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- Hey guys this is Austin!
When Vizio reached out and wanted to sponsor a video
on the brand new P Series Quantum X TV,
the very first thing I thought of,
was that this actually looks like
a properly cool gaming monitor.
By properly cool I mean
a 65 inch game monitor that I currently have
plugged into a gaming PC right now,
'cause I mean of course I do...
Just don't mind the cables.
We'll tidy those up never.
Especially when you pair this with a gaming PC
you can get some real performance out of it.
And of course you can watch This Is episodes,
which is definitely a good idea,
you can check it out: YouTube.com/thisis.
But more importantly than that,
you can do real things like Apex Legends.
One of the main advantages with the P Series Quantum X
is just how bright it is.
So you can't go over the HDR mode,
you can get a peak brightness of nearly 3000 nits.
Not only is that way beyond pretty much any other TV
we've ever looked at,
but especially when you compare it to like a gaming monitor,
it is so much brighter
and one of the nice things
is that things that Windows are doing a much better job,
although not quite perfect,
of supporting HDR displays and consoles,
such as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X,
can also take advantage
of that incredible brightness and clarity.
I know it sounds like super marketing kind of speak,
but it is really nice to see something
which can get this bright
but also still has all the functionality you expect
in a gaming display.
One of the more subtle features is around back.
So here we have five HDMI ports,
four of which will do 4K,
60 Hertz,
all that kind of stuff,
but what really drew me to this TV is HDMI number five,
as this will allow the TV to run at 1080p
at a full 120 Hertz.
Now that is awesome,
seriously this is a 65 inch,
120 Hertz display.
And importantly,
unlike most TVs that have some sort of so-called game mode,
this actually is a super low-latency port,
I mean you're looking at somewhere in the neighborhood
of only ten milliseconds of latency,
which is very much on par with live game monitors,
which are much much smaller.
So the first thing that jumps out to me is
that this is a giant display.
I should've moved my mouse and keyboard farther away,
but the advantage here is that
we really are getting an experience
that you just can't get on a console.
Sure consoles can play at 4K,
and all that kind of stuff,
but you're never going to get this super high refresh rate.
I mean dude,
that's so smooth and it's so big,
like ridiculous.
For real though,
I love the idea of hooking up a gaming PC
to a display like this.
It's such a unique sort of proposition,
'cause yeah there are these high-end 4K HDR gaming TVs.
That's nice,
but they're insanely expensive,
whereas this is something which you can use as a TV,
you can use it to watch Netflix or YouTube
or whatever the case is,
and you can also plug your gaming PC in
and get an incredibly good gaming experience.
Right now we're like 150 frames per second
and it's buttery smooth.
Oh there we go,
there we go!
There we go!
Dude people are totally sleeping on the idea
of using a TV as a gaming display.
Now sure it's not the smallest thing in the world
and won't fit on your desk for example,
unless you have a really baller desk,
but the advantage here is that you're getting something
which will work for everything,
You plug your PC in,
you can play super high frame rates,
super low latency,
but you can also hook up something like a console
and of course use it as a proper TV as well.
A big reason why this TV is such a jack of all trades is
because it takes advantage of this year's
quantum color technology.
Quantum dots are a really interesting thing
that is not something
that has really been explained very well
as far as I'm concerned.
So of course I had to bring my buddy West in,
to see exactly what this thing is all about.
What makes it tick,
what makes it...
we're gonna go with sparkle on that one.
What actually makes a quantum dot different than say
just a standard LCD?
- Well with the standard LCD
you obviously have a giant backlight,
that's then pushing through sort of a transparent finish
of pixels,
And then they're glowing different colors
by having that light go through.
- [Austin] Yeah. - But to tune that backlight,
there's always a filter,
so instead of being super blue - You can never be
as accurate as you wanna be.
- Exactly,
it makes more of a neutral white.
But what's really cool about quantum dot technology
is that it actually lets you get that full range
of brightness and color - Yeah.
- without getting super crunchy.
- Yeah yeah.
So with that quantum dot tech,
it allows for a wider range of color
and that is backed up by the act of full array dimming,
which has a full 480 zones of local dimming on board,
which means that you actually get some proper contrast,
as well as some very very bright highlights.
So right now we're casting this as a TV right?
- Yeah we're casting over Chromecast,
Vizio's SmartCast OS
essentially has a Chromecast Ultra to filter it in.
- So we have 4K,
the whole thing. - Exactly,
anything that you can cast in 4K HDR to Chromecast Ultra,
you can do with this.
- But you also do have Netflix and all that kind of stuff,
and I know that they're actually adding AirPlay as well
to the TV soon,
- [West] Yep AirPlay control with Google Home and Alexa
and all that fun stuff. - [Austin] Oh yeah!
- So they're really seeming to make it fully integrated.
- [Austin] They have everything on this.
I really think it's worth considering a giant display
such as the P Series Quatum X.
Not only is it good as a TV,
but it's also surprisingly solid
as a gaming display as well.
If you guys are interested,
I'll have a link in the description to check this guy out,
Vizio did give me a promo code
which will get you a little it of a percentage off of it,
so definitely be sure to go check that out.
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Can This TV Replace Your Gaming Monitor?

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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