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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to another else essay writing video.

  • This past week I received an email from someone who was having trouble understanding a sample essay question that they had reds in a textbook.

  • And I thought that, Ah, today we could look at this essay question together, Decide what style of essay to write and write the entire essay from start to finish.

  • So we just analyze the whole process.

  • Now, if we look at the as a question, the question reads, Some people prefer to eat at food stands or restaurants.

  • Other people prefer to prepare.

  • Need food at home.

  • Which do you prefer?

  • Use specific examples, specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  • When we first looked at this question, we see at the beginning here two points of view.

  • Firstly, it says, some people prefer to eat at food stands of restaurants and in the second point of view is other people prefer to prepare any food at home.

  • And I know that when we see this initially, maybe our reaction is, oh, we need to write a discussion essay about this because this is presenting two points of view, but it's not actually the content portion of the question that's important in deciding your essay style.

  • It's the question itself.

  • And if we look at the question itself, it says, Which do you prefer and which do you prefer?

  • This is asking us for our personal opinion.

  • It's not asking us to analyze the opinions of other people, or it's not asking us to discuss the thoughts or beliefs of other groups of people.

  • It's asking us for our specific opinion, and the best way to give our specific opinion isn't an argument.

  • S a not so much a discussion essay.

  • So when we see this question, then we know that our our best we'd be best aerated a an argument.

  • It's a style.

  • So now we just, um, maybe go over the breakdown of an argument essay.

  • So an argument essay starts with an introduction paragraph.

  • It has to supporting paragraphs, and it has a conclusion.

  • Paradigm.

  • And in each paragraph there are sentences and the sentences have jobs to do.

  • Now, if we take these away for now and we'll start with the introduction paragraph, let's put the question back up here so we can make sure they were analyzing it.

  • So now we know when the introduction paragraph we need of Akron sentence.

  • We need a detailed background sentence.

  • We need our thesis.

  • Very important.

  • The main idea of arrested.

  • And finally we need an outline sentence which tells what points of view.

  • I'm sorry, which tells what the supporting paragraph one and supporting paragraph two are going to talk about.

  • Okay, so in the introduction paragraph will have four sentences.

  • I'm gonna take this away, and we'll write the four sentences together.

  • So based on this question, the first thing we want to do is we want to give some background information, and, um and if we look at the question, Well, it's talking about food and a second about restaurants.

  • And it's talking about opinions about foods.

  • So perhaps our first sentence would be something along the lines of opinions.

  • Front up.

  • Oops.

  • Opinions.

  • So opinions, um, on food.

  • Very, um, tremendously.

  • Opinions on Put very tremendously as does and individuals in the jewels.

  • Culinary skills.

  • If culinary, perhaps, is a new word for you, it's anything to do with cooking.

  • Now the second sentence is a more detailed.

  • It provides more detail about the first sentence, so we might want to state than the two points of view that are that are given in our question.

  • So we might say something along the lines of us some people enjoy, no matter how late to meet out well.

  • Others prefer to stay at home to stay at home and cook for themselves.

  • So this is our background sentence or detailed background sentence.

  • And in the third sentence, we state our thesis, and our thesis has to respond directly to our essay question.

  • And it's my recommendation to you to actually pull words right out of your question and use them in your thesis because that will show the the direct link between what your thought is and the entire essays connection to the question.

  • So I hear the question saying, Which do you prefer?

  • So we might say something like for me for to go to food stands for restaurants as opposed to preparing food at home.

  • Okay for me, I prefer to go to food stands or restaurants as opposed to preparing food at home.

  • So, uh, now this is answered our essay question directly.

  • Question is, which do you prefer?

  • So someone who's reading this essay well, there's no question in their mind what our opinion is our opinion is that we like to go to restaurants.

  • We don't like to stay at home and cook.

  • Okay.

  • And then finally, the last sentence in your introduction paragraph states the three areas that you're going to use to support your thesis.

  • Oh, and before I started recording this video, I kind of had to think about some areas I thought would support the idea of going to a restaurant instead of cooking food at home.

  • And I thought that one area could be convenience because going to a restaurant, it's much more convenient than cooking food in your house.

  • And another area, I thought might be that a restaurant restaurant food is has a better taste or taste better than cooking for yourself at home.

  • So we want to state thes these two, uh, supporting reasons in our outline sentence, which is the fourth sentence ever.

  • Introduction will state that here.

  • Okay, So, uh, so perhaps eating in this manner is both more convenience and taste here hands.

  • I will analyze these areas in my essay.

  • Okay, So if we read the, uh, introductory paragraph together, opinions on food very tremendously, as does an individual's culinary skill.

  • Thus, some people like to eat out, while others prefer to stay at home and cook for themselves.

  • For me, I prefer to go to food stands or restaurants, as opposed to preparing food at home.

  • Eating in this manner is both more convenience and taste.

  • Your and I will analyze these areas in my essay.

  • So this is an effective introductory paragraph because it firstly gives us some background information about what we're talking about It.

  • Secondly, states directly what our point of view is, which is the thesis for Mia preferred to go to food stands of restaurants as opposed to bring food at home.

  • Thirdly, it tells exactly the areas that we will analyze in the essay.

  • So just by reading this introductory paragraph, we know exactly what the rest of the essay is going to look like.


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