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- Hey dudes, I'm Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking
I'm making chicken pot pie quesadillas.
That's all the creamy, cheesy, chickeny goodness
of a chicken pot pie stuffed into a quesadilla.
And you're going, "What?" right now.
Your eyeballs are popping out of your head.
Put your eyeballs back in your head, son.
It's time to eat some quesadillas.
(bright new wave music)
Now to start out, I've got some
cooked shredded chicken in this bowl,
along with some green onions, some celery,
and some fresh herbs.
I'm using cilantro and parsley.
OK, we're gonna add a little bit of jalapeno.
This is up to you how much you wanna add.
These are fresh.
I'm gonna add some mixed frozen vegetables
that have been thawed.
I'm gonna add some cream cheese.
This has been softened.
Should have had a bigger bowl, God dang it.
We can make it work.
We always make it work, right guys?
I'm gonna season it with a little salt and pepper,
or a lot of pepper because I like pepper
'cause I like it spicy.
OK, so once your mixture is fully mixed,
flour tortillas here.
Grated cheese, I'm using quesadilla cheese
'cause we're making quesadillas, get it?
Gotta be proper, but any kind of cheese will work.
Cheddar, good.
And about a quarter of the chicken mixture.
A little more cheese.
Just fold that over.
So I'm gonna continue to assemble
four quesadillas like this,
and then we'll go over to the stove,
put them on a dry, hot skillet,
and cook them just for a minute or two on each side
over a medium high heat until the tortilla
is really nice and crispy,
and all the cheese is melty, and the chicken is warm.
And then we have this.
So I like to cut these into thirds.
Yeah, I love a big fat quesadilla.
This recipe with all the measurements
and other recipes
are always on my site at HilahCooking.com,
so check that out if you wanna make this.
That's beautiful.
That's a sight for sore eyes.
(happily humming)
That's yummy as hell.
This is one of the best ideas I've ever had.
I really hope that you try this.
If you do, take a picture,
send it to me on Instagram or Twitter, #Hilahcooking.
And I will see you all next week.
Thanks for much.
(bright new wave music)
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How to Make Chicken Pot Pie Quesadillas | Hilah Cooking

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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