have observed

  • this condensation that builds up on the window,

  • where the, uh... the water transitions to ice.

  • But I'm gonna show you a trick to show you some really neat ways to photograph that.

  • So this is all you do: you take your lens and you pop it off...

  • Hard to do with just one hand.

  • Just pop your lens off, and rotate it, like this.

  • So you can make a quick macro lens that also acts as a microscope,

  • and you can see the transition between water bubbles and ice.

  • And you can take some really neat photos.

  • Like this.

  • That's it. It's quick and easy to do,

  • and you don't need any special equipment.

  • You can buy an adaptor, and I'll put that information in the "more info".

  • Here you go, you are now smarter every day.

  • Thank you Papa. - No problem.

  • [Captain speaking in French]

  • Captioning in different languages welcome. Please contact Destin if you can help.


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