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  • Hey, kids, today we're making fast Amisi Caramel apples U two's best for creative things.

  • It's cooking and crap.

  • Hey, kids, some of the things we're gonna be using for this is caramel bits, which is going to make it nice and easy to melt down and cover.

  • We're also going to use different coverings like M and M's um, Sno caps Ness.

  • Lee's bits.

  • Um, we have some bamboo sticks that we're going to stick into the tops of our apples, and we have some muffin liners that are used for those muffin top type things.

  • So let's get started.

  • Follow the instructions on how to melt down these caramel bits once you've melted down your caramel bits.

  • I did notice that I had some strays that didn't quite to melt.

  • They will eventually, but you just want to go ahead and rule your clean apples in them and get them as covered as you can.

  • And the I noticed that the heavier toppings that we used tended to droop down and take most of the caramel away, and you'll see how I covered for that at the end of this, So just cover them as well as you can, and then we're gonna put the toppings on.

  • Once I got it covered, I take the spoon and I try to take off as much from the bottom as possible because some will continue to drip down.

  • And then what I did was I started rolling it into the toppings, and then it kind of seemed to get a little bit messy.

  • So I just continued by drizzling the rest of them on to each of the apples.

  • Thes held up pretty well because they're very light in weight.

  • And so I didn't have any of the drip edge down like I did with some of the heavier coverings.

  • As you see here, I've added the sno caps and the caramel continued to drip into the bowl.

  • But since it was pretty much a one, you know, one bucks full, it covered the apple the way I wanted it to.

  • And, um, all of those that I put on the top ended up dripping down.

  • Plus, he can see where I told you about The heavier topping seemed to drip down.

  • So I got these girl deli melting wafers and I melted them.

  • Per the instructions, I put them in a little plastic bottle, and I'm going to cover up the hoops on there, and no one will ever know that that was a mistake.

  • So just go ahead and go around each apple with a good amount of chocolate to start drizzling down each side.

  • And then when you get to the other apples, if you want to just jazz them up a little bit, you can just drizzle some chocolate back and forth and regardless that, you know, they ended up.

  • I'm not looking as great until the chocolate was added.

  • They still tasted fantastic and the family enjoyed.

  • I hope you enjoyed watching this caramel apple video.

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  • See you next time.

  • Bye.

Hey, kids, today we're making fast Amisi Caramel apples U two's best for creative things.

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