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What's up, guys Over doing well, if you knew to show these bitches don't talk about things that I hate things.
I'm just not about that.
Like, for example, babies at movie theaters.
Here's the robot bringing babies to move.
Don't they?
Don't know what's going on.
They're not gonna remember.
They don't care.
Best case for bringing a baby to a movie theater doesn't talk, doesn't cry or poop.
It just sits there and it's silent as we all know.
That's what babies are best to dio that.
Not that one reason I think there is racism is because they're not black superhero.
I mean, think about it.
Why people have Superman.
Asians have go coop.
Hispanic people have Dora the explorer and what do we have?
Ah, black green lantern.
There's like 50,000 green lanterns.
You don't have any power like the ring is all the power.
Not that cool.
OK, I will admit, growing up, we did have static shot, had dreadlocks.
Yeah, that's cool.
Electricity power could shot people.
Honestly, that was canceled out by the fact that man was flying on top of garbage lead I can use to find out something normal doesn't even have to be flying on a garbage lead.
Ah, garbage league.
And how come our Disney princess gets turned into a front?
We see what you're doing.
You think you slit your not Slade got is riding garbage.
Can lid turn into front about that like it's being about black?
How do we not have black people?
Emojis Still does your artists not know how to draw black people?
Now they're having a difficulty with hair on Lee Black Emojis out there right now are ridiculous Black Moon.
And like some Dukie that, like when Taylor Swift doesn't buy you a Christmas present when you go into a fast food restaurant like one or two people and then it still takes forever to get your order with that chick lady of the two people, me and this other dude waiting on Army, it took literally seven minutes.
You may be thinking yourself Scooter.
Seven minute comedy.
No, I order something exotic.
I ordered the chicken nuggets.
12 count saw the Nuggets.
They're just sitting.
I could have gone over there, picked up the Nuggets to take seven minutes for you to put nuggets on train give to they have to be cooked.
The French fries were right there and the worst part about it.
No one was in the drive through.
Not that getting the last group of something at Moe's of Pole A or subway, the last group of anything, unless his ice cream and I already had two.
When they believe random words on the radio like gun within in the exact same song, they have all these other words uncensored.
How about that?
How about when the song's edited so much?
When you finally hear the unedited version of the song, you have no idea what you're listening to.
Know that like girls changing the last name on Facebook to their middle names that when Instagram notifies you that one of your Facebook friends joined Instagram, I'm following everyone I want to be following on instagram 94% of the time.
I don't know who these friends I have no where.
Facebook friend just notifying me of new Facebook friends.
I even know I had places that don't give free refills.
Here's my rule on this situation.
If they don't give free refills, I don't want to go there.
You want me to pay an extra $2 for a drink.
What is that?
What the heck do you see?
Paint forgot about that life.
Okay, I'm a little bit will be worked out.
Oh, I thought like after this week, though asked you guys on Snapchat what you were not about that life.
Here's what you had to say when people leave their shopping carts in parking spaces.
And then I can't park there.
Not about that life when your parents bring home takeout and then there's no takeout left because you're suddenly made it all.
Not about that.
Like your phone.
Is it like 17% and then it just dies 17 to 0.
Right, then, not about that.
When you want to make a sandwich and you get this piece of right, what is going on?
What is this?
Not about that.
Like when you study all night for a test and then you get in class, the next thing you're teaching postpones it.
Not about that.
When you just brought the iPhone five and they come up with an iPhone six.
Not great stuff, great stuff.
People comment down below.
About what?
You're not about the life you could be on the next video.
As always, new videos every Sunday got most way.
Goes to Rome.
Meets yet him 80.
Are you d are you do that?
I'm a grown man with a grown man.
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Not About That Life 13

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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