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Jimbo : STOP!
That's no way to address a respectable dragon!
Zach : Oh!
Give us the mail!
Jimbo: You're missing a word.
Please try again.
Reggie : Oh!
Give us the mail now!
Jimbo : Please try again.
One more time.
Zach : Wow, he' sure is asking politely...oh!
Can we PLEASE have our mail!
Jimbo : Formidable!
We will make gentlemen of you yet
I mean, you will never be as devastatingly handsome as me, but at least you can be polite!
Zach : What do you have for us today, Jimbo?
Jimbo : Let me have a taste!
Yum, yum, yum!
It's from McMinnville, in Oregon, USA.
Reggie : Let's read it!
Dear Zach and Reggie.
My name is Aidan.
I'm eight years old.
I watch your videos a lot
and my mom bought a "Colors" CD for our car.
My 2 year old sister LOVES your videos.
I even have a little something for you.
I even made my own puppet!
You've inspired me to make my own ! From Aidan
Reggie : Here's a picture of Aidan with his puppet!
Zach : Awesome!
And look what he made for us!
Zach : Aidan made us a paper airplane, and gues who's in it?
Reggie : Puppets!
Zach : No!
It's us!
We're not puppets!
We're clearly real people...
Reggie : My mistake.
Zach : Thank you so much, Aidan.
This is super cool!
I bet kids at home will want to make their own paper airplanes after watching this!
If you do make a paper airplane make sure to get a grown-up to take a photo and
post it on our Facebook page!
Get your parents or teacher to help you write a REAL letter on paper and mail it to us.
Ask us a question, or share a drawing with us and we might read it in a mailbox video.
Jimbo : Back in the 1970's I was quite the jet-setter.
Zipping around the world in my corduroy bell bottom.
Jimbo : But, alas, they won't let me fly anymore.
Zach : Why won't they let you fly in an airplane anymore, Jimbo?
Jimbo : Long story short, they banned my stinky, smoky nose.
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Jimbo Teaches Manners | Pancake Manor

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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