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Elizabeth Banks.
They don't tell you is still, to my knowledge, the only guest we know who has invented their own board game.
Let's make it a tradition.
Well, we'll play around.
I give you this is Elizabeth Banks board game.
Okay, well, to be clear, this is before like the Internet happened.
I mean, this'll unveiled a party game.
Well, that's right.
What do you mean?
I just made it.
You know, this was at a time when I was going a lot of hen parties.
That's what you call them here, right?
Bachelorette parties.
And I felt like we needed to actually sort of organize them around something.
And this game came out of that.
Okay, we've selected a few questions from I'm already nervous.
You'd be.
You'd be quizmaster.
You think this is a combination?
There's the year old in your mouth and play this with your friends out of the bars, right?
When you're about okay, Just say, don't do the spit swallow question You did last time.
I'm not playing a game have to do something involving someone else and sometimes have to do something just for yourself.
And it's a sort of, like, truth or dare.
So that what the game is about?
So what have you named your private parts?
Um Pamela, Wait.
All right.
Pamela and her sons.
I think this is a really nice one for you, Grandpa.
What song always puts you in the mood?
Oh, escape seven.
Reach Theo.
Um oh, this is perfect for you.
You ready?
It's called Sexy Singer.
Find an unattractive male.
Serenade him.
No way!
Quickly Line of a song.
I need Thio.
Lookit Look up, Look up.
And then So you signal me, will you play the role for me going and I'll try my way So I get a leg on it.
You don't remember May But I remember you not so long ago.
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Elizabeth Banks’s Board Game Is Not Boring | The Graham Norton Show | Friday at 11pm | BBC America

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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