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Here we go, baby.
Time to win.
Number 18.
Time to shock the world against Simpson.
Is not ready, sweetie.
Gonna have our boards right now.
We got to play the Fool Day.
And already here we go.
We got the ball for three and out to be a long game Clips.
Shake it off.
That's what I'm talking about.
It's not ideal.
What are you doing?
It's not right to call time out, but it's not gonna matter him of moving the ball too easy on me.
Hair's was close.
Let's go, baby.
On the way.
You have a good kick.
Some guard do.
They can't guard duty work down there going for it while cat easy trying to field goal barely made it.
I'll take good whole defense.
Is our kicker doing just about?
Do it in a national championship?
Gonna be the reason we wounds green Feaster, Run that figure something out on defense.
Let's go nto four town we're going for on our own 35 made it.
That's why I love you doing you're getting?
Yeah, cornerbacks are getting exposed Said to always right, Trevor Lord, where you wouldn't want to.
You gotta be smarter than that.
Hit out about way.
Get a stop on defense.
We gotta score before waiting.
The clock run out.
We gotta figure this out of halftime.
Getting going?
Teitelbaum Basement.
You gotta catch that.
You're not passing a fairing kicking a field goal.
Why would we?
Fake way We learn nothing from Georgia.
Justin Ross, that Dr Wade defender had Good.
You go, Mr Ex employee benefit, right?
The hell, Judy.
I should have been a gown looking.
He's grabbing thought now.
Four back to it in May.
Catch, Ross, Wait.
Not a fumble.
Ross was down.
You can't get your pride todo about to talk.
I wanna watch the forecourt put a game by Trevor.
Laurence, Are we sure he's only 19?
We just want a Q B sweep on fourth down way.
Got to have a law for two more seasons.
Maybe three.
If we're lucky, we don't deserve it.
You gotta have at least 300 yards.
Another first down.
But overlords, Timeout!
Get them all out.
This is Drake spoke.
Now we want to put Jalen back for all the seniors.
Can't with him on this one.
Losing isn't the best day of my life so often feels every day we came up short but still a great season will be back.
Minor setback in a major comeback.
They just had our number today.
Rolled We wanted Grandma, but I didn't want no chance.
I'm a grown man.
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Bama vs. Clemson Fans During the National Championship

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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