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  • Hey, how's it going?

  • I have a really cool antique from the gold rush here.

  • It's a scale that dates back to the 18 hundreds.

  • Okay, Is there any gold in there?

  • Actually, there is.

  • There is.

  • Okay, that looks like a little bit of plaster.

  • Gold right there.

  • Yeah, it's great how, like when gold's raw like this, it really doesn't look like old, ugly, dirty brass.

  • But that's way gold looks actually got it from a friend who was clearing out a state in Minnesota.

  • It's really cool because the violin goal has never been opened.

  • I think it's worth around 1500 because of the antique historical value of the piece.

  • As cool as the gold is just rather have folding money and you have a scale I d'oh you would tie the two pans to it for whatever you're weighing in one side of your little counterweights and the other until it Alice straight up and down.

  • Nowadays, you just dropped a lot of scale on stock, right?

  • I was assuming was from the California Gold rush.

  • It does fit the time period because everyone needed one.

  • You would walk into a bar in San Francisco in 18.

  • 50.

  • You know, that's a 22 brains of plaster, and then when they weigh it out, they weigh it out right there.

  • Um, this was your purse.

  • This was this was your wallet?

  • Sure.

  • I love gold just as much as the next guy, But why go into a store?

  • I'd rather use cash.

  • So how much do you think gold is worth back then in the gold rush?

  • Just as much as it's today.

  • Okay, well, you realize that I mean, what to account for inflation?

  • Announce of gold buys you basically the same thing today as it did back then.

  • The value really hasn't changed.

  • Just our money's got worth a lot less.

  • That's why they've been using gold is money for 6000 years Now, as far as your scale here.

  • Really, really interesting, but is basically worthless.

  • The problem is the common start.

  • It's no different than a beat up rusty lantern from the 18 fifties.

  • Okay, The gold, on the other hand, is always worth money.

  • Always will be.

  • Do you have an idea how much is in here?

  • I think it's about 10 grams.

  • Yeah.

  • For this stuff, I would pay you $40 a gram.

  • So there's 10 grams.

  • There will be 400 bucks.

  • Oh, and that would be it.

  • You can't do any better just cause it's a za package.

  • I think it has a lot more historical value.

  • I want $1500.

  • Okay?

  • No, it's need.

  • It's cute.

  • Basically, what you have here is you have some scrap goals.

  • There's no difference that it's in a plaster.

  • Gold mined gold from 18 50 gold.

  • Gold is gold border box.

  • That's what I could do.

  • Yeah, I don't think I could sell it for that.

  • Okay, well, thanks for coming in.

  • Thanks.

  • There's a reason my shop is called Golden Silver.

  • It's my two favorite things to buy.

  • Gold has held its value for thousands and thousands of years, but I'm not going over pay for it.

Hey, how's it going?

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