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New York, you are Miss America 2019.
NIA FRANKLIN: My love of classical music
since from, actually, later in life,
when I was introduced to choral music.
And I joined my chorus class in high school.
And actually, ended up being an honors chorus,
making the North Carolina honors chorus.
That experience really showed me how important
it is to really dedicate yourself to something,
and that's what classical music is all about for me.
NIA FRANKLIN: Everyone knows that the New York
Philharmonic is iconic.
That's why it's so special that the Phil of the Hall
is making their orchestra affordable for anyone.
I would encourage everyone to please come out to this event.
It's going to be so affordable.
For just $5, you can see a world class orchestra perform.
I believe that everyone should have equal access to the arts.
And the Phil the Hall is providing that.
I've seen firsthand what the arts scene for kids
and what the exposure to the arts could do.
So I hope to see a lot of young faces in the crowd.
And I cannot wait to visit this event.
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Miss America Nia Franklin Invites You to "Phil the Hall"

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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