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um, fierce woman.
Fierce female.
Me would be Barbara Walters.
Bob Walters enjoys Sophia.
Gonna also rose your Donald.
My favorite female history has been Amelia Earhart for awhile since a little girl.
It's a woman that you don't want to reckon with.
Yes, Long and a woman with high Student.
Yes, I think what it means to be fierce is to have the courage of your convictions, complete knowledge of self, not letting anybody dictate what you should do.
Somebody who's not afraid.
Extra real question.
To live your life with clear love, confidence, confidence in yourself.
Finding not only is also the fact that she knows which is coming from right no.
Yes, she taught by our Angelo does it for me.
You filming Gloria Gloria Steinem, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, because she had those thrown muscles and and she could fight.
I just came out of watching Matt back.
So the lead protagonist in that Robin Wright's character in a house of cards Lisbeth Salander from Girl with the Giant Tattooed Vastly Bob seen a lot of woman a famous strong, but I don't remember.
Name Pierce Woman Erica Body.
The first woman that comes to mind is my wife.
I can be personal.
That's my mother, my mother, my mom.
I have to say, my mom.
I'm sure everyone says that on my baby.
She's a fierce woman.
Yes, you can already tell.
Nothing stops her.
She just goes her pop.
When you're faced with difficulties, you know how to do clarity of thought in the midst of chaos.
I think Hillary Clinton is like the fiercest woman Queen Lucy.
She's just exudes resilience.
Oprah as well.
Does it weigh Michelle Obama more?
Obviously, she's the fierce woman.
Okay, I feel like I was messing with me.
We're both It's awesome to be years.
Love it.
I love you, Pierce.
Can't you tell?
This is Freddy and she is a cancer survivor.
I am?
She's the fiercest woman I know from my impression.
Already in New York, every woman in New York is fierce.
They're strong, confident, determined.
You know, Jonah Far Queen Brodus Ear me, I think the fiercest female of all time with ST Joan of Arc, the first and only woman to lead armies into battle and victory in the history of the world.
You're getting, mate.
You're kidding me.
You're kidding me.
You're kidding me on Where was the way Joan of Arc?
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Who's Your Favorite Fierce Female?

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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