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Coop better be in for the game winning catch this game.
Tyron Smith is out this game?
What's up with Vander Esch?
Is he playing?
This is a win-win scenario.
If we lose, at least Jason Garrett gets fired.
If we win and the Eagles lose,
we're makin' a Super Bowl run.
Even if we win the Super Bowl,
we still gotta fire Jason Garrett.
Here we go, baby.
Please make this kick, Green Bay.
I don't wanna see overtime.
Thank you. We gettin' the ball to start?
Is Sean Lee playing?
First down, Dak, run that!
That wasn't even a hold on Zeke!
Off to a great start.
And we go three and out, great.
Interception, Jaylon Smith!
That's an interception.
Jaylon caught that.
Let's go! (claps) Cobb is short of the first down.
Go for it!
Zeke got the first down.
Is Zeke hurt?
No, Zeke's okay.
Whew, Maurice Smith got hurt.
He gave the thumbs up, though.
Run that, Dak, oh!
He ran over Jonathan Bostic!
Still gotta kick the field goal.
Killer Kai Forbath!
Seven for seven now!
Eagles are up three-oh now.
Not bad, come on, Giants.
Xavier Woods got it!
Adrian Peterson fumbled that!
Good job, Malcolm Smith.
Who is Malcolm Smith?
Did Zeke fumble?
Forward progress was stopped.
What are we doing on offense?
Kellen Moore!
Did Gallup miss a wide open catch?
Probably wouldn't have made the first down anyways.
Two turnovers and we can only get six points?
I like Kai Forbath.
I like scoring touchdowns more, though.
What are we doing on defense?
Did the Redskins run a reverse and lose six yards?
Great play calling.
That's too much space, Sean Lee.
Fourth down.
Good coverage on that play, Sean Lee!
Theyʼre going for it on fourth and four? Incomplete!
Turnover on downs! (claps)
Did Dak fumble?
The Redskins got it!
Did he hurt his shoulder trying to recover it?
I cannot believe this.
Defense, way to hold, okay! (claps)
They jumped offsides, we got a free play!
Amari Cooper, what a catch!
48 yard catch, get up!
Did Zeke fumble again?
Forward progress again!
Dakʼs scrambling, get rid of it, Dak!
Zeke wide open in the end zone, baby!
Still three-oh in the Eagles game?
Better be glad you didnʼt catch that swing pass,
Adrian Peterson.
Jeff Heath was there!
Robert Quinn with the sack!
Giants scored a field goal!
Come on, baby!
Dak got sacked?
Fleming is getting abused by Montez Sweat!
And we go three and out.
What type of punt was that, Chris Jones?
18-yard punt?
The Eagles scored a touchdown before half?
At least our defense came to play.
Good three and out!
Theyʼre goin' for it on fourth and five? Incomplete!
I like when they go for it on fourth down!
Randall Cobb, way to get that first down!
Good run, Zeke, oh, he stayed up! Keep going! (screams)
It's easy! (claps)
Give the ball to Zeke and good things happen!
Look at that block by Joe Looney!
Okay, Joe!
Jaylon Smith with the sack!
They called Jaylon Smith for a face mask?
That's like a 30-yard penalty!
Did they really call a penalty on Jeff Heath?
That was a legal hit!
No foul, good!
Sims bobbled that ball, that's not a catch!
If Dez didn't catch it, neither did Sims!
Shut up, Troy Aikman!
They really reversed the call?
And Sims scores a touchdown, of course!
Refs scored that touchdown.
What is going on? Why is this taking so long to figure out?
Illegal formation?
Let's just go!
Can we go?
We could score before half.
Did Dak fumble?
And we get a holding call.
Just knee the ball. We're just hand it to Zeke?
All right, halftime.
Weʼre a 3rd quarter team. We're really gonna start the half
with a long Adrian Peterson run?
How are they already about to score?
Let's go, Golden Tate!
Tied it up with the Eagles! (clap)
You can do this, Giants!
Incomplete pass to Sims!
Fourth down, are they kickin' it?
Iʼll take the three points, shoo--
Let's put this game away, boys!
Good catch, Coop!
Nice run, Zeke!
Gallup, what a catch!
Did he do a 360 catch?
He just 360 dunked on someone!
We really gonna let Sims have that many yards?
What are we doing?
Eagles just scored a touchdown?
We're doing our part!
Do your part, Giants!
The Giants just scored a touchdown?
Okay, Saquon!
Jeff Heath, intercept that!
Fourth down now.
Redskins kickin' a field goal.
Iʼll take it!
Randall Cobb is wide open! (shrieks)
32 yards!
Doesn't get easier than that! (clapping)
Really? We do a play action on third and one?
And Dak gets sacked.
Just run the ball with Zeke!
Forbath, youʼre up!
He made it.
I love this man.
I love Kai Forbath!
Philly just made a field goal.
Dang it!
Robert Quinn! Kerry Hyder cleaned it up!
Sack, baby! (clapping)
Gotta punt that, Redskins!
Zeke, nice run!
Heʼs already over 100 yards.
Michael Gallup, how'd he stay up?
(shrieks) He's gonna score!
He's gonna score!
Michael Gallup is a grown man!
They're goin' for it on fourth down again?
They're oh for three!
Good deflection, Jaylon Smith!
We got this game under control,
let's see what are the Giants are doing?
Eagles are up by 10.
Fourth and two.
Go for it, Giants!
What type of play call is that, Giants?
A shotgun run to Saquon on fourth and two?
Intercept that, Giants!
Why are the Eagles passing the ball?
Are they stupid?
How do yʼall let Scott get that many yards?
Who is Scott?
Of course Boston Scott scores the next play!
Giants did this on purpose!
Who is Scott?
The Giants are complete trash!
Never rely on the Giants to beat anyone...
...except the Patriots!
I don't even wanna watch either game anymore.
Why couldn't we play like this last week?
It doesn't even matter!
'Cause the Giants can't do anything!
Gallup scored again?
Doesn't matter!
We're not makin' the playoffs!
Too little, too late!
Should've beat the Eagles last week!
Talkin' about Saquon's better than Zeke!
Can't even pick up two yards on fourth down!
I am done watching football!
A fitting end to the season!
I'm glad I don't have to deal with the Clapper anymore
after this season!
Now we wanna win!
Now we wanna play good!
We lost to the Jets!
Eight and eight, same thing every year!
Disappointed, but not surprised!
I'm done with football!
I'm tired of this mediocrity!
We got too much talent...
...to be goin' eight and eight!
If Jason Garrett's the coach next year,
I'm not watching!
When does the XFL start?
When do we draft?
At least this nightmare is over!
Eagles are gonna lose the first round anyways!
I didn't even wanna win!
I'll take Urban Meyer.
I don't know about Lincoln Riley after that Oklahoma game.
All we had to do was not lose to the Jets!
Why canʼt we just be good for one season?
It's so hard being a Cowboys fan!
I just wanna be good!
(somber music)
I'm a grown man!
(horse hooves clopping)
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Cowboys Fans During the Redskins Game

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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