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I'm highlight.
And today, on highly cooking, we are making ultimate nachos.
Thes had a cream sauce on top with avocado and Serrano.
We're gonna put some beef and two kinds of beings on they're basically the best.
Not just that you're ever gonna eat, so we'll start with making our cream sauce.
I'm gonna put some lime juice.
You can do this in a blender or food processor.
I'm using this little mini chopper.
Thinking can add some sour cream.
If you want to use Mexican crema, you can do that too.
But I like the thickness that the sour cream offers and plain, like a Greek style yogurt will also work.
Add a little bit of garlic, like maybe half of a clove kind of coarsely chopped Serrano could use a jalapeno if you want it less spicy.
And you could also take the seeds out.
But I don't bother because I like a spicy and then half of luscious avocado Handsome salt.
Of course, that looks good.
I'm gonna just set that aside and we'll start making the beef and black bean mixture that we're gonna put on our nachos.
Just start out the same image of oil, onion and garlic.
And I'm gonna add my spices to the pan now so they can get a little bit toasted up.
Someone had put some cumin seed.
You can use ground cumin and some chili powder, and I just like to use New Mexico chili powder.
So that's all that's in here.
Just ground up chilies, but a lot of chili powders also have garlic and cumin, Artie added, and you can use that to it doesn't matter on some ground beef.
You want to make this vegetarian.
You could just leave out the beef and do all the same seasonings.
Get that broken up a little bit of water, And this is a trick that's going to make the beef break up into smaller pieces, because when you're doing something like nachos, you don't really want big chunks that might fall off the nacho.
You really want this to be a pretty fine topping.
I'm gonna add.
Don't laugh now, have some ketchup and people may poo poo, adding ketchup to anything that's not French fries, but it's basically tomato paste with like vinegar and sugar at it.
So it's extra slavery, tomato pace far as I'm concerned, and then some black beans, and these are ones that I cooked myself.
I have a recipe for how to cook beans from scratch on my website.
A highly cooking dot com use canned beans, but either way you just want to make sure that you drain off all of the liquid.
So this looks done.
Once the beef is no longer pink than you can call it quits For the second being of our to the nachos, I'm using him re fried beans.
I'm gonna take my time here and spread each chip with a little bit of beings.
And it does take more time than it would if you just, like, slapped everything together in a big pile like they do teaching and Fridays.
But we can do better than T G I.
Friday's y'all when she got one layer down.
Just want to put some of your meat.
Just try to get it even.
And if you want to do this on a big baking sheet and just do one layer, that's totally fine.
But a tall stack of nachos just seems more celebratory, So d'oh a stack, Sprinkle some trees and be generous because there's something weird about, like the physics of nachos.
And that is the cheese.
Always looks like less Shows are layered with an oven 3 55 minutes.
Doesn't beauty full?
I've got some green onion and tomato throw on top because every meal needs fruits and vegetables.
Totally kidding.
Guys don't even need to do this because the jalapenos are actually vegetables, too.
Sauce in a little bag when I cut the corner off and attempt to be fancy so hopefully doesn't backfire.
Oh, my God.
I could be fancy because this recipe and all the recipes are always available at highly cooking dot com with full details and ingredient measurements.
So check it out.
Don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already.
And thanks for watching tryto get a nacho out without totally destroying everything that is right and good about a giant pile of nachos.
Oh, would you look at that?
Could you not Best not.
Joes in the world hope you try them.
If you make this take a picture of tag me on Instagram and Twitter.
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How to Make Nachos Supreme with Avocado Cream | Hilah Cooking

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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