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Hey, dudes, I'm highlight And two down.
Highly cooking.
We're making homemade dog treats.
I'm gonna share my recipe.
And then at the end, Jin from Justin, life is gonna share her recipe with you.
So these air great thing to have around the holiday times when you need, like, a gift for a dog lover in your life Or maybe just a dog that you love.
Okay, My recipe is based on sardines, so it's a little bit stinky.
But if you do, it means that you really love your dog.
So I've got two cans of sardines here, and I'm using the ones that are that still have the bones in the skin.
So we get lots of calcium and minerals and stuff like that.
And then there are also packed in water because I don't want him to be, like, too greasy.
So just lift him out into a bowl and you can use, like, the super cheap ones for this too.
Like this.
Is these air like, 88 cents or something?
Banjos Already getting interested?
You small sardines.
It's gonna be for you, buddy.
And Daisy, Don't you get all the sardines out?
We're gonna hang on to this liquid and might need it later.
You just want to use your fork and start mashing this up into a paste and the bones in cancer genes because they are pressure cooked, just they just disintegrate If you've never eaten them yourself.
It's not like a choking hazard.
Anything for your dog.
So don't worry about that.
Looks pretty appetizing.
Goes okay.
Now I'm gonna add a little bit of molasses, and this gives him a nice color at some more minerals.
Start mixing that up, and then I've got some dry milk.
If your dog is allergic to dairy, um, you can totally just use some extra flour.
But my dogs love milk and cheese and some whole wheat flour.
And if your dog has a wheat allergy, you can use oatmeal or flower or something like that.
Start getting this next step, and then if you need Thio adding a little bit of the sardine liquid, so just keep working that in until it's all combined.
Okay, this looks good.
So these are not gonna be very cute like tens, but the dogs, like, just seriously go crazy over them.
So they're really good to use as, like, a training treat, because the dark, they're very desirable treats.
So once you've got your sardine dough finished here, just got a little baking sheet with some parchment paper on it.
And you just wanna sort of get maybe, like, teaspoon sized balls and place them on the tray.
Once you've got all of your little balls out, we're just gonna take a little fork, make a little, like, Crisscrossed, flattened out a little bit.
All right, So now I'm just gonna put these in the oven at 3 50 for out 15 minutes.
When the timer goes off, I'm gonna turn the oven off and just let them cool in the oven until they're completely cool.
And that's gonna help dry them out a little bit.
So see that?
Okay, so they baked and they've cooled.
And let's give him a taste.
I'm kidding.
Although I could totally eat these cause there's nothing like bad in here, but I'm gonna instead see them to the dogs.
So for another recipe, check out just yet.
Life gin made these.
I should actually sent me the recipe.
And I made some so hurt her like really cute sweet potato peanut butter ones, and you roll it.
You can make it into, like, cookie dough.
Basically, you could make a really cute shape.
So her recipe is actually, um, probably better for, like, gift stuff.
So check it out there.
And while you're at it, you might as well subscribed because they have really, really awesome videos.
And she's very charming and knowledgeable and great recipes.
Okay, now let's see what the Dugs have to see you about this.
Hey, doggies, come here.
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How to Make Dog Treats collab with JustEatLife! | Hilah Cooking

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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