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  • Yes.

  • I feel like I feel less is a Greek In the maverick Harry Matter Stone can of our most gonna vom secret mena Greektown to Toronto after any of us Danforth caregivers to break down Milam after me about Michael Perez.

  • He noted that say Lyndon, except in the level of Oceania poor legally area made a lonely spirit.

  • He's Cushman story is true scared here.

  • Must Theo get away with this?

  • If the right tone, everything must live by the steam you came.

  • And actually this is your mother.

  • Yes, You got that?

  • This is really some emitting border.

  • Really?

  • Me A happy Greek radio.

  • Thea brought her home.

  • Nobody Mahalo.

  • Unit system analysis Lava inability to hear you.

  • Who knows the McAllister, the Obama, the compassion in Mexico.

  • Carol, about civilities in this field, a woman like you move over?

  • Yeah.

  • You mean that I'm gonna getting Mani McCullough money though.

  • Daughter Muzzy.

  • Course disgraces talking a few months in a vote.

  • The healing.

  • Of course I've seen that sty must stop your fears.

  • So he must there specializing in Greece and pocket the end of the year.

  • My trip here tell the most compilers Hannah Rose I think that really, But do go on it.

  • It's a boil three years ago some night there being a disconnect, my taxi tone, even spy last Look it up.

  • You're now the showman daughter home a bit about the yeah, unless scaly skin, but I will get in the car.

  • Does the Commodore show waking?

  • Accounting in a TV Web TV Getting accounting Met to shadiness Actos alevis e To sharing this, I put in a lot of the preppers extra corn dog slogan mussing for the love of everything.

  • Greek Yeah, filling up by protesting Athena Crop only Shia Give it on up eyesight in Afghanistan a country known if people begin the guy here is to say the other mothers in this capital He, Santorini, Mykonos.

  • The bottom of it.

  • I got it.

  • Borna Bettina Sanden Number color mustachioed Don Jenny in a public area, they lose over the rupiah coming off the mathematical melon.

  • A better party.

  • Malone Grotto Charlotte Any But he does raise your man a loving, fun Yemeni land located lifestyle left today I love to.

  • Mercifully, he finally was his calling.

  • Gabriella, the I love when he's next, recess was unanswerable, stable he say only a matter of a levee.

  • See that the borders next lifetime again?

  • It's got about a partner.

  • Get in after Xu comics, all in the chocolate.

  • I thought that maybe Saviola shift areas like Scotty, so the body shakes.

  • If you're gonna ask at the hollow the bed that you have to pilot a city that has cattle, that's its policy.

  • Yes, party like it's dailies.

  • Let the well being of the A condom.

  • A theater, Linda that these bodies said the meanest, nastiest said they're in.

  • If you're for a token of Captain America in lt Took another, sir Pro Tyree Mouse can entice a kind of those.

  • And Justin, much American Can't people so different?

  • A whole listeners most of America.

  • You never learn, Nicky.

  • Like Noah, they need the money that American your needs wind up in a lot of Lex.

  • Exactly.

  • Jimmy.

  • What journal?

  • Claiming that, Minister.

  • Lookit if you volunteer the defenseless alone.

  • Observe.

  • You know he's a Greek After sister Lisa, My mate Mickey noted down your Uncle Martha made This study is to be thought a Yoda must make again the souvlaki like another Isa.

  • So the guy in the stadium Oh my God.

  • My niece is in pieces.


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The Greek diaspora in Toronto | Easy Greek 32

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/25
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