B1 Intermediate 4 Folder Collection
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Every samovar salon on Landry.
Oh, April.
Want a revelation?
Comes the Manaka fit Jacquet!
So, Andrea, comment Brenton coffin on the road since it's okay, don't tell me, Um, can you imagine this gruesome and a cafeteria evil demon on cafe?
Come on, five year.
Don't give up.
Conditions are going out for a formal offer them an Uncle Moon cafe and get this yet.
God help Andrea.
And yet I'm sensing discovery now.
Them yet?
I'm just that Ross the Sasha, That's us.
Um, it doesn't.
No, my king Khufu.
The new normal means a chasm.
Yeah, broke a few Malala souls in the cafe Kasicky in normal men was taking cover.
The money bring remain coffee.
He bring in more men.
Just welcome them around cafe and it's gonna be winners.
And those commentaries on the money One Cafe Quinn Anywhere about Kwan's empanel Aaliyah issues Bernero on Sucre.
Sucre Open Cemal.
You know, buddy, by the moment, no more for three corner corny portrait.
Look, wait.
She might roll.
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How to order a coffee in Barcelona | Super Easy Catalan 6

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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