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A question people ask a lot is
"If there is a God, why are there still so many problems in my life?"
To you I do not have an absolute answer.
There could be many factors in play.
It could be the mistakes we've made, a wrong decision, a bad move.
It could be part of God's plan
It could be God building us up through these difficulties.
One way or another, we all encounter problems.
As a matter of fact, believe in God or not, we all have different issues to face in this life.
Yet what determines fate is--
whether we cling on to God or not throughout the journey.
Don't try to sort out your problems on your own
Don't try to take them into your own hands.
Try to work them out with God.
In the face of adversity, hold on tight to the Lord..
'cos the Lord has the power to bring you through
In fact, the problems that we face in this world are trivial.
Oh, how could my financial status be trivial?
How could my health issues be trivial?
How could the problems concerning my academics, my career be trivial?
Yes, I agree.
There is every rightful reason to fret over these big issues in life.
However, that comes from humankind's point of view.
What is big in our eyes isn't necessarily big in the eyes of God.
In the eyes of God, The biggest problem in life is meeting, trusting and following the Lord
That is the hardest thing to achieve.
It is never easy to follow the Lord.
It is not easy to 100% entrust yourself in the Lord's hands.
And if you've done so, the other earthly problems...
they're merely trivial, the way God sees it.
Quoting the Bible.
"God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear."
The obstacles in front of you may seem unsurpassable.
But remember, they've been all carefully measured and filtered to meet your capability.
To make sure you have what it takes to overcome, to resolve each and every single one of them.
And in addition to that, you are not in this alone
You are with God.
God is with you.
You have to take God into account
Cuz what you can't, God can.
What you can't, God is capable of making you capable.
So yes, even when you believe in God, there's still gonna be tons of problems coming at you.
There might be even more or tougher problems when you're trying to achieve God's will.
Yet the difference is--
When you entrust yourself with the Lord, ..
You are no longer in this alone.
You are no longer fighting on your own.
You are in good hands.
The hands of God.
God bless you
不管相信或不相信 神,每一個人都有各自的問題,然而命運是取決於你有多麽大膽地跟 神一起採取行動
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If God exists, why are there still so many problems in my life?|A Little Faith

58 Folder Collection
ally.chang published on March 26, 2020
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