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The following video features multiple if not all spoilers.
Let me see what all this talk is about.
I heard it's like a knock off A Quiet Place.
There's a guy on a walkie-talkie.
Sandra Bullock is not playing!
They're going on a trip.
Where's the trip to?
They can't take their blindfold off.
She will hurt you if you do?
That's child abuse.
If you look you will die.
Look at what?
She's a painter and she's pregnant.
Where's the father at?
Out of the picture.
Get it.
Cause she's a painter.
I'll stop.
Mass suicide?
What is Putin doing in Russia?
Getting a sonogram.
Is that lady hitting her head on the window?
The Russian thing is here.
Don't stop for a red light!
What are you doing?
What's wrong with her eyes?
What did she see?
Her sister's gonna kill them.
She flipped the car.
Her sister just walked in front of a bus.
You better get up and start running!
That woman just sat in a car and burned alive!
We got a black person, OK!
Keep your eyes down.
Let them in the house.
She's pregnant!
John Malkovich is in this!
That was his wife?
They got BD Wong in this!
Black dude from Get Out.
He was the security officer.
Oh no, TSA.
Why is Machine Gun Kelly in this?
Eminem dissed him so hard he had to start acting?
I get it.
They're going to survive in this house.
Old lady, no one is coming to help you.
What is Get Out talking about?
Demons and spirit creatures.
Man calm down.
Back to the boat.
Are those birds in a box?
Bird Box.
I get it.
Why is John Malkovich so mean?
His wife did just die.
Who's at the door?
Don't open the door.
Her name is Olympia?
What kind of name is Olympia?
She's pregnant too.
Why would you volunteer to look at images?
You can't even look at a picture of it?
He died from looking at the images!
At least he died for research.
Why'd they leave him up there alone in the first place?
Definitely did not need to see Machine Gun Kelly naked.
Who is the girl though?
What's her name?
What's her IMDB?
Back on the river.
Who's talking?
They hear someone.
Why is she shooting?
Who is she shooting at?
He's definitely a bad guy.
You're wasting bullets.
This dudes infected.
Get him.
Get him Malorie!
Ohhh machete to the neck!
Get him!
It shall cleanse the world.
Are they really trying to make a food run without being able to see in the car?
You know good and well that was not a speed bump.
The entity is surrounding the car!
You better drive!
I'm not getting out the car.
How did they get in the store that easy?
Honestly, I wouldn't leave the store.
Y'all can go back.
I'm gonna stay here.
Is Tom flirting with Malorie?
Shoot your shot Tom!
Shooters shoot Tom.
Isn't she pregnant right now though?
Do not let that person in.
You can't open every door Tom!
His name is Fish Fingers.
Do not let that person in.
That's a sign, the birds are freaking out.
Did Charlie just die!?
I liked Charlie.
If the other black guy dies, I'm not watching anymore.
24 hours on the river.
How far do they have to go?
Look at this dumb girl getting out the boat.
Malorie told you not to leave the boat, Girl.
Look at you.
You should've stayed on the boat.
Get out of there Malorie, run!
Boy know what's up.
Save yourself!
What is Olympia doing?
Did Olympia just let some random dude into the house?
Are you a simpleton?
New dude's name is Gary.
He said some dude's were after him.
Have a heart Douglas.
Let him stay.
Old woman coming in clutch with the vase.
Shut the heck up Olympia.
The heck wrong with Olympia.
She promised to take care of her child.
It all makes sense now.
Are Malorie and Olympia going into labor at the same time?
What the heck?
What is going on?
What type of drawings are those?
Uh oh!
Gary just put the birds in the freezer.
Tom, grab the shotgun!
Y'all should've listened to Douglas!
Grab the shotgun, Tom!
Douglas was right the whole time.
His eyes are green!
He's one of them.
Is he gonna kill their babies?
Olympia, give Malorie the baby!
At least the baby is safe for now.
You can force people's eyes open like that?
The old lady stabbed herself to death.
Let's go Douglas!
Open you eyes.
Shoot him one time in the face, real quick.
Got em'.
Shoot him one more time.
He knocked him off the stairs.
Oh my gosh!
How you gonna kill Douglas with scissors?
Grab the shotgun Tom.
Tom better be alive!
Let's go baby!
I knew he was alive.
Five years later?
We just gonna jump 5 years ahead?
Oh my gosh!
Tom is swole!
I need to go workout.
What time does the gym close?
They're just gonna have sex right next to the children?
This was the dude on the radio at the beginning.
Might as well go down the river.
You are running out of supplies.
Tell her Tom!
Let the children dream Malorie.
They need dreams.
The children's names are Boy and Girl?
How is this for their interest?
Aren't those 5-year-old poptarts?
This is where Tom dies.
It's a gang of the immune.
He gave her his Iraq necklace.
He's gonna die.
OK Tom!
Nice shot.
Take all of them with you Tom.
So immune people just go around looking for people to take their blindfolds off?
And you gotta deal with the creatures!
It's too much, man.
Tom got infected!
Kill the last one.
Kill him Tom!
Fight it.
Fight it!
Good job Tom.
Good job!
OK, we're up to real time.
You gonna make Olympia's child look Malorie?
That's cold, but I would do it too.
No one's looking.
I didn't even know that was an option.
There is no way you're going down the rapids blindfolded.
I'm drowning off rip.
The boat flipped over!
She found Boy.
Where is Girl?
Keep ringing it.
Malorie got her.
Follow the birds.
Of course Malorie trips.
And Girl starts wandering off again.
What is wrong with Girl?!
She's definitely Olympia's child.
There we go Boy! Good job, Boy!
Girl's afraid of you cause you didn't let Tom finish the story.
What did he see at the top of the tree?
He saw us...that's beautiful.
Y'all better move though.
Malorie, Tom is dead.
Keep it moving.
Listen for the birds.
There it is.
Let them in!
We made it this far.
Take the children!
Let them in!
Bruh, we made it this far.
Let them in!
They made it!
Let's go!
Oh, now you wanna give them names.
Wait is that the end?
What happened to Machine Gun Kelly and the girl that took the car?
Are they just gonna live in that place forever?
What were the creatures?
Why did Charlie have to die?
Is there gonna be a sequel?
Why didn't she call the daughter Ella?
I have so many questions.
I know one thing: I'm never going outside again.
I'm a grown man.
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How People Reacted to Bird Box

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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