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  • Hi, I'm Anu Gia and I'm Hippo and its tip Tuesday on Show Me the curry dot com.

  • So today's tip is how to release glasses like water cups that speck into each other happens to all of us.

  • All of us.

  • Yes, it's just incredible.

  • You know, you're trying to, you know, usually a muscle power to get him apart.

  • And, you know, that's really not a good idea, because you can end up breaking them.

  • And really, there's a very simple trick to it.

  • And even if it's not glass, because I know a lot of people use stainless steel coming, they really jam it to each other, and there's impossible to get out.

  • This is a cool tip for this, what you do.

  • So this is our two glasses stuck together, and what we're gonna do is because we've got a bowl of water over here now.

  • It doesn't have to be a whole lot just warm water, and we're gonna put some ice in the inside of the car, and we're just gonna dip the whole thing in warm water and let it just sit for a couple of minutes.

  • Ideally, you'd want a little larger bowl.

  • So water needs to at least be up to heroes where the ice is kind of submerged.

  • In that way, it works a little better, But right now, we're just doing this just to show you.

  • So the science behind this whole thing is that the ice actually makes the inside glass contract a little bit.

  • And the warm water makes the outside glass span a little bit, and I should just loosen up.

  • So I think we'll just let it be for a minute or two and we come back.

  • All right, so we're gonna take our glasses out, and actually, it's worked out really good, but two glasses was stuck and, you know, just said, Oh, it is sure it So what a great idea.

  • And I know it again.

  • It'll mentioned it happens to all of us.

  • So quick trick.

  • So if you have a tip to share with us, please do so at tips at Show me the curry dot com.

  • That's t I.

  • P s at.

  • Show me the curry doctor and join us again on another Tuesday for another tip on.

Hi, I'm Anu Gia and I'm Hippo and its tip Tuesday on Show Me the curry dot com.

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