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I’m Olivia Wilde, director of “Booksmart.”
So at this moment in the film, the girls
have just reached the party, and it’s sort of like Dorothy
arriving in Oz.
They come through the doors.
They’re finally here.
Molly, played by Beanie Feldstein,
spots Nick, played by Mason Gooding.
Everyone else seems to disappear.
And what follows is a fantasy that
reveals that Molly has been the most romantic person
in the room this entire film.
The most interesting way to use
the language of filmmaking is to illustrate,
cinematically, something emotional about a character
that we can’t see on the surface,
that we can’t explain with words.
And I wanted to pay homage to the great films of the 1940s
and '50s in Hollywood that use dance.
In order to achieve it, it took an incredible amount
of collaboration between all departments.
Our Steadicam operator, Chris Haarhoff,
who had shot “Birdman,” so I knew
he could handle long, extended Steadicam shots,
shot this in one shot that would take us
through the entire house.
It was very difficult.
There was also the added complication
of the lighting design being cued
by the actors' choreography.
It was an effort on behalf of the entire crew together,
and no one more than the actors
themselves, who learned this intense choreography designed
by Denna Thomsen.
And Mason Gooding had never danced before in his life.
And when they nailed it, everybody
erupted into applause, and there
were tears, tears, tears.
You good?
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How Olivia Wilde Created a Fantasy Musical Scene for ‘Booksmart’ | Anatomy of a Scene

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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