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  • Hello.

  • Everyone misses Beth of cooking and crafting.

  • Ah, Friday evening, I was invited out to the Polynesian Cultural Center for their Christmas in Polynesia event, and we were spoiled rotten, first by having a wonderful meal at Pounders restaurant.

  • The food that they brought just continued to come and amaze each and every bite we enjoyed.

  • Ah, there was such a variety of foods, but I believe that some of the things that they fed us where, um, things that were not on menu, so you know, I will probably mention them.

  • And if you do happen to go there, you probably won't be able to find them on the menu.

  • But it started out with pok balls, which was like unscrew hours.

  • They had the raw fish, which is pok when it's cut into the cubes with a little, um, rice ball.

  • And then there was mono pool, which was to die for, and I am going to be dreaming about that for the next two year and 1/2.

  • Um, there was like snow crab cakes with a cilantro lily, coy.

  • I only, um, sauce over it.

  • Tower chips with smoked marlin Deb mahi mahi nuggets.

  • Ah, Oh, the best part was this fried Oh, Naga with the Thai sweet chili sauce.

  • I wanted to bathe in that It was so, so good.

  • They had Lulu mashed potatoes, guacamole, tariff, Akasha bread, blue chips, which is in a breadfruit, right?

  • Um, and some kind of ah Colby kind of braised I didn't hear what it was.

  • And then there is, of course, the cocoa farm salad.

  • Everything is fresh and obtained from, um, sources that are on the north Shore.

  • But let me tell you a little bit about the, um, the Christmas in Polynesia event.

  • They're running that from the well.

  • It started officially on the 10th.

  • It was a soft opening when we went, and it's gonna run through December 22nd.

  • And they have live entertainment nightly.

  • Um, Christmas canoe rides, which we went on, which is absolutely beautiful.

  • Um, the people are actually singing live when you passed, you know, passed through their little, um, vignettes.

  • I guess you would call that, um, the right for free for Children ages, foreign under and only $3 for ages five and up.

  • And they have photos that you can take with Santa available daily They're also going to be having snow days on Friday and Saturday, December the 16th.

  • On the 17th they're open from 6 30 to 9 30 Andi, you can build snowmen and snow angels and have a friendly snowball fight on their Winter Wonderland Snow day.

  • So after you enjoy all the Christmas festivities, make sure you stop in and pounders and enjoy their delicious, um, a delicious dinner or a dessert.

  • They have desserts also available at the two to sweet shop and, uh, the, uh, marketplaces going to feature live entertainment each night during this time.

  • And they always offer free admission and parking to that rookie low marketplace, since it's right on the outskirts of, you know, Polynesian Cultural Center.

  • So you can go in there and shop and find your local goods and just enjoy yourself as I thoroughly did.

  • So now I'm gonna leave you with a couple of the things that I did see and enjoy during my evening there at the Polynesian Cultural Centre.

  • I hope you go and check them out if you haven't gone in the last four years.


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