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everyone, Welcome to another video.
Now let's talk about the down, Mac, shall we?
If you don't remember, our fuel new here a while ago now must be at least a year.
I purchased an old Mac G four with plans to convert it into a PC.
Unfortunately, nothing has ever come of this.
I've made a few plans, drawn up a few sort of blueprints, so to speak.
But a lot of you have been asking about it.
What's happened to it?
So I thought, make a quick video to address the situation.
Work is underway finally, on the Mac conversion have been gathering a few parts.
I've been in contact with a company who's offered to do the metal work and the initial conversion.
Apparently, you need a certain part where I can get certain part made that fits inside the Mac itself and makes it easier to accommodate the graphics card.
It gives it like a traditional back plate, and I owe shield sort things so that I could fit on my PC parts in there, which is good now this company there are pretty reasonably priced based here in the UK on DDE.
I am taking we met up to them very shortly so that work can get underway.
So expect an update with the actual build itself in the not too distant future, providing things go smoothly.
Now you may remember the G four I have is the M D D version or the mirrored disk drive, which apparently is slightly more complicated to modify.
I don't know the ins and outs of it, but I think there's a slightly different May out going on inside or the company I'm using.
Don't stuck templates for the nd D version, as opposed to just the standard G four version.
So the map project is still ongoing.
This is just a very quick update to let you guys know that because I have been receiving a lot of questions about it.
I am incredibly busy.
I've actually got a lot going on.
Hopefully, they'll either be a video out already explaining that situation or if no, then something has catastrophically gone wrong, and I've uploaded all of my plan videos in the incorrect order, which would be typical.
So there's a quick update on the Mac for you guys.
I will have another conversion project on the way very soon if it hasn't been uploaded already.
Like I say, I'm away at the time of this video.
So my load schedule was probably completely disorientated completely the wrong way round.
But nonetheless, I thought I'd explain the situation to you.
Yeah, that's all I can say without rambling on too much.
This has been a quick update, but it seems a bit silly to leave you without providing much content in the way of an entertaining video.
So, uh mmm.
Wanna watch me, Jocko?
I wasn't joking.
I really can travel.
It's quite simple, really.
Anyway, with all seriousness, expect an update hopefully on the map project very soon.
I do have another sort of conversion project on the way as well.
And like I say, hopefully you've been updated on.
That could also be a video regarding my whereabout.
Hopefully, I've uploaded that as well, but like I say, my schedule was probably completely gone.
Missed itself up, but hopefully you'll understand the current circumstances.
I appreciate every single one of you very much.
This channel, of course, would be nothing without you guys watching.
So with that said thank you is always on.
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What On Earth Is Going On With The Mac To PC Conversion Project?

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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