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during this crisis, experts say you need to create a border around your home.
So how do you avoid bringing Corona virus into your house?
We're joined right now by Dr Eric Penna.
We're keeping a safe distance here.
As you can see, I didn't even put a microphone on him.
In fact, we're using just the boom mic right here.
Anya, director of global Health at the Healthcare Network North well, says the border begins when you take out the garbage.
You placed the garbage in the lid, closed the lid, and then you're gonna go back inside before you touch anything else in the house.
Washington If you have to go shopping or for a walk, he has this advice.
How about your shoes?
So, shoes.
I leave it the door.
They never come in the house.
In fact, when he comes home from the hospital, Doctor Penna takes an extra precaution.
Basically, it's a standard Ziploc bag.
I just take my old clothes off, and I mean, I wear gloves.
I put my foot my dirty scrubs in a bag, seal it tight, and then I bring them home.
I usually wipe the external surface of the bag.
I wash my hands again, changing to kind of rein regular clothes again.
And then this goes right into you right into the wash.
When I get home and our pets an issue as a method of transmitting droplets, pats could absolutely be a risk.
You know, you sneeze in your hand, you touch your pad.
Dog runs to the next person that I put the dog.
They touch their face.
So obviously you know you want to be practice.
Good hand hygiene before and after you touch you dogs.
Well, turning your house into a border also involves washing fruits and vegetables, even bananas.
Repeal this anyway, so that many people are thinking about wiping down the circus gentle surface of a banana.
But you could still contaminate your hands with the external surface.
And then while you're eating, the banana gets sick, so we still want you to.
Even though the fruit is appealable fruit, wipe down the external surface.
It's open water.
This home owner from Long Island is taking extreme safety precautions here.
Lisa Pace and her daughter, Jonah, go through a rigorous cleaning routine before bringing any packages into their home.
I'm helping my mom.
Do you like the routine?
She does.
I three down every package, heavily sprayed down the box with Clorox.
Then they use this special opener and spray down what's inside this case.
It's food for their pet rabbits.
They're not done yet.
They use their feet to stop down the box and slide out the food and the slippers stay outside.
Next, they spray down their hands.
Finally, they let the items sit outside for a full 24 hours before allowing them inside their own personal border.
We're so concerned, it's devastating.
Don't take this lightly.
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How To Border Your Home From Coronavirus

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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