B1 Intermediate 16 Folder Collection
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Look, I gotta force it.
Just the youngest son of Dirty on the force list.
I'll be catching out.
I'll be catching now.
I'm on my mama from the hood, Little Fortress said.
I made a few 1,000,000.
It's a wisp fish told no one about it in a secret.
You just worry about the ground where we bought the crown, but you could set of pounds.
Take it, Keep it 17.
I make six figures.
Immature young, rich *** by 21.
I met him twice your dreams, my real life for my brother used to sleep by, been a wolf in the kids.
She got a crayon.
I pray for my enemies because they want to fit in my energy, likely no one ahead of me.
That still leaves a legacy that you can never be put that on.
Everything this is my destiny was telling you about.
Let's start with what we have to work hard because we know that trick cards to Chris Big body in a little bit of a place of my own land.
And I paid Bill before grown man.
That's so my mom is like a plenty of good karma, like the Dalai Lama.
Maybe it is about is honor, which I'm *** just to remind you.
Wait, wait.
Almost my brother.
Right now in the song.
I mean, not not in general, but just on this song, because I am trying to turn destroy picnics.
My body kind of I 60 on the art, just like t t eight.
If you don't want me beating a wannabe the night where rush out of every three people only like all state mind behind on your life Get to the Is that booze?
Just please.
Look, I gotta force it.
The youngest son of 30 on the force list.
I'll be cashing out.
I'll be catching now.
I'm on my mama from the hood.
It's your fortress I said I made a few 1,000,000 in weakfish.
Told the one about it in a secret unit.
Just worry about the crown when we bought the crown.
But you could set of pounds.
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Joey Bada$$, XXXTentacion - King's Dead

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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