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  • Are you ready to test your English vocabulary and listening?

  • Let's do it, and have a lot of fun with Game of Thrones!

  • So, I'm Ethan, and the way that this is going to work is that first

  • you are going to watch the scene with subtitles in English

  • Then we will teach you over 30 advanced vocabulary terms, pronunciation, and more,

  • before finally test everything that you learned by watching the scene without subtitles, all right?

  • And, if you love Game of Thrones we actually did a lesson with the first part of this scene.

  • You will find that down in the description below.

  • Are you enjoying this lesson so far?

  • Well, we make lessons like this every single week to help you to

  • understand natives without getting lost, without missing the jokes,

  • and without subtitles!

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  • Let me ask you a question:

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  • All right, before you test your comprehension and all of that new vocabulary that you learned

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  • Alright, now get ready let the test begin!

  • All right, I hope you are excited as I am for Season 8 of Game of Thrones, coming out on April 14th this year.

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  • as well as the Part 1 of this lesson.

  • Now, go out there and kick ass with your English!

  • Aww yeah!

Are you ready to test your English vocabulary and listening?

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