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- Are we gonna pay Dak?
Pay Dak his money!
I wouldn't pay Dak that much.
He's good, but we need to pay him the right price.
Franchise Dak, then trade him.
Then sign Tom Brady.
We're not signing Tom Brady.
Do any Cowboys players have corona?
I would sign Byron Jones over Amari Cooper.
We gotta re-sign Amari Cooper
or we just gave up a first round pick for nothing.
We don't need to re-sign Amari.
This wide receiver class is deep.
Byron Jones is a good corner.
He's just not elite.
I have the same amount of interceptions as Byron Jones.
I literally watched Cole Beasley light Byron Jones up.
Y'all really want Chido and Jourdan Lewis starting?
They already projected Byron Jones
is gonna command top money.
What is the transition tag?
We gotta keep Randall Cobb if the price is right.
As long as we don't re-sign Brett Maher we'll be fine.
If the new CBA is agreed on we can't use the transition tag.
That's why we need to hurry up and get a deal done.
The CBA got signed?
17 game seasons?
We never missing the playoffs now.
We're gonna regret not signing Byron Jones.
We already said we're letting Byron Jones walk.
That's a good call.
We're gonna end up drafting a cornerback
to replace Byron Jones, hoping he becomes Byron Jones.
Interceptions don't mean everything.
Look at his stats.
He's a lockdown corner.
So are we gonna sign Amari or...
We still have time to sign Amari.
We didn't sign Amari.
Are we gonna sign Robert Quinn?
We have enough money to sign everyone.
Just sign everyone.
Look at what Tannehill just got.
Just offer Dak a little bit more than that.
Did we lowball Dak?
Who's the best cornerback in the draft?
The league isn't testing for marijuana anymore?
What's David Irving doing?
Bring back Randy Gregory right now.
Honestly, I'm not against bringing Dez back.
We gotta move on from Witten.
He could be good in a limited role.
I run faster than Witten running backwards.
Is Sean Lee playing?
Sean Lee's playing.
He's coming back for another year.
We need to sign Dak, tag Amari, let Byron Jones walk.
Sign Dak, tag Byron, let Amari walk.
Sign Dak, Amari, and Byron Jones.
We have enough money.
I cannot believe some of y'all
don't wanna sign Dak knowing good and well
Cooper Rush is our backup quarterback.
We need to sign PJ Walker.
You watch any of the XFL?
Is the season even gonna start on time?
Are we still even doing free agency?
Is there even gonna be a draft?
We need to find a cure to corona
before the Hall of Fame game.
That's all I know.
The Texans traded DeAndre Hopkins?
The best receiver in the game for David Johnson?
(maniacal laugh)
Are you ok?
You heard the news?
Are you good?
Do you want to talk about it?
Hey, you can always come root for the Cowboys.
David Johnson.
We really let Amari Cooper and Byron Jones walk for nothing.
At least the Texans got something in return.
I guess we're drafting CeeDee Lamb.
Oh, we signed Blake Jarwin though.
Okay good, we got our priorities straight.
Witten's gone.
We better sign Amari Cooper or Byron Jones back.
Trade for Stefon Diggs, honestly.
Sixth round pick.
Who says no?
Byron Jones signed with the Dolphins?
At least it's not the Eagles.
At least it wasn't the Giants.
We better sign Amari Cooper now.
David Johnson!
We franchised Dak?
Just pay him.
How hard it?
How do we let Amari Cooper and Byron Jones
go in free agency and we don't even sign Dak.
What are we doing?
If we're all gonna die to corona
can we at least have a good season?
That's all I'm trying to ask for, just one season.
Bill O'Brien makes Jerry Jones look phenomenal.
That trade doesn't even go through on Madden.
I honestly don't know what we're doing
but at least I'm not a Texans fan.
I'm a grown man.
Open the door Jon! - We're leaving the guy.
We're leaving the guy.
We're leaving the guy! - Open the door!
- [Jon] Get right here with me!
Get right here with me!
Get right here, we're leaving.
- He's coming, he's coming!
- [Jon] Where, where, where?
- In front of us!
- [Jon] Come on, come one!
- Open the door! - Door's not open!
Oh my god, it's opening up! (screams)
- Ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready!
It's open!
Did it not open?
Shut up!
It's opening, I'm about to open it!
- Open it! (shrieks)
No, dude!
I cannot, nah, you need to...
- [Jon] (laughing) No!
- Wow!
- [Jon] Dude, I didn't know!
As soon as I got out I think I heard him kill you.
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Cowboys Fans During Free Agency 2020

1 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 25, 2020
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