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This is the street Dolly.
That's Italian for road.
Yes, this is a road car.
You want to get it on the tribe?
A little north 60 takes just over three seconds flat out.
It'll do 174 miles an hour.
But in Mr Darling, it's how you do it is to get there that really get something straight away with.
Rates are happy, too, because Dolly is light, really.
Lights De la ra has built the straddle it almost entirely of carbon fiber, the skeleton and body working carbon fiber, most of the interior, even the cup holder Elin.
This car tips the scales at a race car rivaling 900 kilos on the motor sport nohow.
It doesn't end there.
You know what separates proper rates cars from.
That's the regular fast up.
There's no power.
It's down!
Force this car, it's all about the downforce.
Flat out the street, Dolly makes a mighty 800 kilos of the stuff.
Wasn't massive scoops behind the wheel, that enormous rear wing that manipulating the Afro over the car military stick it to the surface of the track.
That means they can do this.
That's great.
You can wait.
I think it's so shocking.
This will produce lateral forces of two cheese racecar G force that makes you feel like your brains about a leak out of your ears.
Oh, yes.
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15 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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