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  • So a couple of days ago a guy named Chris was detained here

  • in Baltimore right here at the Cultural Center light rail station

  • Well, all he was doing was taking video of trains

  • It was his hobby

  • Why shouldn't he be able to do that?

  • "...that’s your story"

  • So why don’t you have any signs posted to say I cannot take pictures?”

  • I'm on public property and I'm just minding my own business here

  • waiting for the train to come pick me

  • Uh, am I being detained?

  • Yes, you are being detained

  • You're not under arrest, but you are being detained

  • So I just want the opportunity to talk about the cops in Tuscaloosa right after the tornado

  • our 2nd Amendment right is the right to bear arms

  • And so we had some looting. So I'll show you what the police down there did

  • Chris was detained here in Baltimore but in Alabama

  • the cops actually encouraged us to use our weapons to defend our place

  • "You might not be able to with the mag loaded all the way because what I happened to do"

  • "is getting it about right there, pushing down"

  • And get the lip forward *click*

  • Pretty cool. When I called the police chief and said, "Hey, what's the deal"

  • "if I got some video, do I need to blot out the faces or anything like that?"

  • He said, "No, use anything you have"

  • That's pretty impressive, so he's actually encouraging me to use my rights

  • that wasn't the case with Chris so I hope our country is going more towards the

  • direction of liberty

  • than the opposite direction. That's it. I hope you

  • realize that if you don't use your freedom, they'll go away.

  • In 1759, Benjamin Franklin said those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a

  • little temporary

  • safety deserve neither liberty nor safety

So a couple of days ago a guy named Chris was detained here

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