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I thought today would be a good day But then the dead started rising.
Come on, I have this really covered dream I'm standing in It's dark and it's cold But I do not feel alone I have a sale turned around and suddenly I see growing blue eyes slowly creeping told me Nobody can be some pretty show This is a dream I don't believe my eyes Put my ears hear the screams Brains We want brains.
You can try all you like, but you won't get them today cause I'm a zombie killer.
I'm not anyone's dinner.
Welcome to the church of me, you bunch of brain centers.
I am about to bring the judgment paint in your future.
You thought dying was bad.
You regret coming back when night attack I released the whole look.
Mac, put your body's hot fire like the flow of my breasts.
I'm handy like man.
He fix the windows and doors and before work unfinished to see him coming for more organic.
Um, grab your guns were about to get it.
Are we shot?
Stone stops way brains symptoms on these back into the race.
And it's got your guns were about to get it on with pot shots don't stop way symptoms.
He's back to perk up.
Come parade, we wanna move.
They sit and stare in no time.
The way shooting up trip hop a bonus, but the wing headed soon.
A school yard.
Creatures on the rise coming straight from the graveyard on transit.
Kids can handle it by word.
Forces are going against our rifles.
If they felt like grief it It's kind of like we'd be fit to see who lasts the longest forties I'd started face.
Yeah, feeling like the whole film lights camera.
Just actually, just keep your girls.
Blacks that watch that body start collapsing headshots with passion.
One more right.
She'll be smashing my clippers getting low, for that matter, Sam.
Yeah, my knife slashing like Chucky.
Oh, child's play Get his game is weighted them.
So please don't let the child play so bad.
If you watch my surrounded by these obvious feeling like a regret.
Guns were about to get it or shot stone stop so we kill more brains.
Symptoms on bee's back into the great it's got your guns were about to get our pot shots don't stop.
Wait Symptoms.
Are these back into the fray?
Oh, this place looks like your town.
There's no rainbow, just clouds fighting back when they get sacked again.
You know you'll drop down Thankful there's no hellhounds zombies on the map.
But I find the mystery box.
I'm running out of amber faster sweets and blast.
You're at the wrong stop S and G's and shotguns my points at a faster than a beauty like it's new.
Sub swats the lava and the fire when you want to burn your toes.
If you see a flaming zombie night for Mandy Real explode, I look around in town.
There's a pack, a punch machine standing up inside the bar inside the back.
The and 14.
It's time to get to work.
Squeeze a trigger Remmy load.
Every way that comes is harder than the way befo old MacDonald had a farm.
E i e.
I o.
And on that farm he had those on these guys.
You gotta go MP five.
Put me by.
I'm just trying to stay alive like Stu's on is, you had better running guns were about to get it.
Only pop shots told stops way brains symptoms on these beckons.
You get in shots don't stop.
Symptoms are these back into the way?
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1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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