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My name is Matt.
Yes, Carla.
I have the honor to be the first artist in residence under the new music director.
Yet from Sweden, I'm looking so much forward to be here with so much different kind of interesting repertoire from the German Requiem over being John Adams, Devon Dresser.
It's a great honor, and I can't wait to come to this wonderful season with all this different kind of programs.
I had a sleep during a break and I was dreaming that I would assume conductor New York field our money.
And then I woke up and I really go there very soon.
This is imminent.
And I'm absolutely thrilled and excited to be coming next year in New York.
My I'm very excited to blame with your sword.
Monique, it's open.
Delinquent center.
This isn't a frozen pizza.
My name is Miranda.
I am very excited to meet your on it in the coming season.
I'm extremely excited to be part of the New York Philharmonic ce 18 19 season.
I will be playing a heightened piano control eagle and the wonderful Stravinsky Capriccio for orchestra next season.
I'm really looking forward to looking forward to doing really look forward to.
I'm looking for I'm very excited about I'm particularly excited about.
I'm really excited to play clinical.
Cheritto with a music director on Dhe, also playing the Shubert Shepherd on the Rock, the Barber Violin Concerto that will be in the fall.
And it's been a long time since I played it, so I'm looking for toe revisiting it.
Brahms Requiem One of the most beautiful pieces that Brahms ever wrote to the Second Pronto by Stravinsky and Brooke.
Great Brooke Bruckner.
Symphony number eight Rite of Spring, which is the opening week of the season with the appliance Aiden's Mahler six.
Shostakovich seven.
Shostakovich Symphony number seven with Yap on Hayden.
We're looking for looking forward to playing that those were the things I'm looking forward to the bust, so that should be really fun.
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New York Philharmonic Guest Artists and Musicians: The 2018–19 Season

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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