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Hey, this is Alex today.
I am in London on the rooftop.
What else?
This is the deputy and I'm supposed to meet Mike Strategies.
If you don't know what a mixologist is, then don't worry and bear with a march wet, sweet chili.
We're kind of drinks consultancy.
Yeah, it's a great word, Love.
It's one of those badges at home playing around, creating different drinks, really seeing what you like nowadays, with all these new ingredients, all these fresh fruits, vegetables, world is nowhere to be taken.
And that's exactly what you do.
You kind of play around, mess around and then hope you come up with some interesting drinks and flavor profiles.
Thea Bar walks more in Spitalfields That's downstairs.
I've got amazing drinks over there.
You could also get some bites and food bites over there.
And there's a few others in East London that you go to you Clay, which is great great bar team over there, always fun, loves comedy.
There's another one I go to.
That's a late night drinking place.
He's a really good established places on the bartenders and bar managers mixologists.
Whoever down the bar has been a lot time creativity, making their own drinks really have some trust in the bars you go into, especially London right now, which is buzzing depending on which Fargo, too.
They have their own list of drinks, which is great.
I mean, I love a doctor.
Really clean, really simple sort of rum, rum based drinks, fresh lime on some sugar.
That I also love.
Tommy's Margarita, which is pretty straightforward, is tequila.
Some Lyman.
It's got shaken up beautiful Congo room with him and also bear May on a shop is perfect.
So you're definitely not on alcohol free diet.
Well, uh, let's see.
Not just yet.
So many, you know, like the artisans on one of the bar managers.
They're the only great kind of innovation, and creativity is spot on another guy's eyes.
Tom Sodom.
The great strength for actually for us who also like like Benji Purslow.
There's another great great psychologist or a bartender, but we're beginning stays.
I'm gonna make you a lovely cocktail with Orangina.
We've got little selection of a few cocktails.
You're gonna have a look.
Tell us which one you like, and if you want, come behind, have a little shaky shake Everything first will be making is a shook which is gonna be really straightforward.
We're using some elderflower liqueur using line sugar, shaking up.
I'm talking about for a time.
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Drink & Meet with a Mixologist, talking Cocktail Bars & Bartenders in London #AD

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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