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  • Jenny you feet in this world cause you've cooked for presidents and prime ministers on you didn't bring food to number 10.

  • You've cooked in number 10 many times.

  • Yes, it's always a pleasure to cook.

  • And is it like a hotel kitchen or your rubbish kitchen?

  • It's interesting, because when I did the G 20 we had all the biggest leaders of the world, you know, in for a dinner.

  • Me and my team were responsible for it on.

  • They didn't even have enough matching plates.

  • It was probably wrong.

  • I mean, I even said to the head of the household, No, I said to the head of the household, Listen, I'm not being funny, John, we have a little whip around and I'll get your new set a plate.

  • Obviously I'm all down.

  • We've, like, rustic and sort of casual, but like when it's the G 20.

  • Andi, I'm representing Britain and you don't want it to be like manky ist food.

  • Of all the G twenty's Britain, isn't it?

  • I don't know how many plates you need.

  • 20.

  • So I just There was no that I didn't have enough of the same color or shape that creation So I had to kind of put it over the other side to hope that they would see it.

  • Which country's leaders didn't get the matching?

  • Not going to say you have the less important.

  • Yeah, it's funny, cause I I did it with my 15 students so on quite a proportion of them have had history with the law, eh?

  • So when you get the phone call sort of saying, you know, you want to come and do the meal, it's like, you know, that my team has quite a lot of criminal records there, so you might need do a little bit of back checking.

  • And so we're all turning up in whites and knives in roles, and Theo X ray machine's gonna be going on.

  • It was an amazing day, really inspirational.

  • And then, actually, Mr Mrs Obama court asked to see us, which was lovely.

  • And then there was a beautiful moment for me because my students that, you know, a proportion of the parents came from different countries.

  • All naturally, went off to all the presidents of their motherland.

  • It was just amazing.

  • They were talking their language.

  • Wow Miss!

  • An all new episode of The Graham Norton show Fridays at 11 on catch Up.

Jenny you feet in this world cause you've cooked for presidents and prime ministers on you didn't bring food to number 10.

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