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  • Here we go baby, Season 8!

  • Finally, they vaulted planes.

  • About time!

  • Wait what did the patch notes say?

  • Adventure awaits.

  • Are we in Wakanda?

  • What is happening?

  • The go-karts vaulted?

  • Reduced availability of high tier assault rifles?

  • Is this Mount Vesuvius?

  • What happens if you touch the lava?

  • Oh.

  • Ooooo.

  • Oh-ho-HO!

  • I like the Conga.

  • OK!

  • Sunny Steps, what the heck is this?

  • Lazy Lagoon, I like it.

  • I gotta unlock the banana immediately.

  • Is this Naruto?

  • They got the Hokage up in here.

  • Can he do the Rasengan?

  • They got cannons?

  • How do you use the cannon?

  • I'm already tired of these geysers.

  • I keep going on geysers on accident.

  • You can put yourself inside the cannon!

  • [canon fires]

  • Oh-ho!

  • [explosive noises]

  • Is he a lizard or a dinosaur?

  • Hello?

  • Still don't have mics?

  • It's Season 8 and no one has a mic.

  • This might be my favorite skin in the game.

  • Of course, it's the last unlockable one.

  • Oh!

  • Sit down!

  • OHHH!!!

  • Let's go.

  • [gunfire]

  • Why am I still trash after 7 seasons.

  • [controller thuds]

  • Man, I'm going to play Apex.

  • I'm a grown man.

Here we go baby, Season 8!

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