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All right, I've got these one of a kind Posters from the 19 air mag release.
You know, that Martin fly shoe from back to the future?
Back to the future to write.
It was the crazy lit up Nike shoes that he had.
They sold, I think, 1500 pairs of the shoes, the auction them off for charity.
And these were the actual posts that were there.
The ones that this was released didn't actually have the electronic places, right?
No, no, electronically.
I acquire the posters through trading, I start trading something small, traded up something bigger and ended up with these posters.
They're rare, but also they're printed on a special type of plastic.
They look great.
When I was growing up, I definitely wanted some of those air bags and a hoverboard flying car time machine.
Any of that stuff?
They're definitely cool looking.
I mean, the DeLorean never looked at this.
Think the shoes from the 2nd 1 was probably one of the most memorable things.
So what are the posters have to do with shoes?
They made a short film well, back for the future to actually release the shoe.
Okay, So it was this something you could buy at the auction, or was this just like a display at the auction?
It was a display of the auction has never been available to the public.
Okay, any idea which would get?
Well, I was hoping for about 600 bucks each.
Yeah, I've got a few concerns.
Men, you know, I know the shoes.
A really popular.
I don't know if the poster promoting the shoes is gonna be something people are into.
Okay, You mind if I call someone in to take a look?
That'd be great.
All right, I'll be right back.
This guy had a pair of Nike bags instead of these posters.
It be a lot easier to come up with a price, but I do have a really close friend who knows pretty much everything there is to know about Nike and not much else.
Okay, well, these are actually back for the future.
That basically was this.
A little promo film to promote the Nike Air mags.
Pretty cool shoe.
It was designed by tinker.
Half filled.
He created all the famous Jordan's.
Your average person just couldn't go into the Nike store and buy these shoes.
You actually had to be a live auction, and you had to go inside and he had to bid on the shoes.
That's the reason people want to collect the shoot because it is limited.
Some of these went up for, you know, $10,000 even more.
Yeah, I was reading that.
It's because people were making a donation to, you know, the Parkinson's Research Foundation.
So what do you think, man?
I mean, he wants 600 bucks apiece for him.
Is there any reason that a shoe collector would buy the posters?
So you got three of them here?
Yeah, I've got three.
You have this one, This one, and you're missing the cool one.
Although I know I know there was a four poster set, but I got these three.
The guy didn't have the other one.
He's missing one of them.
These are all really cool.
But when you look at these, nothing ties these two.
The Nike Air Maggie.
Except for the Nike checks here and here.
Over here.
The other one actually had Michael J.
Fox on the little hover skateboard that he had and you could see the Nike Air mags.
That's the more sought after poster.
It actually relates Nike Air Max to the poster to the movie, and it ties it all together.
As far as these posters go, I mean, it just doesn't relate to shoes enough for me to buy these hanging in my shoe room.
I don't see any collectible value here For someone who collects shoes.
This is more of a back to the future collector.
Would you guys still want to make an offer?
Well, I'm just here is an expert today, man.
So my work is done.
All right, Thanks.
Thank you.
See you later, Corey.
I'll see you over there.
We'll start cleaning something up.
So what can offer would you be willing to make on these?
Tell you what.
I'll give you 500 bucks for the set.
You got to take my wife out somewhere.
Nice man.
Could you do seven?
How nice.
Doesn't have to be, man.
500 bucks is good.
She puts up with me, man, it's gotta be good.
I don't necessarily like dealing with one of one items.
You know, None of them have ever sold before.
How do I know what to pay it?
Yeah, I understand.
To be honest with you, you'd probably do better with an original back to the future movie poster than you are gonna be, like, 525 bucks.
I can't really pay you much more.
That 5 55 50 Yeah, man, I'll do 5 30 Go ahead.
Leave these here.
Okay with it's hard to put a price on a one of a kind.
I'd but I think I did really good with these.
If the right buyer walks in here, I'll definitely make a profit.
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3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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